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That Dude Surprised by Saskatoon Release, Looks Forward to M Draft


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That Dude was taken back when he received a notification on his phone that the Saskatoon Wild had no further use of his service and released him from his contract. At first That Dude shouted out a couple of explicit words that quite needless to say, caught the attention of some folks in his immediate surrounding. But then That Dude realized that it was the custom. M players are mostly free agents at this point, awaiting their fate in the upcoming dispersal draft. 


"Yeah I was mad at first. But then I realized that it's all fine. All good in the hood. 'Cause that happens to everybody and I realized that Doomsday did warn us that due to his transaction moves over the past season in an attempt to contend, that Saskatoon wouldn't have any picks in the first few rounds. So they just did the release move as a courtesy for the Portal thingy. Still! Don't scare me like that ever again. 


Getting back to the point - I look forward to the upcoming Dispersal Draft. It's gonna happen only once in my M career, since I'm going up to the bigs after this round. I look forward to the mystery unfolding, finding out my new wherebouts and getting together with my new teammates. It'll be interesting, but at the same time, bittersweet, since I did really enjoy my time in Saskatoon. They got me in, broke me in, and I feel like it's only appropriate if I return the favor. But that is life in the M, and we're all victims of the system really. 


Somebody had me going in the Top-12 in the draft or something, 'cause there's going to be other older guys into the draft too - I'm not quite sure really how that works but yeah. I guess something to do with having less than 200 or 250 TPE. That stuff doesn't interest me - I just want to know where I'll be making plays next season. Gotta continue to bolster my draft stock for the actual big draft that counts. Anyways That Dude out." 

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