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  1. @Omariusbryant123434 Hello there and welcome to the Victory Hockey League! My name is Advantage and I am the new General Manager of the Mexico City Kings. We currently find ourselves in the finals and therefore are not able to make you an offer at the moment, but I just wanted to help you familiarize yourself with the league. With the upcoming draft, its a good time to start building up your stock and the easiest way to do that is earning TPE. Visit THIS THREAD if you want some more information on that. Otherwise, I am always available on Discord to ch
  2. Advantage

    Two New GMs

    I mean there is definitely a move away from experienced GMs in the VHL, but with how many newer candidates we have, I understand it. That being said, having experienced members bringing along and developing new members (the point of the league) I think isn't something that should be shamed either with so many AGM opportunities on top of the VHLM GM spots and International Opportunities like WJC.
  3. Advantage

    Two New GMs

    Congrats on Miami @InstantRockstar!
  4. I know I don't need to but obviously still interested.
  5. Lol fair I'd say 3 max post vhl draft
  6. How would you feel if we make it so 8 seasons doesn't start till after they get to vhl then?
  7. For your part regarding entering in prime, as I said it would be likely combined with extending careers. I'd personally like to see 8 season careers start post vhlm.
  8. Board of Governors Update February 22nd, 2021 __________________________________________________________________ It has ultimately been a couple months since I updated the league on the happenings inside the Board of Governors. Now that the Top 75 project has been completed, I will be going back to doing these on a more regular basis, as that project was taking the majority of my VHL time to complete. We are actively in the playoffs of S75 and there has been a lot of chatter lately on ways we can improve the Victory Hockey League. Obviously with Gorlab’s recent thread
  9. I mean, to be fair, I do tend to agree that the numbers provided do look a little odd. With that being said, obviously variation can happen in a sim engine that is anything but consistent. All in all, I think the point that most of the league is making, and I agree, isn't that Beketov is a cheater but rather that perhaps we need to look at more transparent ways to simming the league and whether it is feasible for the team in charge of doing it. If it is, live simming will always be a better way of doing things. I don't think Bek has done anything wrong, but ultimately I do think
  10. For what it's worth (ignoring Gorlab's continuous pitchforks) I do feel live simming is worth discussing if the sim team can manage it. Not because I think Beketov has cheated, but rather because then we all don't have to hear about "cheating" implications.
  11. Interesting that Devise simmed last year and Lahtinen won MVP and Best Two-Way forward.