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Chicken Wing Junior Review


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Chicken Wing is an aggressive defenceman born in Zielona Gora, Poland. She has grown up her whole life playing mainly hockey, starting off playing in her driveway, she grew up being one of the better players of her age group, whether it be Tykes, Bantam, or Midget. She also played basketball, baseball, and gymnastics, however she was always the best at ice hockey and enjoyed it the most. As she became a teenager, she kept progressing and dominating in minor hockey. In her final game as a 15 year old, where her team won the Polish Midget championship, there was OHL scouts in the crowd. Coincidentally, they were watching her best game ever, scoring 4 goals and 4 assists in a shutout victory. This led to her being drafted by the OHL's Sudbury Wolves at age 16, in the 2nd round of the CHL import draft. She definitely warmed up the bench a lot when she first started out in the OHL, but quickly put in the work, and achieved more excellence to becoming a starter for the Wolves. She is quick to defend the puck in front of her net and carry it up the ice to score a goal. She improved every season with the Sudbury Wolves. Chicken Wing turned out to be a great recruit for the OHL, challenging every teammate to get better and being a locker room leader as well as her production. She still continues to learn more skills, scoring more goals and points as she plays on.                            



After she accomplished everything she could in the OHL, she was ready to move on and see what else was out there for her. She had many offers from several different leagues; however she had her heart set on joining the VHLM.


She was told by many that no VHLM team would ever be interested and she would never have a chance at starting a career in the VHLM. Wing took that as a challenge and ran with it. She started practicing shooting, skating, working out and doing anything she could to become the best she could before announcing that she would be taking her talents to the VHLM. Once she did, a few different VHLM teams were offering to sign her. After thinking long and hard about her decision, she chose to join the Philadelphia Reapers. 


Wing knew she wasn't going to be the best of the best in the VHLM just yet, but she will keep trying and working hard to get better with every game.


Chicken Wing is looking forward to growing with the Reapers, and though they may not win the championship this season, she is grateful for the experience and excited to see what's ahead for her future.


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