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Henry Tucker Scouting Report


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Well, Henry Tucker has had a solid stint in the VHLM, playing 2 seasons and getting some good TPE numbers. Here’s his scouting report.


Offense: 8/10

Make no mistake, Tucker is very, very good on offense. Everything is a 40-ish base, but Tucker has a 70 in shooting and passing, with a 65 in puck handling that’s trending upwards. His improvement was massive in Minnesota, where he got 43 points in 72 games from the 2nd line. The clutch goals came when he needed them, including 2 over the course of the season against his first team, @Ricer13’s Miami, one of which was a game winner. This is a part of his game that will only get better as time goes by.


Defense: 6/10

Now, Tucker is a very good defender, don’t get me wrong. The thing is that he only has one key attribute, checking, up to 70, which made his stats looks very good. He got 200 hits (on the button) in 72 games, which is amazing and led Minnesota offensive players, but one must wonder what he will do with all the TPE he’s earning. 15 shots blocked and 72 PIMs certainly didn’t help his case, and his presence didn’t make much of a difference for the Storm.


Emotional Aspects: 10/10

As far as character goes, Henry is a Hall of Famer. In Discord, Tucker is an active contributor, well known for his contributions to Miami, with many appearances in the “Counting Torture Chamber”, as well as adding humor in “Pokemons” and occasional profanities in “Casino Corner”, especially after Ricer robbed $900. His user is very active on the forums and is currently applying to be the aGM of the San Diego Marlins just 3 months after joining VHL. He frequently pops in on the Miami general and alum chats while also making contributions to Minnesota’s LR. And it doesn’t stop off the ice. Tucker has 50 LD, and bought experience points on his first VHL purchase. He seeks to make contributions wherever he goes and you couldn’t ask for a better veteran presence... as a rookie.


Other Notes & Conclusion

He’s gonna grow up and be a high TPE player with a lot of loyalty, a guy who will go with the people, not the money. Just a heads up.


Career VHLM Stats, Including Playoffs

Seasons: 2 (S74, Miami, S75, Minnesota)

VHLM Drafted: Round 3, 76th, Season 75

Games: 103

Goals: 12

Assists: 32

Points: 44

+/-: -46

Shots: 153

PIM: 94

Hits: 222

Shots Blocked: 15

Game Winning Goals: 1

Power Play Goals: 5

Shootout Goals: 0

TPE: 173 (With 11 On The Way)

CK: 70

FG: 43

DI: 43

SK: 70

ST: 43

PH: 65

FO: 43

PA: 70

SC: 70

DF: 43

PS: 43

EX: 40

LD: 50


Position: RW

Height: 6’3

Weight: 200 lbs.

Nationality: U.S.A.

VHL Draft Rank: 23

Accolades: Season 74 Founders Cup

Total Amount of Cash Received: $3,000,000.00


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