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  1. Review Good job, the paragraphs are well spaced and it’s easy to see where one thought ends and the next starts, I like how you included your other players and what you did with them in free agency. rating 10/10
  2. Review good pic and great article overall with great paragraph spacing to make it easy to see the switch from the forwards to defense, wish you would have talked about the second line as they really help out a lot rating 9/10
  3. 1. It’s great but I’m focused on winning the cup 2. I’m not all that surprised World and Europe seemed like two of the better teams on paper, would have been different if the US could have clutched up in OT 3. Halifax and Yukon are the big rivals chances are that we will need to beat one or both of them for the cup 4. I go out to the bar to celebrate for a bit but then I’m focused on the next game 5. I’ve had both my whole life so I’m not choosing 6. can anyone be wholesome? I mean it’s Vegas after all, as far as the opposite that’
  4. Jiggs get a hobby lol great job though
  5. So ignoring the fact that Z has 5 Vegas teammates on team USA?
  6. Review good writing piece, easy to read and picture but please make the writing black or a darker color the purple was hard to read, also make it longer so it’s claimable rating 8.5/10
  7. Review good blurb or whatever this is, as far as expansion goes Miami only came in S71 or S72 so I don’t think the M should expand so soon, all the new players also can weed out those who are IA, and yes WJC is fun, only thing of criticism is the paragraph about expansion seems a little long to me rating 9.5/10
  8. 1. Just shows how well the entire team works together 2. it can move the standings, especially with a lot of teams on the bubble 3. Got to have some kinda handshake or something with everyone 4. not trade base but get the last defenseman to solidify the d core 5. Thanksgiving is the 3 F’s Food, Family and Football 6. USA
  9. No one person is bigger then the team we share it
  10. I’m a first gen to I just started before you
  11. Review I love the look of the graphic it’s very eye catching, I love the use of the blue in the background of the one player, my only criticism is I can’t really read the names of the players, otherwise great job rating 9/10
  12. Review I like it, the logo swap is clean and looks real I also like the faded storm logo in the background, it’s easy to read and understand, only thing is maybe make the players name a little bit bigger rating 9.5/10
  13. 1. Just keep playing our game we will get back to how we were 2. hope I can make an impact on my team, in my case Warsaw that’s already a team with a lot of skill 3. The chemistry 100 percent it’s like the forwards just now where to go with the puck and everyone works at keeping it out of the net 4. Ottawa or Yukon can’t decide between them 5. Tea easy 6. I’m not aiming for anything besides the cup if I get awards then so be it
  14. Dueling Hat tricks and I get first star over them lol