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A wild Muffbeav has appeared!


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Elon Musk. Salman Rushdie. Mahatma Ghandi. What do these luminaries have in common? They all wish they could be motherfucking Muffbeav! One of the newest VHL players to hit the scene, Muffbeav may be the strangest Muffins Agency import yet, taking the cake over two men well into the hundreds of the Aeschylus Jigglejawns lineage and some thing named Ebi Shpeen. Muffbeav is the first natural defenseman brought in by the Agency since the most recent Jigglejawns, CXXXVIII; in fact, he is the only defenseman aside from the two Jigglejawns’. Considering the fact that neither of those players made it to 100 practice hours, and especially considering the fact that Muffbeav is in line to be the Warsaw Predators’ first ever GM player, the hope is that he can break that curse and cross the 100 barrier, along with many more to come. Considering the fact that this week will already put him at 96, the odds of him making it past that initial milestone seem pretty high.


inb4 my eyes fall out of my head and I have to quit sim leagues abruptly

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