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Revisiting my Season Goals


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  1. Score 40 points - Goal Achieved


At the start of the season it was a question of if my player would score any points at all, let alone a total of 40. It took me approximately 10 games to score my first VHL point. After the slow start I had a pretty average middle half of a season, with my player scoring 29 points in 58 games. However, I gave my scoring a bit of a boost in one update and it saw immediate results. Through the next 13 games I saw my player go on to score 15 points and exceed my season goal of 40.


  1. Be a top Rookie - Goal Failed


This one was more of a stretch goal, as I didn’t expect to do so well as a rookie when I was on a top team like Seattle. Especially considering that there are now 16 teams in the league and rookies are more valuable than ever. I did however come closer to the top 10 than I thought I would at one point, as I am currently within 12 points of 10th place in rookie scoring.

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