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Tim Waters Junior Review


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Las Vegas, NV- With the 45th pick of the Season 73 VHLM Draft, the Las Vegas Aces select a Center from Canada, Tim Waters. But, who is Waters? He was almost an unknown name before coming into the draft, which explained why he fell. He did not seem like he was skilled in any way, and was probably going undrafted. 


Tim Waters was born in Vancouver, Canada. He did not really know much about hockey, growing up. He was a all-around sports guy, but never really touched hockey, just because he never knew how to ice skate. But slowly throughout school, he started learning more about hockey. Apparently, hockey was a very big sport in Canada, and Waters' knew that to fit in, he would need to learn more about how it worked. He watched a lot of the VHL, not really specifically following a team, just because their were no teams in Vancouver. But as he grew up, in 5th grade, he took a field trip to an ice hockey rink, and learned about skating. He realized that he was really good at it, and thought about ice hockey maybe being his profession. Then in 6th grade, in PE, his teacher decided to have them play field hockey. Waters' lined up as a Center, and he kept getting points. 


It was at that moment, Tim decided that he would go into hockey. But it was a hard, to start that late. Many schools did not have hockey teams, so he could not go anywhere to practice. He ended up asking VHLmer that he knew to train him in hockey. James Boxman, realized he was already very good without playing much hockey, so he decided that he was going to put full resources into this kid and make him great. Boxman was struggling himself in the VHLM, on Halifax, and was pondering retirement. So he decided to retire and become a full time coach. Along with Boxman's help, Waters' started improving in many areas. He became a pass first center, that got his linemates many goals, which made him popular. And then, he finally decided. He would be entering the VHLM, with hopes to get drafted in the VHL after one season. He filled out all his paperwork, and he was set. Picked by the Las Vegas Aces, he got playtime right away, due to the lack of centers that the Aces had. He started first and fourth line, and with the season almost ending, ended up getting 60 points. 


Now, during all of this, the VHL decided to expand. And one of the places, they expanded too, was Waters' hometown of Vancouver. The Vancouver Wolves became his favorite team right away, and with the draft coming right up, he hoped his name would be called to them. 

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