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I enjoyed the "mini ramble!" There's a certain vibe to doing solo podcasts that I've only mildly explored, but it seems like it really forces you to verbally vomit on the spot, which I think is a good thing. You get more "raw" thoughts that way that tends to get filtered out whenever we write stuff into articles or media spots. 


Regarding the resim, yeah, it blows since it's not your fault, your team's fault, or the other team's fault. It was an unfortunate error, but when multiple teams' lines are incorrect (and in our series, our backup goalie got a start for a game over our *hopefully* future HoF goalie). I think any team in that situation would want a resim, just for the satisfaction that what you did in research and preparation actually gets used and the results can display that effort. That being said, I think you're still a very good team and will make a big splash next season!

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