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  1. I cant even imagine telling a player with like 100 tpe. "I know you want to play in vhlm where you can perform well but instead I'm gonna give you top 6 minutes where you'll get wrecked." Like what an absolutely poor way to handle a member and player. You consider their opinion and when a 100 tpe player wont really help you...your better off letting them develop where they can perform.
  2. So you are saying a GM shouldnt ask a players opinion on decisions affecting his career and happiness in the league. How is this being selfish? So his team sucks? It isnt hurting the league year he will have most of his prospects and then from there on he will only get better. He isnt even really gaining anything from "tanking" since the chances are equal of 1st pick no matter what so how is he selfish?
  3. Ah that may be on me actually for misreading where we were at.
  4. Minors players who are not at 200 tpe should not be in VHL. That is a disservice to the prospects.
  5. Hey like next time can I get tagged when I'm up? Lol. Got skipped without one. D - Wilson
  6. Why is it @Enorama fault that other teams dont want to trade their extra players to him? He doesnt need to field a team of inactives technically. He certainly shouldnt be fired for it (also his player is in the minors..). Also not sure what McWolf has to do with this.
  7. Well then that was a mistake rather than anything else.
  8. I didnt update it for Sullivan but yea I acknowledge the mistake. I panicked after seeing how long it had been (forgot to post an old one) and made a mistake I shouldnt have. Take it to the PMs @Quik can talk about it I'll take my lumps.
  9. Shout out to my forwards: @Beketov @VanCanWin @Devise @Matt_O @Tape-to-Tape @Phil