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1st Overall Pick Tourney

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Last week, I began what was a tumultuous task of creating a tournament that held all the 1st overall draft picks in VHL history. I pitted Season 4 1st Overall Draft Pick Left Wing Alec Miller against Season 16 1st Overall Draft Pick Goaltender Demetrjusz Dudek. On a count of 7 votes to 2 votes, Alec Miller will be moving onto the second round to face Season 6 1st Overall Draft Pick Center Josh Vestiquan. Demetrjusz Dudek on the other hand will be the first to drop down into the losers bracket. He will 'play' the loser out of Game V. I'm excited to let you all know that the next matchup will be between Season 32 1st Overall Draft Pick Defenseman Jack Sound against Season 25 1st Overall Draft Pick Left Wing Ansgar Snijider. A new media spot will be coming out to pit the two against eachother along with a poll after so members of the VHL can vote on a winner. Hopefully more that 9 people vote this time. 

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