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Silas LeFriend's Rags to Riches Story


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  1. Having grown up in a blue-collar family, Silas enjoyed only a modest childhood with adequate education. His mother was a nurse at a hospital in Cape Breton, while his father owned his owned a construction company.
  3. Silas, as he was always referred to by his mother, started playing hockey at the age of 7. He played in Novice, and then the following year moved up to Atom. He would go on to make Atom AAA and continue playing AAA throughout his playing career in the Sydney Minor Hockey League.
  6. He was scouted early on in his first year of Major Bantom AAA and was told that he had the ability to go far if he put in the work and kept improving his skillset. Silas would spend countless hours each day, improving his skating, stick handling, and some of his offensive game, as his defensive game was far beyond his opponents, as he was a defensive minded player. His overall goal was to become more of a two-way player, opposed to a defensive defenseman.
  8. Silas just did that by his first year playing Major Bantom AAA. He went from averaging ten points a season in Atom, to forty points in Bantom. The hard work was paying off and Silas’ stock was rising up the QMJHL draft rankings. Two years into Bantom he managed to be one of the top players in the league and was scouted as being a top five in the QMJHL draft. In his final year of Bantom, Silas put up 55 points, asserting himself as a solid two-way defenseman.
  10. The 2017 QMJHL draft rolled around and Silas was made aware that he would be eligible for the draft. He was drafted in the first round of the QMJHL draft, 5th overall, by the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. his local and boy hood team that he grew up watching. Silas was very excited and basically ran up on the stage to get his jersey. The headlines the following days in the local news and newspapers was all about Silas, and his ability as a defenseman. He was scouted as a good two-way defenseman with a great mind for defensive play. He had good size and fit very well into his body.
  12. Silas’ first season in the QMJHL was a relative success as a rookie. He racked up 35 points in 68 games, but the Eagles fell to the Halifax Mooseheads in the first round. Silas recorded two points in four games, a goal and an assist.
  14. Silas’ second year in the QMJHL would be an utter disaster. He would be checked headfirst into the boards and be immediately concussed, ending his second ever season in the QMJHL in 10 games. He would sit out the rest of the year due to having post-concussion symptoms. As this was his draft year, he fell down the rankings quite a bit and went undrafted in the NHL draft due to his injury and no one wanting to take a shot on him. The third QMJHL season would roll around, but Silas would again, sit out – all due his concussion symptoms. He again, would go undrafted in the NHL draft due to his injury.
  16. At this time, Silas would be an over-ager in the QMJHL and wouldn’t be able to play anymore. Being too old for the Q, and no NHL offers coming in as his injuries essentially cost him a career in the NHL. He was approached by the Saskatoon Wild from the VHL and offered a contract. Silas accepted almost immediately and signed off on it, hoping to get his career back on track. He showed up to training camp in great shape and no longer displaying signs of a concussion, after two years of battle. He is now a defenseman for the Saskatoon Wild.




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