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Rest and recovery.


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Honestly, the season has ended and I'm not really sure what to write about as I have not really been doing much to get ready for next season.


I decided to take some time off and hop on a plane across the water. I was able to catch the PBE entry draft and see my sister! 


I decided to stay a bit longer as hope to catch a Spring training match and talk to my is sisters who are now over there.


It's been hard to try and do some other things like get some skating in while being in the middle of nowhere in Japan. 


I think that isn't terrible as I can run around some of the lovely beauty spots in the area but I just wish I could hit the ice and do some training I guess. 


I spent a few days just sitting and recovering in an onsen. It was lovely to just fix my aching body with doing nothing but clearing my mind.


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24 minutes ago, Eynhallow said:

Hey Emi !! I f you are in Tokyo try this one.  I have always wanted to go..............



I'm over in Kashima, Saga!

I've been going to the local shrine a lot!

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