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Mediocre Start for Sasakamoose


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To be honest, this is not how I saw my career in the VHL starting. So far, in 16 games, I've only put up 4 points. I understand that my build is built more towards a defensive defenseman than an offensive one, but I was expecting a little more out put than this. Even with my defensive nature I managed 63 points in my VHLM season.  I was hoping to transfer some of that offensive power to the VHL. Needless to say, that transfer hasn't happened. In 16 games I've put up a whopping 3 shots on goal and 4 assists. 


My season in Riga hasn't been completely negative though. I'm sitting at a positive 1 plus-minus and I've blocked 24 shots. It's not amazing, but it's only 5 shots off of 10th place in the league and second overall on the team. I'm holding my own defensively which feels like the least I could do. But for Riga's sake, I need to step up offensively. My goal is to put up .5 points per game in my rookie season while putting up respectable defensive stats. I really want to help my forwards out and hopefully later in the season I'll do exactly that. For now I just need to keep my head up and keep training. I feel like pressure is on me this season and I really don't want to let Riga down.

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