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Hogan answers questions


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I have recently been asked many questions by the VHL community, it is my duty to answer them as the leagues favorite player.

1. "sup" -Ferk

Nothing much man, just needing to write 500 words to get as much TPE as possible. Im getting my build finalized next season and need as much as possible.

2. How's it going? -DaaD

Pretty similar question to Ferks, but ill go more into depth. Seattle's doing really good and ive had a career season. Looking forward to a playoff run and next season. I could even be the 7th player in 25 seasons to hit 1000 hits and 1000 shot blocks. Maybe another cup win too ;).

3. What's the difference between potatoes and tomatoes? Why do the words sound similar? -DaaD

Not sure but ill tell you VHL players shouldnt eat either. Potatoes are starchy and bad, and I just dont like tomatoes.

4. Who is the best player from S70, S71, S72, and S73? -Zetterberg

This is a really good question from a member I think is really underrated. Ive done questions like these before but I'm
looking forward to this.

S70- Odin Omadhl

Drafted at 3rd overall Omadhl has one of the highest career point totals and is one of the few members that has won a cup from this draft. This pick may also have some bias but Odin has really stepped up his game this season recording 87 points, 190 shot blocks and only 2 penalties all season. Chad Magnum was very close in this with his similar point total and insane hits but came up short. Lewis Dawson wouldve had the spot had he not taken an extra season in the VHLM.

S71- Erik Killinger

This was a very close pick between Killinger and Kyl Oferson. With very similar numbers Killinger barely takes it due to hits and shot blocks. Killinger offers a great 2 way game while Oferson is more offensive based game. He continues to get better in every aspect of the game with each season. In a few seasons I think Killinger should be a front runner as a top player.

S72- SS Hornet

The first overall pick in S72 is the best player. As the only player with over 100 career points Hornet has already established themselves as a good player. In their rookie season they managed to take home rookie of the year and they're almost point per game on the season.

S73- Micah Adrienne

This choice was pretty difficult. Multiple good defensmen were in this draft but Adrienne had a very good all around season with 53 points and a solid defensive side too. It will take a few more seasons to pick a best player but for now its Adrienne.

5. Will hogan ever return from retirement to fight?

No, next season will be my only chance to but I will not. Next season I will focus on hitting 500 points and 400 assists. I would also like to focus on lowering my penalty minutes to better capitalize on my time to get more points, and importantly shot blocks. Its going to be a very hard race to 1000 but I believe I can hit it.

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