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  1. Hardest Shot - Dan Wilinsky @oilmandan Shooting Stars - Phil Marleau - @Phil Fastest Skater - Jerry Garcia - @GustavMattias Accuracy Shooting; and - Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeath Save Streak.- Michael Johnson @fonziGG
  2. Was Cologne or Calgary actually. They were going by who was trash at the time basically. And with CGYs history and the fact I only just finished year one of a rebuild it was easy to make that move.
  3. I have always feared news like this coming out about people in our great community. RIP and my condolences to his family. Awful news.
  4. This sim engine literally makes no sense 😂
  5. Also bad decision is bad. Starting to move away from being inclusive to more types of sim leaguers and starting to trend back into the only hard workers with history in the league matter.
  6. Don't incorporate BOG here. We were blindsided too. Completely blue.
  7. May has always owned our asses more than any other goalie honestly.
  8. F - Ryan Kastelic F - Phil Marleau F - Ryan Sullivan Jr D - Joseph McWolf D - Tzuyu G @DMaximus