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Hall of Fame Article: Sebastian Ironside


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Sebastian Ironside - Class of S73


Position: C/D

Birthplace: Sweden

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 222 lb.

Drafted: Undrafted

Username: @DollarAndADream


Despite going Undrafted in both the VHL and VHLM Entry Drafts, Sebastian Ironsides career took off relatively quickly as he only played one season in the VHLM before graduating to the VHL level. He used this momentum to Propel himself with an extremely respectable career, Winning both the Continental Cup and the Victory Cup. His noteworthy success is exemplified by his point totals where he is currently 17th all time, even after playing a large portion of his career at defense. Early in his career, Sebastian was known as an outstanding offensive defensemen who could alternatively used his size to keep pucks out of the net. He kept this identity up until his 3rd VHL season where he made the surprising switch to forward. There, he transitioned into a strong and uncontainable power forward who used his size, speed and strength to get past his opponents and drive the puck to the net.


Career Awards

S60 - Skylar Rift Trophy 

S63 - Scott Campbell Trophy

S63 - Kevin Brooks Trophy

S63 - Dustin Funk Trophy

S64 - Continental Cup (Toronto Legion)

S65 - Victory Cup (Seattle Bears)


S60 (Ottawa - VHLM)

72 GP | 11 G - 42 A - 53 P | -1 | 42 PIM | 99 HIT | 64 SB

Playoffs: 13 GP | 9 G - 10 A - 19 P | +7 | 12 PIM | 18 HIT | 11 SB


Sebastian's road to stardom was evident early on as he was able to put up big numbers in his start with Ottawa. Even while only being a rookie Sebastian was able to earn ice time on a contending team and be a major contributor to their offence. Sebastian was able to showcase a good playmaking ability along with other valuable attributes. However, he was still a work in progress in that his defensive game still needed to improve. Despite this his high production continued to impress as he put even bigger numbers during the playoffs. With 19 points in 13 games it was clear Ironside had been gifted with the clutch gene as he was able to turn up his game to another level.


S61 (Toronto - VHL)

72 GP | 13 G - 29 A - 42 P | -64 | 123 PIM | 212 HIT | 208 SB


In his first VHL season his offensive abilities were transferred over surprisingly seamlessly yet playing at the next level exposed some flaws in his game. Posting a -64 plus/minus in 72 games Sebastian struggled in his own zone, which for rookies is obviously inevitable and should be expected. Regardless, being an undrafted rookie putting up 42 points in 72 games was more than impressive enough to catch the eye of many around the league.


S62 (Toronto - VHL) 

72 GP | 21 G - 53 A - 74 P | -38 | 115 PIM | 226 HIT | 196 SB


While in his 2nd season in the VHL, Ironside managed to avoid the sophomore slump and improve in all areas in his game. Still being a young prospect Sebastian was able to produce at at point per game average for the first time in his career, a feet which he will manage to achieve several times in his duration in the VHL. Still, Ironsides game was not perfect as he still had some defensive deficiencies. However, this can be forgiven knowing the fact he played on a below average Legion team at the time. 


S63 (Toronto - VHL)

72 GP | 56 G - 59 A - 115 P | +39 | 157 PIM | 310 HIT | 28 SB

Playoffs: 2 GP | 1 G - 1 A - 2 P | +2 | 4 PIM | 7 HIT | 1 SB


Ironsides most prominent and productive season came following his surprise move to forward. As an offensive defensemen who often struggled taking care of duties in his own end, this move made sense to a lot of people because of the fact he can now play to his strengths more without worrying about defending anymore. The Move clearly payed off for Sebastian as he immediately became one of the most prolific scorers in the league. This season was also marked by numerous personal accolades for Ironside as he was able to grab the Scott Campbell Trophy, Kevin Brooks Trophy and the Dustin Funk Trophy. His outstanding season helped the Toronto Legion finally make the playoffs, However, neither he or his team could find the rhythm they had in the regular season as they bowed out after only 2 games.


S64 (Toronto - VHL)

72 GP | 34 G - 74 A - 108 P | +29 | 180 PIM | 313 HIT | 23 SB

Playoffs: 12 GP | 8 G - 10 A - 18 P | +4 | 28 PIM | 45 HIT | 11 SB


After his breakout season in S63, Sebastian suffered a mini slump the following season recording 7 fewer points and having a slightly worse plus/minus. To top the massive season Sebastian had the year earlier would have been an unrealistic expectation for Ironside though, therefore, the season was not at all disappointing especially when considering Toronto Legions playoff run. In the S64 playoffs Sebastian was able to help Toronto right the wrongs from the previous year by capturing the Continental Cup. This moment was the peak of Ironsides career as he led the way for Toronto with 18 points in 12 games played. He was able to show the entire VHL the clutch gene that he'd displayed of in his early days in the VHLM, and in doing so establishing his legacy as one the most prominent centers the league has seen.


S65 (Seattle - VHL)

72 GP | 43 G - 66 A - 109 P | +34 | 134 PIM | 222 HIT | 42 SB

Playoffs: 6 GP | 1 G - 1 A - 2 P | -4 | 10 PIM | 20 HIT | 1 SB


Sebastian followed up his ecstatic Continental Cup victory with a equally impressive season after a big move that sent him to the Seattle Bears. With his new team he managed to put up his third consecutive 100 point season while also improving defensively from the year prior. He helped his team top the table ahead of the playoffs earing Seattle the Victory Cup. Although, Hopes for the following playoffs were then expectedly high, his 3rd playoff appearance went a lot like his 1st as Seattle were eliminated after 6 games. After having been so impressive in the playoffs the year before many questioned why Sebastian wasn't able to produce at anywhere near the level he was at when he won the Cup.


S66 (Calgary - VHL)

72 GP | 36 G - 64 A - 100 P | +39 | 151 PIM | 257 HIT | 26 SB

Playoffs: 7 GP | 2 G - 7 A - 9 P | +5 | 17 PIM | 16 HIT | 1 SB


In his 6th VHL season Sebastian had been traded to the Calgary Wranglers. With his new team he was able to record his 4th consecutive 100 point season having not lost a step from his previous 3 campaigns. In the playoffs, Ironside clearly had a bone to pick as he was highly disappointed by his performance from the previous year. Sebastian was able to produce at the level that was expected of him at the time but unfortunately his team couldn't follow suit as their run ended prematurely after 7 games.


S67 (Calgary - VHL)

72 GP | 33 G - 44 A - 77 P | +11 | 87 PIM | 267 HIT | 19 SB

Playoffs: 7 GP | 3 G - 1 A - 4 P | 0 | 16 PIM | 28 HIT | 1 SB


It was with his second season with Calgary where we began to see a decline in Sebastian's performance. The now an aging veteran, Sebastian still succeeded at producing at a point per game, but it was evident that his 100 point seasons were a thing of the past. Valiantly, he still chased for glory as he appeared in the post season for the 5th time in his career. Unfortunately, he would only go as far as he did with his first season with Calgary as he couldn't maintain to keep the pace he had in the regular season scoring only 4 points in 7 games played.


S68 (Calgary - VHL)

72 GP | 27 G - 34 A - 61 P | +11 | 87 PIM | 246 HIT | 16 SB

Playoffs: 11 GP | 5 G - 3 A - 8 P | -4 | 15 PIM | 33 HIT | 5 SB


As his final season came, it was evident that Ironside wanted go out with one final accomplishment to go with a legendary career. His regular season was expectedly average as Sebastian recorded a point per game average lower than 1 for only the second time in his career, however, this is not what Ironside cared about. Sebastian was determined to the leave the VHL with one last Continental Cup, and though he couldn't contribute as much with his offensive prowess as before, he took it upon himself to use his experience to try and lift his teammates toward there ultimate goal. This dream was kept alive until the final round where Calgary was painfully eliminated. Sadly, marking the end of Sebastian Ironsides remarkable career.


VHL Totals

576 GP | 263 G - 423 A - 686 P | +61 | 1034 PIM | 2053 HIT | 558 SB

Playoffs: 45 GP | 20 G - 23 A - 43 P | +3 | 90 PIM | 149 HIT | 20 SB


When Sebastian Ironsides career had concluded he was (and still is) one of the highest scoring and consistent centers the league has ever seen. When looking at his point totals and the seasons that he's had, it's surprising that he hadn't collected more silver ware in his time in the league. His career had included both triumph and heartbreak as he only won the Continental Cup once after being so close numerous time. Nevertheless, His achievements are well deserving of a Hall of Fame Nod and should be well remembered for years to come.














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