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This is pretty good!  I can see you've definitely got some good stuff going on here.  I like the soft stock work and the lighting looks nice too, especially the light behind the player's head creates a nice effect.  I like the colors, too, I think the sig mostly looks consistent and well-blended.  I do have some criticism, though.  First off I feel like the render could be placed a little bit better. I don't like the empty space above the head, it makes the sig look unbalanced to me.  And I think it would look better if the player wasn't in the dead center.  The text could also use some work - it almost seems like you made the sig and then added the text on top.  The text could maybe be placed a bit closer to the middle of the sig, and possibly moved down below the stock work so it blends better with the rest of the sig.  All in all, I can definitely tell you have some graphical ability and I think the next step is just to combine that with better composition. 8/10

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