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[SPYRO] S75 Vancouver Wolves “Game Breakers” Hockey Card (Legacy Edition)


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Hey everyone! It’s me again and I’m back with another edition to the Game Breakers hockey card collection! This time I added some “foiling” effects to make the card appear holographic, and I will try to do so for all “Legacy Edition” cards in the future.


(Quick side note: I am still catching up with my own player cards hence this one being S75 but once I make it into the current season I will be making cards for others again.)

In order to better gauge the Potential and Gradings for players, I have discussed with a few people (who I will keep nameless so that all heat for decisions can fall to me and not them too) what category they believe the individual will fall into and the likeliness of them reach said potential at this point in their careers. All Potentials and Grades are subject to change from season to season, and only the select few that are HoF material will eclipse Franchise so don’t get your hopes up too high.



(I will be doing an overview of my career at the end of my career for my last personal card, instead of doing one every season. If I make you a hockey card then it will have an overview of your career till that point like I did with past GameBreaker cards.)



Grades from highest to lowest will be:




-1st Line / Starter


-Depth / Back-up



Potential Stages:







If you want me to create a card of your player/ goalie then just DM me the render you would like me to use, captaincy, position (if D then let me know if you are a DD or OD) and the jersey number you wear. (After I finish catching up as I said at the top of the post)

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