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  1. You mean entire career on Warsaw, You are Moscow
  2. 1. It hurts being so close especially with a core that we don’t have many years left together 2. I could have actually produced in the series 3. writing this late, grats Malmo well deserved 4. I’m here to at least start the season but that’s all I know right now 5. good season for the team, personally had a down season but was still good 6. Yes I did, best game was the Baltimore vs Vegas game
  3. @youloser1337 how do those of us in the VHL claim this because we can’t claim it as “VHLM fantasy zone”?
  4. 1. That series went well closer then the 4-1 series indicated 2. I was good in the first round 3. answering late we know what happened, they were a wagon all season so can’t be to mad at the results 4. Our biggest strength was our depth because anyone could take a game over, our biggest weakness I have to say was goalie that’s the one spot Malmo had a obvious advantage on us and that’s what allowed them to win game 7 5. Seattle is the stronger team and that was also my answer heading into the series 6. mine was good got to visit my grandparents which was nice because I hadn’t seen them in a while
  5. 1. In the conference finals as I write this so we have a good chance 2. Been so long forgotten who I picked but I think I went 1-1 3. I’m surprised we got passed them as easily as we did I was expecting to go 6 with a lot of close games 4. same as every other game day can’t change anything when it comes to playoffs 5. Bit of a down year offensively but had a much better year defensively 6. a little diner in my hometown that has its whole menu available 24/7
  6. 1. Dear and Lamb for sure they pretty much run our offense, but everyone has stepped up at times in the season 2. gotta go with Grachev been a beast his whole career 3. Askarov for the Shaw 4. rough start but we turned it around and became the team we know we can 5. had a good season 39 goals is nothing to be disappointed about just seems like a quiet season when it’s a 11 point drop in total 6. nothing new here still just working
  7. 1. We moved up to second in the league 2. there’s a chance so you never know 3. everyone is stepping up huge 4. been watching the nfl preseason here and there 5. Kanou for sure because that mean we likely brought home another cup 6. nothing new just hoping things get better so I can travel which is something I love to do
  8. 1. He’s given us the confidence we needed to be able to play our game 2. we’re in a definite playoff spot as of now but never get to comfortable 3. Yesterday sim was by far my best of the season so hopefully I’m turning a corner 4. having a great goalie gives the team confidence to play there game and he’s done that 5. Nope nothing new 6. The Philippines
  9. 1. We’ve played a lot better lately so whatever we are doing is working 2. not in that sense but it’s nice to see Riga performing well 3. everyone around us in the standings 4. I’m banking currently have my second regression in the offseason I’d like to keep scoring at 99 5. don’t really have time for hobbies but I love just spending time with those important to me 6. Sandler is from my hometown so it would have to be filming a movie with him
  10. 1. We played decent can still be better 2. if I answered this question earlier in the week I would have said he sucks but he’s turned it around recently 3. still to early to tell hopefully we can start rolling 4. the expansion draft would have been better if the picks didn’t leak online the day before but I liked some of the different ways they announced the picks 5. just the Olympics as a whole not really any events, it’s hard to follow certain events because they happen while I am sleeping 6. it’s been good working, but still spending time with the important people
  11. G- Grekkark Gyrfalcon @Vkobe-v
  12. F-Brendan Telker @GustavMattias
  13. D- Matty Socks @Vkobe-v
  14. 1. Goalie was a very important need for us 2. I want to hit 50 goals I’ve got close last year 3. I think we do all depends on how the sim treats us with Ajay 4. Honestly I would have made a move for a goalie using draft picks 5. development was good was able to fight off regression 6. just keep doing what you do, you and lamb are a great combo
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