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With Season 76 VHL Entry draft just days away, the whole VHL community are waiting, titillated, at the prospect of this prospect being a prospective player of a VHL franchise. 


The Rock, having now just exceeded the VHLm Practice Hours cap, is even more comfortable about his place in the draft. He knows he won't be a top pick, but it seems like he has secured his spot at the end of the first round. 


Although he could slip lower if people look at his VHLm stats. The man barely had a point, hit... any impact of any kind. But the GMs of this league should be smarter than that. For the better half of the latter half of the season, the Rock was limited to around 4 minutes per game. For a more appropriate look at what the Rock cooks and then brings to the table, we defer to Player Agent, and Builder Hall of Fame, Phil Knight.


"His development will not be immediate. He's a big lad with eyes like an eagle. It will take time for him to get his skating and checking in balance, as well as secure himself as a great playmaker, but coaches and GMs should be alerted to the fact that if they have a pure goal scorer, they should consider grabbing the Rock. They will pair so nicely.. especially if they lack a decent third body." 


It's the Rock's hope that he wins a Boulet, but as always, the Continental Cup is the crowning achievement. He'll naturally rack up a number of hits during his career, but if he can be placed with a pure goal scorer, and continue his practice output... there will be no way that the GM that selects him will regret it. 



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