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Mexico City!!!


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Mexico City are a pretty good team. But they got much better yesterday by adding three new players to their roaster. The first guy they signed is Louis Louchard. Louis is a two way defenceman that can play in every situation, D-zone, O-Zone,PP,PK. After two games with Mexico City, Louis got 1 assist and finish +3. He’s a good prospect for the S75 VHL draft.


The second player they signed is Zachary Sirois. Sirois is probably one of the most exiting player to watch. He’s a two way defenceman that can also play in every situation. He’s a leader on and off the ice. He is physical and got a pretty good first pass. In his first two game with Mexico City, Sirois got 2 assist, +3 and 6 shots on goal. He’s an absolute beast and will fit perfectly with the Mexico City’s game plan.

The last player they got is William Marquis. William is a small forward, but don’t judge him by his shape, Marquis is very fast and as a good hockey IQ. Marquis is a LW but he can play everywhere. Marquis got 1 assist And +1 in two games. GM in the VHL got to keep an eye on him.


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