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What a difference!


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What a difference a year makes! After a severely underwhelming season as a rookie skater in the VHL, Lexi Glass, the Estonian right winger on Warsaw, had a season that should have people around the team and around the league super excited for her development and ability to stick out a great career in the VHL. 


For those who don't remember or have not looked into the stats, Lexi Glass had an okay rookie season, having been called up with a season and some change in the VHLM with both Mississauga and Ottawa. Lexi finished the season with a respectable 31 points, having totaled 15 goals and 16 assists but also the team took some hits it seemed while she was on the ice as she totaled a negative +/- of -25 in her first season. It was just not enough for how much promise she had when she entered the league and maybe that is why she fell slightly in the draft, and not just that she plans to at least explore free agency options after Season 76!


Last season though, she started rounding out her game more and had more confidence and with a much improving supporting cast, Lexi was able to improve a lot on her underwhelming rookie campaign. Lexi finished with 52 points, an increase of 21 points as she now totaled 22 goals and 30 assists and the +/- was a positive at +36! Warsaw made the playoffs for the first time and Lexi was able to contribute to that success with her solid play on the right wing.


There is still a lot Lexi can improve as she grows but she is looking like a valuable piece in the VHL and looks to break through even more as she continues to work on her game!

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