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My Random VHL Thoughts - S75 - Part 5

Fire Tortorella

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  • Honestly, I don't have many VHL related thoughts. I've pretty much been checked out since the regular season ended, and really it was probably a week or two before then - more on that later.
  • It'll be my 3rd season of my career and 3rd season in Prague. I have to step it up and improve my results on the ice, and hopefully that leads to improved results for Prague as well. We've missed the playoffs the past 2 seasons and really don't want it to be 3 in a row. 
  • Personally, both work and house hunting/buying have been kicking my butt. Finally officially bought a house on Thursday (which was an ordeal itself because of the seller) and will be moving in this weekend. With that, I'm anticipating my VHL levels will be back to "normal". I've definitely slowed down here recently.
  • I need 7 more words, so I'll just add that I'm happy to see so many new faces here and in the Discord over the past year.
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