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SITR: End of Season Rhynex Entertainment Mic'd up

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SITR: End of Season Rhynex Entertainment Mic'd up


Thanks for tuning into VHL Network, Stick In The Rink! Today we have a special edition. The Las Vegas Aces have shared a wonderful video! Aces' rookie Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment was mic'd up for the End of Season Player Press. Here's what we got!  


Host: Thanks for coming in today for our Las Vegas Aces End of Season Press Conference. Let's get the End of Season Press started. Reporters please state your name and the recipient. You each get one question and a follow up. Why don't we begin with you in the front?


James: Thank you! Good morning. I'm James from VHL Control. Question is for Rhynex Entertainment. You joined this league as a fresh face, without any hockey sim league experience. How would you say you've grown as a user?


Rhynex: Hello James. That's a rather unique question. Actual I have hockey sim league experience, just not with the VHL. I played a part in a NHL hockey sim league back in the day as a GM, but the experience cannot be stated as the same. The sim leagues are like heaven and earth, very different. And to experience the sim league as a player and not a GM is also a different mountain. Comparing apples and oranges. I have a great time and learnt a lot over my first season. I have grown a lot. Haven't wrote this much in a long time (breaking fourth wall). We didn't have these Press Conferences in the sim league I was part of. All these unique network role playing game play is quite new to me, but all in all a very pleasant experience. I've improved my thoughts and concentration, and another method to meet people especially during these uncertain strange times. Social Distance.


James: Thank you.


Host:  Kev, go ahead.


KevinL: Hello, I'm Kevin L from VHL Sports. Rhynex, first of all congratulations on an exceptional first season. You were initially drafted to Mississauga, and then traded to Las Vegas. How did that trade work out for you?


Rhynex: I was in talks with GM Spartan @Spartan when I first started before the S73 draft. The draft was an interesting experience as I was passed by every team more than once, before being picked 55th overall by GM ColeMrtz @ColeMrtz .It came to me as a surprise, but I was ready to dress up in the Hounds uniform (actually I used to play for a team called Greyhounds a few years back, which made this seem so fitting). My time with Mississauga ended up short lived. I was traded to the Aces shortly after being drafted. This trade worked out perfectly for me! The Aces have a great community and Las Vegas is close to home. I've learnt lots over the past season and have improved tremendously. To top things off, I'm off to the playoffs! Playoffs baby!


KevinL: What has been the best part of being part of the Las Vegas Aces?


Rhynex: Well Kevin, there's a lot to love being a part of the Aces. The team, my fans, the community has all been great! The coaches and training staff here are exceptional! Without their help, everyone's help, I would not have such an improved polished game. We're a pretty close knit family here in Las Vegas.


KevinL: Thank you!


Host: Go ahead, Tom.


Tom:  Hi Rhynex. Tom Parry of the Las Vegas Paper. Over the course of the season, you've interacted with quite a few members and players in the locker room and on the ice. Who are some of your favorite people on the team or in the locker room?


Rhynex: Hello Tom. I'll have to go with my line mates. Chris Reynolds @Crstats23 and Kasey Tamm @kesytamm .They've been great teammates all season! Call out to Kasey. Kasey's been amazing, without Kasey stacking up my points this year I wouldn't have such a great stat line this season! (laughter all around the players at the conference table)


Tom:  Did you have any goals for before the season started? Now that the season is over, have you met those goals?


Rhynex: (nervous laughter) My goals for the season seems rather laughable now. I wasn't sure what to expect before the season began. I wanted to score 10 goals and post 10 assists this season. Well as you can see, I've smashed that objective quite some time ago! (laughter all around) I could never have imagined that I would finish the season with 19 ginos and 49 apples. I'm a little bit disappointed in not hitting the 20 goals and 50 assists mark, but it's been a very successful rookie season in the VHLM. Nothing to complain about.


Tom: Thank you Rhynex. Best of luck in the Post Season!


Host: Okay, Kevin K. You have time for two questions.


KevinK: Hello Rhynex. Kevin K from VHL Sports Illustrated. First of all, congratulations on a successful season. With the postseason ahead, Las Vegas has locked up the number 6 seed and is expected to play Minnesota in the first round. How are you preparing for the playoffs?


Rhynex: Minnesota is a tough match up. They won the season series against us this year, but we just cleaned the floor with them today, you can consider that as a preview. (laughter among the players at the conference table) They have a good team, and we also have a good team ourselves. Playoffs is a different monster. It's going to be a rough ride, I'm going to need to be mentally and physically prepared. I know I've been in a bit of a scoring slump lately, so I'll be working on my scoring after the Press Conference. It'll be back to the rink after this for post game practice.


KevinK: What are your predictions for how this postseason will go?


Rhynex: Predictions? Predictions? What kind of question is that! We've come to play and win! We're not here to learn to lose. We're here to win. The sky is the limit. There's no need for us to make predictions. Let's leave that to the fans and analysts. Have your playoff brackets ready. It's going to be an exciting and entertaining ride! Thank you.


Host: Thank you! That's all the time we have for today. (Press Conference video ends)


A special thanks to @Spartan for the release of this wonderful feed!


(total word count: 1062)

(Claim for Weeks ending: Aug 30 and Sept 6)


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Fantastic job well written and it gave me some information about a teammate that I didn’t know (that we traded for you) love how you had bits from the players table. Rating 10/10 

P.S. playoffs might be Ottawa not sure who has tie break between them and Minnesota 

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