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Thank you DC


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Game 6 ends. The score 3-2. The Malmo Nighthawks are your S75 champs. This would be a heartbreaking game for D.C Dragons Ricky Johnson who will not be returning to the league next season with his announcement of retiring. The defensemen would end his final season having recorded 49 points in the season coming from 39 assist and 10 goals. Johnson would be one of 2 players to have played their entire career with the organization and although he was never a standout among his peers or opposition, his presence was felt by all when he touched the ice. 

“I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for the teammates I had around me, the coaching staff and the city of Washington. This place will always be home to me. It’s a shame we couldn’t come through and get D.C the much deserved cup but I have faith they’ll get there someday. Until then, I’ll be taking it easy on some beach or something. All love to this organization and it’s fans” - Ricky Johnson.


Just would like to extend on this by saying thanks to @Enorama and the DRAFONS crew for making my 1st VHL experience an enjoyable one. It was such a pleasure being part of the team. Who knows maybe I’ll end up back with the team some day. 

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