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Claimed:Russian Machine Komarov Rookie Profile

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                                                              Vladamir Komarov


                                                   Height: 6'4

                                                                Weight: 225

                                                                Jersey Number: 69

                                                                Nationality: Russian


In a draft that holds many known names there are very few ther prospects who stand out. However the quiet Russian is a name that could be a big suprise heading into the season 39 dispersal draft in the VHLM. The Russian may not be the most outspoken person given the language barrier, but what he has shown is an remarkable work ethic. The big Russian defender has the size to be a force in the league, an he has all the right tools to become a top defensive defender. Born in Omsk, Russia the defender dreamed of becoming a hockey player since he was born, however given his families wealth he was unable too. That was untill he was adopted, since then he has quickly developed into a solid shut down defender who is not afraid to break bones an get in opponents faces. However he has yet to play a game in the VHLM an that may hurt his draft stock, But his numbers over in Russia might impress scouts over the last 2 seasons in the KHL no defender had more shots blocked, penalty minutes, or hits. Hes a physical beast who logged big minutes on his way to the finals in the KHL, where the team eventually fell in 6 to Moscow. He also won the leagues best defender over there in his last season, which could add to his stock despite not much being known about the big Russian.








Komarov has plenty of strengths despite not playing hockey his whole life. His first big strength is his size an his ability to know how to use it, an when to use it. He racks up hits like everyone is just standing still, but he also knows when he needs to back off an use his stick.  His second strength is his ability to be in the right position at all times, he never seems to be outta place his in zone coverage is flawless. Another strength an possibily his best ability so far is his skating, he a smooth skating defender for a kid his age and size. He uses this to stay in position or help him get back to stop a breakaway, or two on one. His last strength to his game is his endurance, Komarov is almost always in the gym he is in better shape than most kids his age. He models himself after guys like Selanne, who had great and long careers because they kept themselves in shape an eat properly.

With this kind of dedication he hopes he can have a long successful career in the VHL.






Like any young player his game comes with flaws as well. One of his biggest weaknesses is his discipline, he always seems to be in the box he needs to learn to play with an edge but avoid penalties that hurt his team. Next up is his offensive ability, hes a good player in his zone but in terms of scoring don't expect to see big numbers from him. He has a cannon of a shot given his size but it lacks any serious control, however if he can ever get that under control he may be able to be a trigger man on teams second power-play unit. His last weakness is his puck control hes not very adept with the puck on his stick an prefers to move it quickly off his stick than make any fancy moves that could cause a turn over. Don't expect him to carry it into the zone for this reason alone however this is an area Komarov has been attempting to improve.



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Content: 5/5

Nice rookie profile! I'm really pleased to have you on the storm! Komarov looks like he's going to be a big threat in the VHLM next season!

Grammar: 2/2

Nothing worth mentioning!

Appearance: 1/1


Over 500 words: 1/1

Overall: 8/8

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