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  1. I'll apply as well and hope to be considered.
  2. Mexico City Kings Press Conference *Answer all six questions for 2 Capped TPE* 1. With the off-season ongoing, are you looking forward to next year? 2. What kind of goals have you set out for next year? 3. What was your favourite place to hang out in Mexico City? 4. Thoughts on the new logo? 5. Where do you think you'll go in your draft(s) this off-season? 6. Who is taking the Playoffs? @scoop @v.2 @McKelvie @duckberg32 @DrummerBoy15 @ThatsGreissy @Darth Kaprizov @Yolo @Shane Laz @Baby Boomer @Swazy
  3. 1. Nah only us. I hate every other team. 2. Yes, you made the best possible choice. 3. 95 for me. Bit of a hybrid flex. 4. Made the HOF with 2 players and myself as a builder. 5. I once had a breakaway in a 4th overtime of a championship hockey game and slipped as I went to shoot and the team came back down and scored. 6. Potatoes.
  4. Well some of us have to learn at some point.
  5. Is there a reason to pull your votes? I'm still new to the strategies.
  6. I'd remove it and just keep an eye.
  7. Who are voting for different people? Just figure you prob know all 3. Ptyrell...Ohsens?...???
  8. I should still be on Doom unless we are changing. Just not sure we realistically have the time.
  9. So are we not having Barzal execute Ricer?
  10. I also feel Ricer I'd a neutral or maf so safe on that end (more likely neutral imo).
  11. I'd stay on Doom. But yea def suspicious.