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  1. Like the claw marks one better only thing I would change is the repetitive Norberg/Wild to put some info about the player like his position great job rating 9/10
  2. Review another great article, I love that you included the goalies because they really are the backbone of their teams, also thanks for taking my suggestion on turning it to a top 5, can’t wait till next weeks article rating 10/10
  3. 1. Everyone is grinding as a team 2. the playoff race is going to be really close all it takes is one team to get hot 3. 50 hawks and 3 Grizzly bears, hawks have the advantage of being able to attack from the sky, and bears are scarier then normal when protecting their cub 4. Ive never played either one before 5. less money to play for my hometown team, because who wouldn’t love playing for the team you grew up watching 6. the fun community in the LR, and grinding with a great teammates beside me
  4. You say major recreates is that the people who join with over 100 TPE? Sorry I’m a first gen don’t understand some of the terms
  5. Nice Vegas love, I agree with what you said about Holloway as I played with him in Ottawa last year, he’s a great player just getting outshined, you making this a weekly thing?, the only thing I question is why not 5 prospects but that’s the only thing that brings you down great job rating 9.5/10
  6. Jimmy Spyro I believe that completes the group
  7. Great article and I believe this should be taken under consideration for the next expansion whenever that is, love the jerseys my favorite is the alternate, also very informative on the climate there which is helpful for someone like me who’s never been there rating 10/10
  8. 1. I feel like the recruits will benefit us greatly as the season goes on 2.more hits gives the team a better chance to win games, but if I had to pick one, wins 3. I enjoy gaming from time to time but that’s been mostly what I’ve done lately but pre Covid the answer would be varied 4. I think we are actually just right to be battling with SDM because we are good but there are better teams 5. Anyone who hasn’t tried them is missing out 6. forehand, backhand, forehand roof job
  9. Great article, you must not give a lot of love to goalies because in my opinion Ottawa has one of the best in the M in Ajay Krishna, you plan on making this weekly?, and if you were to rank every team where would you rank LVA? I would have ranked Saskatoon ahead of San Diego but that’s just me. rating 10/10
  10. Patrik Tallinder Kris Rice @Patrik Tallinder
  11. It’s been 12 hours @hedgehog337 is on the clock, @Velevra feel free to make your pick when you see this
  12. It’s been 12 hours @DollarAndADream your up
  13. Mikko Lahtinen Cinnamon Block @Patrik Tallinder