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  1. Ready For The Spotlight: Alex Letang Presented By Lucas Tallinder Moscow is a team with a rich history of defensemen. Dean Clarke, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, Oskar Lagesson, and the current leader for the Beketov Trophy, Vladimir Pavlov, all find themselves in the top 10 in all-time points for the club. However, with Pavlov retiring at the conclusion of S74, that leaves big shoes to fill for next season. There is a player on this roster who has proven himself as more than worthy of this opportunity, and that is Alex Letang. Let’s face it; Everyone knows who @Sparta
  2. 1. Well, I can't say it shocked me too much. Losing Tate, Marleau and Eagles is going to be a huge hit to our team. My focus for now is just winning this season. 2. I think we can do it, it's just about showing up consistently, and taking home those close games. 3. For sure, especially Moscow. They've been killing us lately. 4. Nope, I find myself in a poorer mood after an 0-2 sim as well lol. 7. That would be amazing, but I'm getting real nervous about Lahtinen. At least I can say I had an incredible season regardless of the results of the award
  3. 1. We could move up if we put a bit of a streak together, but right now it’s just about taking it game by game. 2. One of the top 10 questions scientists still can’t answer. 3. I like it, one for one trades are always fun. 4. Definitely, I was hoping the Hurricanes would pick up a goalie but I do really like the Fast pickup. 5. Picking up Fast was a good move cause I think he fits the culture well, and they just had a really good draft too imo. While it would be nice to see them more active, they’ve got a plan so I won’t get worked up over it.
  4. Why You Should Select Ryan Ryker in the S75 VHL Entry Draft: Presented By Lucas Tallinder and Elias Kallstrom Here at RavenSkill Development, we have had the pleasure of watching two players develop their games before ever stepping foot on VHLM ice, and those two are Ryan Ryker and Nils Tallinder. The former of the two is eligible for the upcoming S75 Entry Draft, and I feel it is only necessary that we make a case for him to go as high as he deserves. Build “Ryan Ryker is a tremendously well-rounded winger; one that some would call a ‘swiss army knife’ player.
  5. Hello everyone, it's been a little while since I released an article outside of the RavenSkill Development (formerly DilAgency) ones. For theme week, I wanted to incorporate my scouting background in some way, and to look back at some of the drafts I've covered. I settled on the hidden gems of the draft: the fourth round steals. I had a few tough decisions to make, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Without further ado, here it is! (S72) LW - Jared Willis - 312 TPE @BlueMaple selected by HC Davos Dynamo Following a 44th overall selection, Jared Willis spent S7
  6. 1. I'm really not sure. It's not like anything changed, but we just started losing and losing. Things are looking up now though. 2. Draft steals. People who ended up way outperforming their draft position. 3. Forward maybe? 5. Swedish meatballs of course. 6. I've got a hunch about Merrick. 7. Very well-deserved. I have no clue how they plan to keep that team together under the cap though.
  7. Review: Really cool concept. I like the logos on all the hats, and how you swapped your players face in there. The face could have been executed a little better in an ideal world, but I know how hard it is to swap faces so really you did pretty well with it. I'm looking forward to seeing more from your player, and this is a cool introduction for me to have. Overall, very nice work man! 7/10
  8. Review: Fantastic work here. A few elements I really liked were the Marauders wallpaper-type thing in the background, as well as the jersey swaps which were done really cleanly. I think the renders could have been cut a bit cleaner, and a personal touch I may have added would have been a lower-opacity effect of some sort o the black and white one. That last part isn't needed though, just a suggestion. Great job! 8/10
  9. I think Spyro, Dok and Berocka had some brief talks about starting a VHL YouTube if I’m remembering right. Was quite awhile ago, but it could still be an interesting concept as well as far as social media goes, and I’d be willing to help as much as my busy schedule will allow me haha.