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                        @JigglyGumballs’s VHL.com article about throwing random crap together gave me an idea. I should do that too! Except I’m not as funny as Jiggs. Oh well.


My player, Linus Zetterstrom, is okay. 116 TPE after I claim for this. Not terrible, but not exactly a star. He’s  defensive defenceman, anyway. Those guys are never recognized as stars because they don’t put up points. For example, and I’m going to use some NHL crap here so brace yourself. Victor Hedman is the best D in the league. No argument. But they gave the best D award to Roman Josi, who gets a crap ton of points. Hedman was a finalist. The other finalist? John Carlson, bloody point machine. Defensive D don’t get enough credit, if you got the idea of that rant. 


                            The WJC is coming up(or happening, idk) and no one cares except the GMs of the teams. It’s kind of sad, considering how many people love the real WJC. I for one am going to follow it, and cheer for three teams like the bandwagoner I am. Canada, because that’s where my XBOX and my dog are(where I live, if you didn’t get it), Europe because Z’s supposedly from Sweden, and World, because I guess I have to cheer for Jiggs because they’re my AGM. Whoopee. There’s a good chance one of my teams will win, based on the sheer amount of teams I’m cheering for. 


                                     The Aces, Z’s team in the M, are going to make the playoff unless there’s an apocalypse. That’s how how far ahead in first we are. My guess is that we’ll go to the finals but lose to Halifax because that team is not fair. It’s just not fair. But it’s not 100% yet, so fingers crossed. 


Thank you for for listening to me pour my brains out. Credit to Jiggs for giving me the idea. See you next time, when I hopefully have an  actual idea for an article.


More than 300 words, I checked

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