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Claimed:Former Hall of Fame Agent short Listed for Brampton Boss


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Former Hall of Famer Short Listed for Brampton Boss Chair

VHL hockey news recently got official word that player agent and VHLM commissioner Terence Fong had been confirmed on the short list of candidates for the general manager position of the Brampton Blades.

Terence Fong was the former VHLM commissioner for quite a few season, notably during the rebuild and restructure of the VHL developmental system. His work and effort in the process in addition to his years of service in the VHL was recognized by the VHL board of directors with a nod into the VHL hall of fame as a builder.


“We believe Fong is a really good candidate for this position,” one of the Bramptons owners, Qur’an said in a statement.


“He has been around the league for a very long time, he has played in the league, he has coached in the league and more importantly he was in a position of authority with the youth players of the league. I think he would be a great addition as a general manager to the VHLM and his expertise and experience in dealing with youth players will make him a key cog in the development of the Brampton franchise.” – Brampton Owner Qur’an


Fong stated that while he would definitely relish the opportunity to step into the role, he understands the process and that he is up against other good candidates for the position.


“I’ve spent too much time in the VHL to not try my hand at it, it has been something I’ve been looking at getting into since I stepped down from being the VHLM commissioner. I like to play an up tempo style of game, like when I coached the Davos Dynamo that one year to the playoffs. I think a team that can skate quickly and coherently is the best type of team to have.” – Terence Fong


On the players side of things, more than a few players have spoken in support for Terence Fong to be the next general manager. He has built strong ties through many of the player agents and manager in the VHL through his years being an agent and he isn’t new to managing players. His most recent notable player in the VHL, Xin Xie Xiao spoke of his appreciation for Fong as his agent.


“Fong is quite thorough, detail orientated and above all he wants to win. He helped me get through my earlier years, coaching and advising me through all the rough patches to where I am now in the VHL. He has a great mind for the game, even if it is more tactical and uncompromising as some may say, but he gets things done. I credit a lot of my success to Fong helping me out through the years and I’m very grateful.”


So what remains to be seen is if the lack of front office experience for Fong will be the key point against him. Other general managers have in the past beaten out his resume of accolades due in part to front office experience and the league attempting to inject youth into the minor league organizational ranks. Outside of that, Fong has told us that even if not now, he believes that eventually he’ll get his shot at managing a team.



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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

548 words. First off, congratulations on the GM position. Secondly, I thought you did a good job with the article and with the quotes. I think you've been applying for a position for a long time, so you were due. If you need any questions answered regarding rules or any such matter, don't hesitate to ask me or any of the other GM's.

Grammar: 2/2

I'm not going to deduct anything, but I really believe positions of power and proper titles deserve to be capitalized. That is something I would like to see you do in your future MS's.


commissioner = Commissioner

general manager = General Manager

few season = few seasons

hall of fame = Hall of Fame

board of directors = Board of Directors

Bramptons = Brampton's

it, = it;

players = players'

Appearance: 1/1

Nice font usage, title and Asian-guy pictures.

Overall: 6/6

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