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  1. Welcome! The 2nd Reggie Dunlop in league history.
  2. Was a very interesting move but it really united a lot of the oldheads here.
  3. TYLER WALKER - ROOKIE EXPERIENCE Hello to all my fans and community members, my name is Tyler Walker and I am here to tell you about my Rookie Experience. I get asked all the time, “What is it like to be a player in the Victory Hockey League?” This Rookie Experience Report will explain my expectations, reservations and the steep challenge that it is to go from the VHLM to the VHL. The main reservations I had going into my VHL Career were that I wasn’t going to be good enough and that I would disappoint all of my friends and family. I have always been a heart on
  4. Transaction ID: 0S6943744T244534L Doubles - Claimed 5 Free TPE - Claimed 1$ Mil Player Store
  5. TYLER WALKER WANTS OUT OF MALMO? Tyler Walker is the Malmo Nighthawks sophomore defenseman who is coming off a season that saw the young Canadian finish second in Stolzschweiger Voting this past off-season. Walker finished his first season with 18 goals, 42 assists and 172 blocked shots, showcasing tremendous discipline that helped the young defender stay on the ice and play in all situations. However, while everything seems to be all well and dandy for Walker and the Nighthawks, there have already been some discussions about the possibility of him testing his luck in
  6. What's going on Brooks? I think we came across each other a few times towards your last little run here.
  7. 1. They already were one. 2 Sure. Don't know much about him but seems to fit well so far. 3. Probably training for next year. 4. ... 5. Well he's our best player on both ends so I think he impacts us greatly. 6. I'm not there yet but I think we look solid so far.
  8. For the record I meant to vote Tate and voted Gunnar accidentally.
  9. 1. How do you feel about our team making playoffs? 2. Who do you think stood out the most in the Wild Card round against Davos? 3. Malmo are holding in against Helsinki Titans, do you think, our team has the ability and roster to push through and go to the conference finals? 4. Our defence and goaltending has been amazing, do you think we should try and be more offensively out there or we are good the way our team performs right now? 5. With so many rookies performing great in Playoffs, who do you think has been the most impressive? 6. Malmo started a new ad campaign s
  10. Hit a pretty major goal this past week. Now past the 50 mark and am now down 54 lbs since starting. Feeling good and going to keep it up!
  11. Yes of course it's 100% user error related but a lot of people are real stupid with their computers so I always treat it as something that can happen.
  12. You can technically get viruses on macs, just far less common. But more common I find than they used to be. Phones tho..100% very little can happen unless you are being an idiot. Always told my phone customers that.
  13. 100% agreed. My history working on computers and with various software, that one seems to be the best out there right now.