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  1. I will say, perhaps I'm getting most of my opinions from only one side and am just disappointed we cant work together. You have every right to do what you feel is best though and I'll always respect you as a person even if I don't agree with every decision. And admittedly a lot of my annoyance is I like the SBA but dont want to prioritize it over VHL or do 2 PTs
  2. Good decision. Sad it came to this but clearly nothing will change Molholt's mind as we wont fit his "business" goals for his dictatorship.
  3. I appreciate all the warm messages. I won't be able to keep up a player for now @Doomsday but perhaps down the road when things hopefully get better, I can have the time to focus here again.
  4. When I started the process of bringing an Expansion team into the league I envisioned my reign lasting for quite some time. Even in the discussions last season of what to do with Davos, I felt comfortable letting @GustavMattias go for Davos as I didnt think I'd make the switch anytime soon. Flash forward to February 15th where I was hospitalized and went through the scare of my life resulting in an entire lifestyle change. For me, a lifestyle change was always going to eventually be necessary as a bigger guy but I had hoped to not receive a huge scare leading to it. Ultimately, this has made me look at my priorities and turn my focus to my health and doing everything I can to change my way of life. Sadly I knew that VHL could no longer be a priority, at least while I'm undergoing this change. I contacted @Beketov and @Beaviss immediately and unfortunately let them know that this will be my final season as Malmo's GM. I had so many more goals for Malmo. I wanted a Cup obviously and I wanted to build a great foundation and a fun team to play for. Despite our troubled season, I do believe we are a fun team to play for and I'm thrilled that so many on my team have loved Malmo so much that they were fully willing to sign long term. I'm also happy to have hit 1000 wins as a GM this past season before relinquishing this position. That being said, while this is a sad announcement for me it is also a happy one. Malmo will be getting a GM that is committed, proven and is one of the best members this league has. He was someone I targeted way back in his draft and I'm excited to have him guide my team going forward. Please help me welcome @FrostBeard to the GM Group and to the Head Seat for the Malmo Nighthawks. Wish you nothing but luck and hopefully a Cup in your future. Take care all.
  5. Hardest Shot - Dan Wilinsky @oilmandan Shooting Stars - Phil Marleau - @Phil Fastest Skater - Jerry Garcia - @GustavMattias Accuracy Shooting; and - Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeath Save Streak.- Michael Johnson @fonziGG
  6. Was Cologne or Calgary actually. They were going by who was trash at the time basically. And with CGYs history and the fact I only just finished year one of a rebuild it was easy to make that move.
  7. I have always feared news like this coming out about people in our great community. RIP and my condolences to his family. Awful news.
  8. This sim engine literally makes no sense 😂