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  1. Damn Canadians ruined my perfect run smh
  2. Oh I wasn't actually aware of that. Thanks for that btw.
  3. Yeah but the main issue is actually getting someone to actually sim the games. And my point here is that new players lack a bit of guidance, throwing them into a tourney with other draft eligible players when they're still trying to figure out what TPE is exactly is going to be a bit of problem. Unless of course you actually put even more effort to show them how things work around the league. I'm all for the idea but there are a lot of issues that come with it as well even though it might be fun.
  4. Not gonna lie, A hlinka gretzky cup style tourney all for new players would be fun. Though not a lot of new people join during offseason anyways.
  5. Let's face it, the offseason sucks. We're honestly lucky that our offseasons are short in the VHL. You're out here, patiently waiting for the new season to start. You've got nothing to really do, especially if you're a player, and it's overall just a bit uneventful. Sure I'm AGM, I have scouting and a draft to help in, but that's probably the only benefit of being a person in management. So why do I hate the offseason? Well that's what the rest of the article is about so uh... When I mention offseason, I also incorporate the postseason to a degree as well. Being a VHLM AGM, part of
  6. It's always unfortunate to see a GM fired. I wish Dil the best of luck in the future. Though congratulations to @roryfor the promotion. You deserved it bud.
  7. So hey! The long awaited follow up to this progress report is finally here!! It took me a while and a lot of procrastination but it's finally here!! A couple of things I wanna say before we get to it, this progress report will include not only regular season stats, but postseason stats as well. Another thing I would like to note is that there are some new additions to this team, and there are also people who have left this team. I won't be covering those who left the team, and for the later additions, I'll cover their overall stats in general instead of covering what they did in LVA. Mostly be