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  1. Was a blue decision. Also couldn’t use yellow for other obvious reasons..not that I wanted to granted. Im not in BOG so only people I heard from for it was Quik, Devise and Beketov
  2. I was told it could be no one from the past. City or team name.
  3. Not even. I built that team back up in one season.
  4. That moment when we steal the cup from you guys
  5. Didn’t sacrifice youth to do it either
  6. Effective immediately, the Malmo Nighthawks announce that @Matt_O will be the teams Assistant General Manager. In addition, we would like to announce our first team captains: Captain - Basaraba Moose Alternate Captain - Mikka Pajari Alternate Captain - Jerry Garcia Congrats to all four of you!! @Toasty @Devise @GustavMattias
  7. Can you stop posting in retirement threads. I nearly shit myself 😂
  8. You never scared me. Except in Hax