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  1. First goal! Disappointing it was in a loss, but still nice to get.
  2. Ive dropped my role as scoring forward and declare myself the toughest enforcer the VHL has ever seen
  3. 1. I think it’ll probably be Encarnacion or Lahtinen because I’d assume they’ll be getting a lot of ice time for Calgary, and therefore have more chance to make an impact. 2. Gonna say Ike Bennett or Aleelee Kiak 3. I’m guessing some people will have to be shipped out for future assets, as they can’t add more with their cap situation. 6. It has to be Sasakamoose. He didn’t have a bad season last time around, but there’s a ton more potential there. 7. Gustav was a great choice. He helped me a lot in Mississauga and I’m really happy to see him get the promotion. 8. It would be interesting if the rule of a GM being able to claim their own player with a first round pick could be traded. For example, if one GM has a good upcoming player, they could trade a first round pick with the ability to claim their player to another team.
  4. And we're off! The season has began and it is time the S71 draftees prove their worth to all the VHL GMs. I'm personally excited to kick off my VHL career, and to see others kick off their VHLM careers. As always, here are my rankings: Kyl Oferson 1 Roque Davis 1 Erik Killinger - Ola Vikingstad 3 Thomas Landry II 1 Stone Wolski - Jim Bob 2 Hugh Jass - Joakim Bruden - Uhtred - Quite a bit of movement this week, as I'm still getting a feel for this draft. Oferson takes over the number one spot, and Vikingstad moves up three spots. Jim Bob was moved down two spots, but to no fault of his own, earning 30 TPE this past week. I feel like I may have just had him a bit too high last week. Despite this, with how close the top 7 or so picks have been so far in earning rates, he could find himself back up to the top 5 as soon as next week. Stats Once again, there are no stats this week. News - Kyl Oferson and Roque Davis reached the VHLM TPA limit of 250. - Ola Vikingstad and Jim Bob hit 200 TPE this past week. - 33 players were created this week. - Ola Vikingstad earned the most TPE this past week, with a total of 34. Profiles Richard Penisson - C - 86 TPE A player with surprisingly no connections to last season's Dick Cheezy, Penisson has earned pretty nicely since joining the league. With 17 this past week, he has been getting even better as of late. The 16 year old has impressive scoring talent, along with puck skills that make it hard for defenders to predict his next move. He hasn't played his first VHLM game yet, but I am really excited to see how his skills translate onto the ice once his season kicks off. Jeff Blaze - RW - 95 TPE A first-gen player, Blaze has been off to a blazing start. But besides my underwhelming humour, this statement is very much true, due to him earning a minimum of 9 TPE in all of his four full weeks, even reaching 25 one week. The American winger has a heavy shot, and a dangerous top speed. His build is noticeably well-balanced, showing his versatility and his ability to be effective wherever he is played up and down the lineup. If these first few weeks are an indication of things to come, I'm looking forward to seeing them. Xavier leFlamant - RW - 109 TPE A true playmaker, leFlamant possesses vision that not many others do. He is smart with the puck, and has a top tier mind for the game. In terms of his TPE production I would compare him to someone like Leon Gutzwiler, who I covered last season. He doesn't put up a ton of TPE each week, but he is always consistent, and his reliability may cause teams to take interest. Gutzwiler ended up a second round pick, so not too bad a position to be in. He'll definitely be one I'll keep my eye on as the season progresses.
  5. 1. I’d say Davison to Riga, he’s a big name arriving at the same time I am, so hopefully we can both contribute for the team this year. 5. You can’t doubt Seattle getting back to the finals. 6. Pics or it didn’t happen. Must’ve been someone else. 7. Never thought of this before, but it would be fun to see hand passes being allowed but only in the air. You’d just have people jumping up to bat the puck to their teammates and some weird assists. I mean it would be fun for about 2 weeks but it would get old quick. 9. I will become the best crochet player the world has ever seen during this offseason. 10. Larry the lobster