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  1. Review I absolutely love this just the right mix of information about your player to advice/motivation that anyone can use in sim leagues or even in “normal life” also love the use of bold text in the speech rating 10/10
  2. 1. Better but know it has the it should be us feeling to it 2.yes it’s always fun to see where everyone goes or if there’s a trade figuring out who they traded up for 3. More power! Hopefully they give the little extra boost to make a even deeper run 4. I like them let’s shock the league 6. no I don’t play I’m not patient enough for golf 7. way more confident Carson is a great goalie so now I feel like we have a chance in backup games
  3. Review this is different than what I see mostly and I like it for the simplicity and cartoon look but where’s any information like where the player is going (if known yet) also a logo swap would have been nice rating 6/10
  4. Welcome to Warsaw @jacobcarson877
  5. Review I like the graphic it’s not too busy, the logo swap is clean My only question is why not use a team with a red jersey? rating 9.5/10
  6. 1. Enjoying the time with family still working on my game 2. little bit of soda just something different from Gatorade and water during the season 3. absolutely critical 4. I really haven’t been paying attention since we got bounced 5. extremely excited that it’s back 6. Boston
  7. One thing I love about the end of the season is season review articles like this review as said above I love these types of articles and you did a great job breaking up the article into the regular season and playoffs personally I would have liked a quick review of the series against Miami but that’s nitpicking rating 9.5/10
  8. 1. Being able to finally be a consistent point scorer in the playoffs as I had a very hit or miss regular season 2. I don’t have any predictions just hope that everyone keeps getting better 3. Chicago is a great team who had a tough road to get where they are but no I’m not because anything can happen in the playoffs 4. I’m going to say DC and Moscow as those two teams are just a slight bit better imo 5. Krishna next step for him is to be THE elite goalie of the league 6. skating and puck handling 7. Chicago beating Vancouver I felt like Vancouver had a legit
  9. I wish you the absolute best, kick cancers ass and I hope I speak for the entire league when I say we are all behind you
  10. 3rd in my group but still top 50 overall I’ll take it
  11. Absolutely phenomenal, everything works so well, only criticism would be to make the highlights a tad bit faster rating 9.5/10
  12. Good graphic the effects are well done and the colors work great, but like above could have done something different with the text Rating 9/10
  13. • joined the VHL and met some amazing people • graduated college (if there’s a ceremony won’t be till 2021) but I say it counts •and my family and friends are all healthy