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Can He Make The Big Step?


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There are a lot of things in life where you have to take that big step, and step up to adversity and challenges in your way. A big step to take is moving up to the big leagues. Logan Moore has to take that big step next season. But can he stay there? Can he show the world what he is capable of? Can he be a confident player...?




Taking your game to the next level can be challenging for some players, whether it being from not being ready, not practicing hard enough, or the overwhelming nature of it. Logan has been waiting for this moment forever, and he's determined on taking his game to another level. The VHLM season is almost over, which means he's getting closer to stepping onto VHL ice, but he blocks that from his mind. He's more determined on winning in the playoffs, and being a successful VHLMer first. Winning a cup would give him a greater legacy, and also give him more confidence to step up to the plate. 



When Logan was younger, he played pond hockey near his grandpa's small house in Detroit. He would always fall over every time he stepped onto that ice, looking shaky and overall not good on skates. His grandpa watched from afar, and he noticed him struggling. Logan would punch the ice when he fell over, and it looked like he was going to give up. Ol' grandpa Moore had to lace out the skates to talk to him. He skated up to him and said "What's going on buddy?' Logan looked up at him saying how he wanted to give up. His grandpa gave him a stare and a sigh, "You're not falling because you're bad Logan," he replied "You're falling because you aren't confident. One day I know you'll make it to the big leagues." Logan looked up at his grandfather with gleam in his eyes "But what if I never make it there?" his grandpa chuckled and smiled "Player in that league don't play forever. They will always take players with confidence to replace them, so stay confident in yourself."




Logan always looks back at that moment if he is feeling down, feeling not good enough, or believing he won't be good at something. But now he has another chance to win a cup in the VHLM, and a chance next season to make a name for himself in the VHL. His grandpa's repetition of "confidence" gave him the support he needed and helped him persevere to where he is now in life. I feel that could be used to help in any situation hockey or not. If you're feeling like you're bad at something, or that things won't ever be better, it's not because you're actually bad at that thing, it's because you don't have enough confidence in yourself. We can all be what we want to be if we put enough time and effort into the things we love, and we can all be happy.


503 words.

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Overall great job, loved the article and the cool little backstory! Would like to see a little more variety in it, and maybe some more depth. It was also a pretty easy read to understand!


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I really enjoyed this write-up! Simply adding pictures really made it easier to read. It allowed for a personal look into Logan and his backstory, and that's always a cool thing to see. I really like the theme of building confidence here, it's important in any sport! Overall, 9/10. Well done!

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