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Eagles not selected for WJC


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Tom Eagles was not selected by Europe or Team World for the upcoming WJC and while there is some disappointment he feels like he needs to focus on the founders cup.

"I definitely thought I had all the proper requirements to be on either of the teams and I think I would be just as good or better then some of the selections but in the end there is no hard feelings " Said Tom " Every player always wants to represent their country but there is always another chance next year. Personally I need to focus on the founders cup as I want to help Philadelphia win it"


Predicted to go in the top 5 in the upcoming draft and finishing top 10 in defenseman points in the regular season and currently top 5 in defenseman points in the playoffs, many thought he would crack one of the two lineups. In the end though Tom Eagles feels both Europe and World have some great players and will be cheering them both on from the sidelines. Eagles will be working harder in the off-season to make sure he gets noticed the next time around.

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