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Dreaming about red lights


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Since my guy is geared to score and statistics are great to look at the mission I'm on this season is the same as the last, score more goals than any other defenseman. I was only a small fish in a big pond last season playing against much more experienced and skilled blueliners but ranked 10th best when the dust settled (4th best rookie defender), in goals I came in 4th with 23 and my competition was Riley Gee Knight (36), Lucifer Oliver Leveque (29) and Markus Schaur (24). Reaching my goal to score at least 20 was checked off the bucket list and knew if I stayed down again I had a chance to win some awards to add to my trophy case like the other gems before me.20201002_031128.jpg.69dd5769dbd595d1042a038193311a90.jpg


This season it's a different story and only 2 capped d-man stayed down, beastmode Oliver Leveque and myself, chances were good I could rise to the top of the individual point leaders and get named the best quarterback on the point but some of these rookies are causing me nightmares as they creep up the leaderboard with half the points I've earned like I accomplished last season. All I can do is sit hoping they spend the rest of there points on fighting and I continue to make strides, right now I rank 3rd in points and scored 14 goals so far, only 230 TPE Jackson Philliefan (19) who came out of nowhere and rookie 135 TPE Chicken Wing (17) sit in my way making me 3rd. Kudos to them for their build but it's time to turn up the volume and let the hats hit the floor because there's a lot of us nowadays 



Wanna shout out all the playmakers on Vegas that left, joined or stayed with the team because any of this wouldn't be possible without receiving the best passes in the league. Keep up the good work Aces.. We still have 42 games to go and a championship to win :)


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