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  1. Moscow Menace - 5:43 Prague Phantoms - 11:10 Riga Reign - 14:22 Malmo Nighthawks - 18:00 Helsinki Titans - 23:01 HC Davos Dynamo - 28:05 Standings Prediction - 30:20
  2. A quick note that this podcast was recorded prior to some of the offseason moves like Paddywagon, Slade, etc. New York Americans - 1:53 Vancouver Wolves - 8:14 DC Dragons - 13:01 Calgary Wranglers - 19:10 Toronto Legion - 24:10 Seattle Bears - 29:28 Standings Prediction - 34:47
  3. I think you are selling Seattle short. With the moves made they were a very dangerous team.
  4. 1 and 2 are Higgins and I in whatever way people want to put it. It may be Higgins may not be...I could see it either way. But his time In HSK was incredible. 3 to 5 is probably including Hedge, Bana and Frank/Devise. Hedge and Bana have had some great runs as GMs and cups do matter, but the moves they have made over time speak highly of their times as GMs. They field great teams whether they win or not. Devise biggest issue is he hasn't really done a rebuild proper and build that team up to a cup and has rather inherited decent to good teams for the most part and thrown picks at other teams to stay competitive. Hes won a lot tho..and is very good at winning for sure. Knight is up there too and Jason I think is up there too along with a few formers like Mike. Victor definitely is in the convo too.
  5. The campaign was a combination of Bana and my username so it ended up being #BanADV
  6. I will say...Bana prob is one of the top three GMs of all time in the league at this point.
  7. F - Tyler Barabash Jr @BigBallerFromDownUnder
  8. May has had a tremendous start though.