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  1. Advantage

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I posted up the first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft, of the players who were not predicted to be selected in the first two rounds, which player do you think has the most chance of moving up into being selected in the top two rounds when the next Mock Draft is done? --Pat Svoboda seems to be the popular pick and I can't say I disagree. Hopefully a few different individuals rise up and become tremendous players in the VHL. 2) The TPE milestone required to automatically be promoted to the VHL for the following season is 200 TPE. i) (If you're below 200 TPE) How long do you think it will take you to reach that milestone? ii) (If you're already above 200 TPE) How much TPE do you think you will have by the end of this season? -- I think I should comfortably be around 300 or so by the end of the season. I'd like to be around 400 by the beginning of my rookie season. 3) The World Juniors rosters were announced last week, which team do you think will be the favourite to win the tournament? -- USA of course. They have the Terminator. 4) We're getting close to the week of the Mid-Season PT week, where if you submit a PT that fits the theme, you will earn substantially more TPE. Last season's theme was covering other members players, what theme would you like to see for this seasons PT? -- Maybe covering a team that isn't your own. Allows members to look at more than just their teams. 5) From your time in the league, if you could give any advice to a new member entering the league, what would it be? -- Just do what you want and have fun with it. That's all that can matter. 6) We have a one off VHL All-Star game every season that uses the NHL series as a sim engine and is live-streamed. Would you be interested in seeing a similar game done for the VHLM and what do you think your chances would be of making a VHLM All-Star roster? -- Yeah potentially and I think pretty likely.
  2. For those that do not know, the old Pajodcast trio, who now run Pajodcast Media, are doing a 24 hour stream that is currently in its third hour. Rumours are that the future 1st overall pick, Ryan Sullivan Jr., could very well make an appearance on the live stream that will also feature members like Devise, Jericho, Tagger and maybe Diamondace and Muffins as well. This is quite a shocking development as the trio run a video gaming channel and with the recent Fortnite issues in the NHL, it has caused quite a stir in the Victory Hockey League. One GM had this to say about the rumour: “If he plays a lick of Fortnite, I won’t take him 1st overall if I get the selection.” Another said “He’s going to hurt his hands and he needs to be working out literally constantly.” We will see what happens but there is a rumored block of Fortnite which definitely might hurt his stock going forward if he shows any skill or experience at all. When asked about the decision to join the stream, Sullivan Jr. only had three words to say: “For the Kids”. For those looking to see if the defender shows up please check out the following link: -> Rumoured games include: * Fortnite * Call of Duty * Battlefront II * Best of 7 NHL Head to Head between @Advantage and @Devise * League of Legends * Overwatch with @Tagger * Jackbox * Assassins Creed Odyssey * Hitman * Spiderman * Soul Caliber IV * Windjammers
  3. Advantage

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I'll be doing my first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft this coming week. Based on the VHL season so far, which team do you think will hold the first overall pick in that draft? I am going to guess Toronto. 2) There's been a lot of VHLM trades happening recently, are you surprised by how many trades there have been this early in the season? Not really. The VHLM is always insane and unpredictable. 3) About a third of the way through the season, who would you say has been the VHLM's MVP? Nathan Mackinnon for sure. 4) Which other VHLM player would you consider to be your closest rival? Any defender that gets in my way. 5) Play the role of GM of your team, who is the one player on another VHLM franchise that you try to bring in? Mackinnon has been insanely good so probably I guess. 6) How do you feel about your current TPE levels? Best in the DRAFT BABY
  4. The Yukon Rush have had a great start to their VHLM Season, currently sitting second in the entire league with a 17-9-2 record and sit currently two points back of the offensive dynamo, Halifax 21st, for the league’s best record. Ryan Sullivan Jr. has had a solid first full season in the VHLM so far and has been one of the leading contributors of the Yukon Rush. Sullivan Jr. has recorded 3 goals, 21 assists in 28 games as the team’s number one defender. Additionally, he has been a physical and defensive dynamo with 89 hits and 37 blocked shots so far this year. Today, we will speak with Sullivan Jr. on his season so far, what he expects going forward and his excitement on what will come next for the young defender of the Yukon Rush. He is the current favourite to be the Season 64 1st Overall Pick and there is a lot of expectation and hype surrounding the son of the VHL Hall of Fame defender. How has this season been going for you? Are you meeting your lofty expectations that you had coming into the season? Not really honestly. Don’t get me wrong, the season has been pretty good for the team but individually I have been fairly disappointed with my offensive performance. I am certainly playing a very physical game as a two-way defender but I wish I was driving my team’s offense a bit more. I’ve never been much of a goal scorer but I haven’t been setting up my teammates nearly enough for opportunities either. But all that should matter is that the team is doing well correct? Sure, I mean absolutely the team comes first and I’m thrilled we are a top two team in the league. That being said, I am in an important year for myself and to be average offensively isn’t good enough for someone with the lofty expectations and goals that I have. So while it could be taken selfishly, I think you have to be a little selfish to be an elite level performer. Rumours are that you are hoping to be on Toronto next year given that they have a likely top three pick? I have some familiarity with the management of Toronto but I’m not necessarily hoping to go anywhere in-particular. Toronto definitely would be an interesting team to play for and it would be nice to be a building block for a new rebuild but that isn’t necessarily the goal. I just am excited to play in the Victory Hockey League and I’ll definitely embrace wherever I get drafted to. I hope I do go to whoever has the first pick because that will be quite an honour to be selected in that position. What areas do you want to improve? I need to drive the offense better and maybe bury a few more goals. My shot is decent but I wish it was a lot better and that will definitely be something I want to improve on going forward. I want to be a lot stronger and continue to improve my two-way game so hopefully that I can be an effective complete defender in the Victory Hockey League.
  5. Advantage

    Returning Labatte to Glory + A New Award

    Not really. Labatte has generally been rewarded to offensive defenders that also hit and remain solid blocking shots..see all those who dominated it like Sullivan, Low, Braxton, etc. There is a reason Valiq never dominated it. To certain players it could end up being the same but then it just gives defenders more to get since often forwards dominste the rest
  6. Advantage

    The "Help Jardy Buy a Laptop" Thread

    Remember to his Drivecasts 😢
  7. Advantage

    Bringing Back Player 2 (PP2.5)

    What are we expanding? We would have no more actives than before.
  8. Advantage

    Bringing Back Player 2 (PP2.5)

    Well I think in an ideal scenario I've always liked the idea of a two player system..I don't want it for a major reason. Any change we make needs to go to the better good for the league, and I literally don't think this offers us something as a league that we don't have. No for me.
  9. Advantage

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The season has kicked off now, how do you feel about your team's performance to this point of the season? Bit disappointed. Our record is fine at 9-5-0 but we haven't really scored a lot of goals so I hope that as the season goes on, that we can improve the offense going forward. 2) What would you say has been your best performance in a game so far this season? My three assist game probably or the game where I got my first goal where I had an assist and six hits. Been consistently solid so far I'd say. 3) For some of you this will have been your first week of experience with the sim, what are your thoughts on the sim engine thus far? Lol, STHS. Very much the same as always. 4) If you could bring in a brand new point task for the VHL, what would it be? I kind of agree with Joubo that a Combine point task would be an excellent new PT. 5) The World Juniors cup will be happening in the near future, how likely do you think you'll be to representing your country? Pretty certain I will be. 6) Of all the logos in the VHLM, which one would you consider your favourite and why? I would say Vegas' probably. I don't think any of them are all that great but it sticks out as the freshest and cleanest modern image.
  10. Last week, we looked at four very minor trades with very little consequence to any of them. However, this week we will be looking at a massive trade before my final attempt at a Continental Cup and then some others that were the very beginning to my rebuild with New York after that season. Lets get into it! To (S27) C - Phil Rafter (S27) LW - David Smalling To (S27) C - Alexander Chershenko (S30) LW - Henrik Larsson S34 TOR 2nd (RW Aelred Leskowsky) S35 COL 3rd (LW `Reficul 1134) New York Americans GM: Chris Miller HC Davos Dynamo GMs: Victor Alfredsson and David Knight I really wanted to shake things up in an effort to improve my Americans for a cup run and making this trade ended up being a major one for me. The best player in this trade at the time probably was Alexander Chershenko, but to turn him plus some scraps into one of the best one-two combos in the Victory Hockey League was way too hard to pass up. Rafter and Smalling were both Hall of Fame players with Rafter being a 800+ point player and Smalling being one of the best two-way forwards in the history of the league. Chershenko was tremendous, but like the other two, he only had one year left. Larsson was a depth piece that had some talent but was mainly just a cheap second liner while the other two picks were acquired in previous trades I featured did not really pay off for the team that made the selections. All in all, I’m a big fan of this trade. While we didn’t win the Continental Cup, Rafter was at worst a sideways move from Chershenko and Smalling was an elite addition to bring in on his wing. While it didn’t pay off in the end, the value in this trade swings New York’s way significantly. To S36 QUE 1st (D David Januzaj) S35 CGY 2nd (RW Carter Deaton) S36 DAV 2nd (D Herman Mudgett) S37 DAV 2nd (C Kez Kincaid) To (S33) RW - Thomas Landry New York Americans GM: Chris Miller HC Davos Dynamo GM: Victor Alfredsson This should have worked out better for me. I regretted this trade mainly due to how quickly I was able to build the Americans back up, but at the time I felt Landry was too old for my rebuild. Januzaj should have been better but ended up being David Knight’s first inactive on a sadly consistent stretch of inactives by the legendary member. Deaton was a planned steal by me as I knew him in a different league but I sadly couldn’t keep him around while Kincaid and Mudgett didn’t end up being much at all. Meanwhile, Davos acquired their future captain and one of the league’s best power forwards who ended up being a two-way threat that had he had a better start to his career, probably would be in the Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame. Safe to say, Victor got his revenge for the Smalling-Rafter trade with this one.
  11. Advantage

    Mikka Pajari Press Conference

    Do you think Pajari will be your first Hall of Fame player? Any particular players you want to play with in the future? Lets be honest, shooting for Sully in S64? Think we will be able to get some VHL Pajodcasts done ever again? How much would we have to pay Kyle for him to come back you think?
  12. After a long holdout when deciding what brand he would like to be a part of, Ryan Sullivan Jr. has finally made his decision. For the next two years, Sullivan Jr. will be a member of the Netflex brand for 750K each season. He joins the likes of young talent like Samuel Gate and Kisshan Shan and more established talent like Casey Jones and Kallis Kriketers. When discussing Sullivan Jr’s choices, his agent had this to say: “We evaluated many different options as we had a few different offers. Some were monetary and others were not, but ultimately we decided that given Ryan’s current status leading into the Season 64 draft, that he deserved a monetary commitment from a brand. With a few options available, we felt not only did Netflex offer the most aggressive deal but also had some strong players that Ryan would get a chance to play with and learn from.” Sullivan Jr. also shared his opinion of his first impressions with the team as well saying the following about some of his brand squad: “Some excellent players here. I’m pretty familiar with Shan and Gate and guys like Twinger, Kingfisher, Montgomery, Jones and Kriketers are all pretty well known players. Then we have the young guy Baillie too, so we are pretty excited with what we have going on here.”
  13. Advantage

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63