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“Old Man” Lafontaine


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CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine is entering his second last season in the Victory Hockey League. For those who don’t know, due to the VHL’s weird season system, you can only play 8 seasons in the Victory Hockey League. That makes it kind of weird for Jacques Lafontaine, who is 24 and will end his career when he’s 25. Normally, that age would be the prime of his career however in the VHL, no matter how young you are, you stop at 8 seasons. The question is, does Jacques Lafontaine have any plans for the future after his tenure in the VHL is over?


“I want to go for the National Hockey League. I mean, I love the VHL and all, but the NHL is still a great league. I’m gonna see if I can get signed by anybody who wants me. Even if it’s the Edmonton Oilers. But if I can, I’d prefer to get signed by the other Albertan team. It would be cool to continue playing for this great city.”

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