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  1. F - Grizzlie Bare F - Chet Ha G - Stone Fence
  2. I guess what I'm saying is even if there wasnt the door is shut already by our current leadership group.
  3. To be totally transparent though...when I was told I was going to be the Expansion GM, there were discussions about Cologne returning and Stockholm (even if under a different name) and it was made pretty clear that there was zero interest from the Blue Team to return to any former city or of course reviving any former team. There were even some concerned about putting a team in Sweden in the first place.
  4. Lol Jericho didnt hack Kesler. That was me pretending to be Jericho.
  5. Your line probably has the puck more which means less hits and SB
  6. @Ace @Snussu Skipped D - Maxim Kovalchuk @Klrpizza
  7. I'll take G - Kallis Kriketers instead of Peace. @Bushito
  8. Yeah my bad. I forgot I take one of the players I took.