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Jolly Greene Giant, defenseman for the Philadelphia Reapers and prospect for the Toronto Legion, has voiced his concern that He hasn't done enough recently to live up to His high draft position or reputation. "Ho ho," says the Giant, and He's not wrong. He has been seen notably not showing up to practice and is slacking a little with His time on the ice. The Reapers are currently up three games to two on the Mexico City Kings, but the Giant needs to put more effort in if the Reapers are going to seal the deal. 


“Ho ho,” says the Giant, reiterating about the remorse He feels not showing up more for His teammates. It’s clear from His tone that He wants nothing more than to regain his honor and show why He was so highly regarded in His draft class. Hopefully, the Reapers can count on the Giant to give 110% again. They’ll need it to overcome Mexico. 

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