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Su Vacation Interview


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Playing a full season in the VHL is tough and often times is very stressful for the players and coaches involved. The pressure to perform and reach fan expectations is a large load for anyone to carry. Without proper ways to relax and destress, many players can find themselves underperforming. Today we have an exclusive interview with Andrew Su. After winning the cup in S74, Su has constantly been put under pressure to win another, with him leading the team this time. That coupled with 2 consecutive 100 point seasons, with him just missing out on the point leader award by 1 point last season, expectations of him are sky-high this season. So how does one of the best players in the league relax?


Interviewer: With the high expectations that fans, the team, and the GM have for you, what do you do to relax?


Su: Well, during the regular season and playoffs, I don't really get to relax, as we have games one day after another, but when offseason hits, I love to go somewhere to vacation.


Interviewer: Nice, don't we all love a nice trip or getaway to relax our minds. Do you have any places you like visiting for a vacation in particular? Any reasons why they're your favourite spot?


Su: That's a tough question honestly, I love being able to travel anywhere. Even the smallest of towns have an interesting history or culture there. My favourite vacation spot was Italy; I went with some friends for around two weeks. The town we stayed in was called Cinque Terre, right along the coastline. It's a beautiful small town, with a lot of personality to it. If you like beaches and ocean-orientated activities, it's a great place to visit. The snorkelling and scuba diving are fantastic there, and with the warm, temperate climate, they have a lot of tropical fish can be seen there that aren't in Vancouver. Personally, I prefer scuba diving as you don't have as many restrictions in terms of where you go, there's also some really fantastic and interesting underwater structures/caves you can explore off the coastline. The seafood there is also sublime; you can imagine how fresh it is with the island being right off the coast. Urban explorers would also love the place. There's a lot of small paths in between buildings and small nooks and crannies you can find there.


Interviewer: Wow, sounds great. I might plan to head there for my next vacation. When you retire, you could probably get a job in a travel agency with how well you sold Cinque Terre to me. So with the pandemic that's going on, have you gone to any places recently?


Su: Haha, not really. I definitely can't do international vacations now as it's illegal, but I have done a few road trips. The most recent one has been to Whistler for snowboarding. It's really nice and close to Vancouver, and its skiing facilities are also great.


Interviewer: Nice. Well, that's all the time we have today, for this show. Thanks for listening in and come listen to us again next time.

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