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Gobeil's VHLM journey


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It is now official; the Philadelphia Reapers has eliminated the Mexico City Kings in the founder cup finals. This also mean the end of Gobeil’s journey in the VHLM. In 1 season and a half, Gobeil went trough 3 teams, Saskatoon, Houston and Mexico. Let’s sum up that journey in 4 different paragraphs, 3 for each VHLM teams and 1 for his future in Prague.


The beginning of Gobeil’s journey started back in October in the middle of the big recruitment drive that brought a ton of new players into the VHLM. At that time, I didn’t know yet that I was going to be in a rough class, and I will have to keep doing efforts week after weeks if I want to have an impact in the VHL someday. I created my player and then I explored the website, looking at the team list, the players, reading the rules and damn, that was impressive at first, the VHL is so huge when its seen from a new person, you easily get lost. A few minutes after signing up, I was already getting an offer, it was Saskatoon. As a new player, I thought I was not gonna get another offer that early and thought I had to accept this quickly before someone else took the offer. So, I accepted it. Then, I joined the discord and got even more impressed by how big this whole league was.


First season in the VHLM, I’m a Sasky boi! The team is packed, and I play on the 4th line. We were quite a few new guys on the team though, so it was possible to improve and earn some ice time. I had so many questions and Doomsday and A_ferk were patient enough to answer them all which I really appreciated. After a few days, I was getting my first goal, damn that feels good! Everyone in the locker room were greeting me and I really felt that we were a team. After a few weeks, I noticed there was something wrong with my ice time, I was only playing under a minute per game, so I contacted the GM and told him about it, I instantly got support from him as he didn’t know the forth line wasn’t getting ice time even if his lines were set to give decent ice time on every lines. So, I got promoted and it fixed the problem. I also remember comparing myself to the other players who joined at the same time as me and one of them was Scotty Kaberle. I was impressed, the guy was progressing at a way faster rate than me and on my side, I wasn’t managing to understand the whole TPE system yet.


Then came the VHLM dispersal draft, my mind was clear, I had bonds in Saskatoon and I wanted to come back. I watched the draft stream, hoping to get drafted by Saskatoon. I knew I wasn’t going to get drafted in the first round which made me confident about returning to Saskatoon. Then, the shocking news, I become a Houston Bulls! I joined the locker room the night of the draft, it was awkward, everyone was new, and it was my first time changing team. The AGM Mattyice was really welcoming and active in the locker room though which gave me a good first feeling about the squad. After a few days, just before the season start, they started a poll to choose the captain of the team, I opened it and voted for Jon Webber who was a returning player in the Houston locker room. The next day, I open it to see who should be our captain and surprise, it’s a tie between, me and Jon Webber, I didn’t expect that at all but it meant something to me. At the end, the final results made me earn a ‘’C’’, I wasn’t believing it, I just arrived in the team, and I already felt that the guys there liked me so I accepted it and promised them to do my best to not make them regret that choice. At first, I was drafted in Houston to stay down for 2 seasons as my earning rate was at about 8 tpe a week. But being drafted 46th in the VHL was a slap in the face for me. I decided that Gobeil was gonna be a steal in that draft and I never earned less than 14 TPE/week since then. Eventually, it became clear that I wasn’t going to stay down for 2 seasons like I was supposed to. So, I sent a message to Mattyice to tell him I’m going up in S76, I think he wasn’t shocked, I has seen me changing my progress rate and he is also one of the guys who teached me about the TPE earning. For half of the season, my stats were impressive, I was having more points than the number of games played, and it was a fun thing to watch, I really enjoyed seeing these numbers go up. Houston was still battling for a playoff spot and I really wanted to bring that team in the playoffs. Then came the day when our first line center retired without warning. That was the beginning of a long loosing streak and also a few days streak without a point for my player. It made me lost confidence in the odds of making the playoffs. The Trade deadline was nearing and I knew it was possible that Houston take the decision of giving up on that season and trying to trade for a 1st round pick, so I contacted Matty and we talked about it, I wanted to know what to expect and I also had interest in going to a contender since it was my last season in the M.


Then came the trade, on a Saturday evening, I was now a part of the Mexico Kings. Another time joining a new team and it was still awkward to be new. I would say, even more since I was the only new one this time. It didn’t take me long to get comfy in my new team, not even days, I would say hours if not minutes. At first, I was expected to play on the first line with RJ Tatcher as a playmaker, but it didn’t work as planned. My player wasn’t doing anything, and I was so frustrated about it. My biggest fear was to be considered a bust by my new team, I wanted to have an impact so bad. They traded a 1st rounder for me, and I was putting too much pressure on myself for that. Then, I’ve been told that they didn’t regret the trade because of my locker room presence and that is really what made me accept the poor performance of my player. Then, we started the playoffs, we were facing Halifax at first, it went well, we won in 5 games. After that, we face Las Vegas, now that was different, that team looked scary on paper and we got into so many trash talk but that was all fun. The serie was tie but we managed to win and earn a spot in the final against the Reapers. The 1st overall team met the 2nd overall team, a battle of the titans! My first reaction has been to check Mexico’s stats against Philly in the regular season and that gave me confidence. The first day, its 2-0 for Philly, that was our first time not leading a serie. I was nervous about the next day. The results after 4 games are 3-1 for Philly. Now I start to lose faith in the cup but everyone in the locker room talks about that 3-1 curse so I’m not giving up yet. Then we managed to win the game 5, I was starting the believe in that 3-1 curse and was looking forward to game 6. Then came the final game of my VHLM career, the Reapers won it all in 6 games. Gobeil is still frustrated of that lost but it is now time to look forward for next season.


Now, what to expect from Gobeil next season? Gobeil is one of the top prospects in Prague as of now and should join the squad for the coming season. I am excited to join that group as Thomas Landry II is not only an amazing player, but he is also the player of my former GM in Saskatoon. I will also play with Robert Bouchard who I already talked with a bit, he is a promising prospect and there is chances that we play on the same line for a while. There are also rumors that Gobeil used the off season to train his scoring ability and should have switched from a pass first player to a goal scorer before the start of the season. See you all in Prague next season, it’s been a pretty nice time in the VHLM for me!


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Our players have a lot in common and I am looking forward to playing with you next season. Robert also started as a pass first player and I noticed last season that he didn't sim that well [S74] so I made the switch this season to a scoring forward instead. It worked out well for him this season but also means he a bit too balanced for my liking at the moment.


It is great to hear you have become an max TPE earn and we will continue to push each other.


Bets on who is going to score more goals etc... next season in our Rookie campaign?

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3 minutes ago, Gaikoku-hito said:

Bets on who is going to score more goals etc... next season in our Rookie campaign?

I wonder if we will play on the same line, it could be fun! But for the bet, I think you will get more goals.

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Review: Reading through, it looks like Gobeil had a hell of a successful career, and should have a better one in Prague next season. I also like how gave each team you played for a paragraph. My only suggestion is to maybe space out the big paragraphs a bit more and put the team name in bold over each paragraph.


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