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  1. Would love to be manager again! Sign me up
  2. // TO CLAIM FOR WEEK ENDING 05/16 // 1. What are you hoping to accomplish in S78? 2. We have landed the first and sixth overall picks in the draft? Is there anyone you have your eyes on in the draft? 3. If your player started their own company, what kind of products/services would that company provide? 4. Does your player play any other sports in the offseason, or do they just train for the next hockey season? 5. Let's say we win the cup one of these upcoming seasons and we're at the parade in Calgary. You have the mic with thousands
  3. I can’t wait either! Everything is coming into place for this team and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us
  4. 1. My plans are to go through the draft process and introduce myself to my new team! On the GMing side, I will also be helping Calgary with scouting and preparation for S78. 2. Anyone but Nils Tallinder. According to my sources, he stinks 3. I think we should. The team effort of paying for his back treatment will show that we're ready to put forward a better team effort on the ice haha 4. In Stockholm of course, through the RavenSkill program. Excited to get going there! 5. I'll take Warsaw in this one. 6. Absolutely! We have some guy
  5. Welcome to the final VSN Draft Update! It has been fun covering the developing storylines of the draft and tracking the process of countless high level prospects. Hopefully you enjoy this final installment before VSN Scouting transitions into some more in-depth content ahead of the S78 Draft. POINTS
  6. What is RavenSkill Development? Presented By Lucas Tallinder With some expansion to the program lately, I figured that I would clear the air on any vagueness of what the RavenSkill Development Agency is. In this article, I will look at what defines this agency, as well as its brief history to this point. We hope you will come away from this article with a better understanding of our mission as an organization. The Origins RavenSkill Development began with another name entirely. Formerly DilAgency as a play on the words “diligence” and “agency,” I put out a recruitment
  7. // TO CLAIM FOR WEEK ENDING 05/02 // 1. What have you enjoyed most from this season? 2. What is something that you wish would have played out differently this season? 3. Do you have a favourite VHL series? It could be anything like a podcast, an article series or something else of that nature. 4. How do you feel about the current state of the team in terms of organizational depth? 5. If you were to reroll your player's attributes and startfrom scratch, would you do anything differently this time around? 6. A number of rook
  8. Definitely leading by example as the captain! Best of luck in the playoffs
  9. Welcoming a New Face to the Family!: Presented By Lucas Tallinder It has been quite some time since we came out with a RavenSkill Newsletter, but we felt that this was an occasion that really called for an update to our supporters. We have two stories to cover today, so buckle in! Our first story is that S79 draft-eligible winger Tyler Reinhart has joined the program! We are thrilled to bring in the talented young player, and to give him an opportunity to train with some of the best players in the VHL. Along with Red Lite and Nils Tallinder, Reinhart has added on to a surg
  10. // TO CLAIM FOR WEEK ENDING 04/25 // 1. What are your thoughts on bringing over two exciting new names in Guy Lambert and Phil The Rock Johnson? 2. What do you think an award for the Wranglers top points scorer should be called? 3. Was your player a prodigy in their respective country, or were they working hard outside of the spotlight to make it to the VHL? 4. Which VHL tournament do you prefer the most? The lottery tournament, the world juniors, or the world cup? 5. Are chicken tenders or chicken nuggets better? Explain your choice.