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Supplemental Point Tasks, FAQ

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  1. What are Supplemental Point Tasks?
    1. Supplemental Point Tasks are tasks that you can complete, in addition to your regular Point Task (worth 4-6 TPE) for the week. These tasks are considered Capped TPE, and contribute to your overall Cap of 12 Capped TPE per week.
  2. Is there a limit to how many Supplemental Point Tasks I can do in one week?
    1. There is technically no limit to the number of Supplemental Tasks you can complete in a given week, as the payout ranges from 1-3 Capped TPE per task; however, there is a limit of 6 TPE to be earned through Supplemental Point Tasks each week.
  3. Why are there three VHL.com sections?
    1. VHL.com submissions have been split into three categories: Articles, Graphics, and Radio. In any given week, you may make a submission to 2 of these 3 categories as part of your Supplemental Point Tasks.
  4. Do Jobs count towards Supplemental Point Tasks?
    1. Jobs do not count towards Supplemental Point Tasks, thus they do not count towards the Supplemental Point Task limit of 6 TPE per week.
  5. Can I use Supplemental Point Tasks for Doubles Week?
    1. Supplemental Point Tasks may only be doubled with a Full Free Week (worth up to 12 Uncapped TPE, depending on how much Capped TPE you earn that week), which you can purchase from the Player Store, or select as a Donation perk. Regular Free Weeks (worth 6 Uncapped TPE) only apply to regular Point Tasks worth 6 Capped TPE.
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