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  1. Advantage

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

  2. Advantage

    [WIP] (S63 Class) Markus King

    Man i should have done this more when I did a few HOF back in the day. Once wrote over 2000 words before accidentally closing it and losing it all
  3. Advantage

    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    Hey good friend. 1. Still playing Overwatch mainly? If not, what are you playing at the moment? 2. Least favourite to play in each sub class in Overwatch? 3. Favourite GM you have played for 4. How many more Edwins do you have in you? 5. You get one of me or Ryan for one match to decide your fate as an OW player, who do you take?
  4. Advantage

    Feeling the Itch to GM Again

    Get in line
  5. Advantage

    Gritty Press Conference

    1) You actually back around fully active? 2) One Flyers player that you really want gone? 3) One former Flyer that you really want back? 4) Excited for Carter Hart? Was a big fan of his for quite some time. 5) Favourite player you've ever had?
  6. Advantage

    Ryan Sullivan Jr. Press Conference

    That's pretty tough to say honestly but probably my first Continental Cup with the Americans. That was a fun dynasty and to win the Continental Cup for the first time, that was a fantastic year to be a General Manager. Probably the season that Angelo broke the rookie record. That was one of the funner seasons I have had and its still a rookie record that stands. Yeah traded for you and Sterling's goaltender and they won with Jehovah. Still don't get that. Not all together. That being said I have visited Kyle multiple teams including for over a week about a year ago. Also visited Ryan a couple of times when visiting my girlfriend while she lived in Alberta. I'll probably see Kyle this summer and certainly in September when he gets married and hopefully Ryan is there too. I would say that there are quite a few candidates, but @Higgins certainly gave me a run for my money for quite some time.
  7. To New York: S34 - Simon Tremblay To Toronto: S38 - Steve Tremblay S41 RIG 2nd Round Pick (David Blind) This was a trade I made to acquire a forward to move to a defender and Simon Tremblay had much better defense than Steve Tremblay. I figured I could leverage Steve Tremblay who ultimately was around 259 TPE and a low-end second round pick for an older but better player fit for my Americans team at the time, that needed a spare defender to complete the roster. Simon Tremblay had a solid season for the Americans as a defender but ultimately this trade was much ado about nothing. Steve Tremblay never really panned out as plan and the second round pick involved ended up being nothing much in the end. To New York: Mikko Koskinen To Cologne: S42 Cologne 3rd Round Pick (PASS) This was one of the least important deals I ever made. Mikko Koskinen never ended up being anything for me as I was taking a chance on a user I knew. Ultimately, the pick I traded for him ended up being completely passed on so this was literally a nothing for nothing trade and certainly not a good or bad one regardless. To New York: D - Matt Bentley To Quebec: S41 NYA 1st Round Pick (Rift Pajodcast) S42 NYA 1st Round Pick (Sam Teibert) I came to a point where I decided that I didn’t have a lot of options to improve my team into a Continental Cup caliber team. The one big option I had was Matt Bentley, so five-time defending Labatte Trophy winner, Conner Low, offered to go to forward and I made a pretty aggressive move to acquire the very best player on the market in Bentley, who was one of Victor’s players. It worked quite well as he went on to win two consecutive Labatte Trophies and won a Continental Cup with the Americans. The picks I traded didn’t work out to be quite as good as I expected either. Teibert had a brief and mediocre VHL career, recording just 135 career points in 323 games. Pajodcast was definitely the best of the two picks, recording 358 points in 539 games. Nevertheless though, I think this trade was absolutely worth it in hindsight. The Teibert draft was super weak and it was the tenth overall pick. The Pajodcast draft was a bit stronger but it was still the ninth overall pick and the player selected was nothing more than a solid second line player, while Bentley was an elite superstar for two of the best seasons of his career. To New York: S42 STO 3rd Round Draft Pick (Cap’n crunch) To Stockholm: RW – Sam Keeler This was a quick and easy trade that I had to make due to the need to move cap. Kyle didn’t work out as I hoped as he was pretty inactive with Keeler, finishing his career with just 58 points in 144 games. The pick I acquired ended up being nothing much either so this ends up being a simply depth move for cap reasons.
  8. To New York S37 – Bennett Wahl S41 Riga 2nd Round Pick (David Blind) To Toronto S33 – Riley Stevens S40 Calgary 2nd Round Pick (Ryan Cattrall) S41 Calgary 2nd Round Pick (Raphael Pettyfer) This trade was a move to improve my second line and give my second unit a solid center to anchor it. I moved out the depreciated Stevens, who was on the level of a high-end VHLM player and two picks for Wahl and a second round pick that was expected to be a later pick in the draft. Wahl was excellent as an American and finished his career solidly with 331 points in 360 games and was an excellent LR presence. That being said, I had hoped for a bit more out of Wahl and he ultimately wasn’t fully active after the trade. Nevertheless though, Munk was someone I was always a big fan of. Sadly, David Blind didn’t really work out as he was one of Knight’s inactives as I had hoped he may regain his previous reputation as a Hall of Fame builder. This trade actually worked out better than I expected it would for Toronto. They were in a bind cause Munk wasn’t likely to re-sign with them and they wanted to get something for him. Stevens was a simple depth guy that wasn’t really able to do much for them, and was really there for cap reasons. Cattrall started out brilliantly but unfortunately retired after a successful rookie season that saw him record sixty points in seventy-two games. Pettyfer though had a solid career and outproduced Wahl, albeit over more games, with 368 points in 504 games, so due to the decent drafting, this trade was more even than I expected. To New York: S38 - Steve Tremblay S42 COL 2nd Rounder (Travis Willcox) S42 QUE 2nd Rounder (Ivars Klajums) S42 COL 3rd Rounder (PASS) To Cologne: S33 Wesley Kellinger S36 Andrey Zadorov Without a doubt the worse value trade I probably have ever made, at least while GM of the Americans. I was well over the cap and in a bind and with no suitors outside of Cologne I sorta had to settle for what I could get as very few teams had the cap for Kellinger, who was in his last season, and Zadorov who was on a Prime Contract. I had hoped I could get a cheap forward back in Tremblay and hit on at least one of my picks, but alas I ended up getting really nothing of substance in the trade. Kellinger went on to a Most Valuable Player Trophy in his last season, finishing his career with 728 points in 576 games. Zadorov had a long and productive career, mainly as the number two defender on most of his teams until later in his career, recording 370 points in 504 games to go along with 807 hits and 799 blocked shots. Zadorov had quite a few years left as a two-way defender which made this trade an especially tough one to make.
  9. Advantage

    GM 104: New York Americans vs. Riga Reign

    The Vantage curse
  10. Advantage

    A Look at the Worst Draft in VHL History

    At least it had Krono and Bergy. More than 29 and 51 had
  11. Advantage

    A Look at the Worst Draft in VHL History

    Worst is S51. S29 hard second
  12. Not always. Boomgaarden actually had a decent amount of tpe and bora was coming off a HOf caliber player. He just preceded to leave right after
  13. Advantage

    Ryan Sullivan Jr. Press Conference

    1. I don't mind it in theory. I would much prefer a sim engine that was able to track defensive statistics better but ultimately I like the idea of rewarding defense to shine some light on other player builds. 2. I don't mind it but ultimately it depends on how much the main GM's allow. In reality, these positions have been around forever. A lot of us have given others line jobs or maybe draft repping or even just having someone to run ideas around. If it works as an actual stepping stone that is great, but it has to be utilized correctly and someone like myself for me prob wouldn't. 3. I always liked the idea of GM players being automatically moved to their team but I can't say I am as versed in these discussions to provide a reason why outside of the fact that it is what I'm used to and feel it has worked well over the course of our league. 4. Sometimes. It was a fun time and the league was very active, but ultimately I like how active the league is now and it seems to still have a lot less of the shit show. 5. Positive probably. I have nothing against Kesler. He was a kid but we all were once. Ultimately, if it means we get a lot more active players that eventually will grow up, I'd call that a plus.
  14. To D - Jack Ryan (S37) S41 2nd Round Pick (Raphael Pettyfer) To D - Tony Stark (S35) This was a trade made to move some cap out and Stark was easily the most movable. Ultimately, Jack Ryan didn’t reach his potential which was a decent second pair guy, like Stark was, and played just 144 games in the Victory Hockey League. Ryan, who had good potential originally, unfortunately was more preoccupied with the SHL where he decided to call home. The second round pick acquired was used on Raphael Pettyfer who carved out a solid career over seven seasons, with 368 points during his VHL career. Stark, as has been mentioned previously, had a successful career as a number three defender who could slot onto the top pairing if needed. Ultimately, while I did make the move I was a big fan of Stark and had little interest in moving him, so this was a tough one to make. That being said, strictly on the value of the deal, I think it was decent given the success of the draft pick. To LW - Riley Stevens (S33) S39 Cologne 1st (Mikkel Boomgaarden) S39 Riga 1st (Milos Denis) S40 Cologne 2nd (Christoph Klose) To LW - Logan Laich (S37) RW - Jakob Linholm (S37) S40 NYA 2nd (Wesley Matthews) S41 NYA 2nd (Matej Nemecek) This was a very significant deal and was made to try and lengthen out my team’s success. I had decided that Wahl, XXX, Slaughter and Low were to be my main core and felt that due to Linholm disappearing and Laich not necessarily being the most skillful, that I could probably afford to make a move like this. Additionally, I had confirmed already in Free Agency that I was acquiring some talent including Wesley Kellinger, so I needed to make more space. That being said, I did learn with this trade that sometimes the surefire bet, like Laich, is safer than the top-5 pick that you have zero concerns about. Ultimately, I think this trade did end up panning out for me despite my concerns a few seasons in. Mikkel Boomgaarden certainly did not pan out and was a depth defender for his career, despite the incredible success Boragina had in the past. That being said, Denis and Klose both carved out really good careers, regardless of the fact that Denis did most of his damage as a member of the Quebec City Meute. Denis recorded 206 goals and 516 points in 576 games and had a career plus/minus of 360. Denis would win two Continental Cups in his career, both with the Americans in Season 39 and 41. Christoph Klose had a great career and pretty much saved this deal for me by recording 559 points in 504 games to go along with 1862 hits, which was by far the best numbers that came out of this deal. Linholm disappointed in his career with just 280 points in 504 games despite his draft hype that moved him to elite prospect status. Laich, was more successful, but still offensively challenged, recording 351 points and 1900 hits over his 504 game career. Finally, Matthews played a short career in the VHL, recording 29 goals and 52 assists in 144 career games. Ultimately, I think this trade worked out far better than I expected due to the success of Klose, while the likes of Denis had more success on other teams but still had solid careers.
  15. Advantage

    Top 10 Defencemen of All Time

    He also campaigned for those slobos but yes