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  1. Los Angeles, CA - Having 8 VHL games already been played, LA Stars defenseman and VHL Rookie Jiggly Gumballs is struggling to find his game in the VHL level. Having only 2 assists on the season so far, it appears that Gumballs hasn't seen much production despite being named one of the assistant captains for this season. Discipline has also been a problem for the young defender as he's on a penalty per game pace with 16 penalty minutes. "I think it is a bit frustrating that offensively, I'm not where I kinda want to be in. The VHL is a whole new level and I think I'm still trying to
  2. Claiming for 2nd week lol
  3. Las Vegas Aces Press Conference 9/21-9/27 Answer these questions for 2 Capped TPE 1) So the season's begun! We're currently tied for 3rd in league standings. How do you feel about our performance so far? 2) The Aces haven't won a cup since S64, does this add to the pressure of succeeding this season? 3) Who's your favourite locker room buddy so far? 4) What sort of nickname do you want to have in the LR? Or if you already got one or can't think of any, who's got the best sounding nickname? 5) Which player across the league
  4. I mean I've been told we have no rights anyways so I guess the field trip was a nice bonus.
  5. So when's that TPE paycheck coming??
  6. This may be the most wholesome guy I've seen yet. I really love the humbleness. Keep up the great work! You're doing great!