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  1. RavenSkill Graphic Collection: Presented By Lucas Tallinder The same content from season to season can become quite monotonous. We spent last offseason at RavenSkill development camp putting together some different methods of delivering quality content to our devoted supporters, and we are now returning with said content. The first concept that we will be introducing is the RavenSkill graphics collection! From regular signatures to special-edition graphics for significant accomplishments, we will be introducing 3 new graphics each and every offseason from now on. All of th
  2. 1. How do you feel about this past season, both individually and as a team? 2. What excites you most about next season? 3. If the next great hockey movie was about the Calgary Wranglers, which actor/actress would have the part as your player? 4. We are approaching Askarov’s first season as our starter. What has allowed him to succeed so much up to this point in his career? 5. How did you do in VHFL if you participated? If not, which teams surprised you in the standings (either being higher or lower than you thought)? 6. Who do you thi
  3. 1. We made the huge addition of Prout recently. What has he brought to the team as a player? 2. We just heard the news that Jubis will be stepping down as GM after this season. Explain the impact that you think he has had on this organization during his time here. 3. We are closing in on playoff time, who will be our playoff hero? 4. What is your favourite fast food place? 5. Do you enjoy making graphics or media spots more, and why? 6. Who is your pick for league MVP this season?
  4. I first logged into this website with absolutely no idea where to start. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, the sheer amount of buttons on the homepage of the forum was a bit overwhelming. When I created my player it was the offseason, and that meant I was just waiting to be drafted right away to a VHLM team. I received some messages on my player creation thread where I was offered advice on where to begin. Part of me felt like this was all just a bit too complicated, yet I reached out to two of those people to see if I could get a grasp on how I could improve my player. @DizzyWithLogic an
  5. 1. I’m very confident in our group, we have a deep and talented roster that will get it done. 2. I think getting to the conference finals would be successful in my books. 3. I’m gonna say Dawson. 4. I like the addition, and I’m happy to see us going all in. That’s definitely part of the reason I signed here. 5. Kyle Dubas I guess. He’s managed to become an NHL GM at a really young age, so I think it would be cool to talk about how he got himself to where he is now. 6. I actually have no allergies
  6. Nils Tallinder first stepped on the ice at the age of 4, aiming to follow in the footsteps of his brothers, Lucas and Patrik. The family had moved to Canada to allow for his brothers to chase their athletic dreams, since they were showing so much promise. Fueled by his competitive spirit and frequent practice with his brothers, Nils quickly rose to the top of his age group. He was moved up to the next age group, where he would also dominate. It was almost immediately clear that there was a special talent in the works here; Perhaps even more so than Patrik and Lucas. Nils would play
  7. Player Information Username: Patrik Tallinder Player Name: Nils Tallinder Recruited From: Returning Age: 16 Position: C Height: 75 in. Weight: 190 lbs. Birthplace: Sweden Player Page @VHLM GM