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  1. Congrats @fonziGGwill miss you if you aren't going to be around much.
  2. Hey sorry will have a pick in a minute
  3. Good luck with everything and thanks for all the contributions!
  4. Advantage be like..."Try 30+ seasons"
  5. Tyler Walker - Defense
  6. Malmo with already as many Cup runs as Vasteras/Stockholm.
  7. Currently selling furniture at a local mom and pop place (that does incredibly well)...surprisingly has been good money and a great atmosphere. Ultimately planning on following through on becoming a Real Estate Agent while opening my own side paralegal business (as a licensed paralegal) specializing in Property Law and Landlord & Tenant.
  8. Your plunder is unaffected by the Transporter's swap, and will always kill the target you dueled. A Pirate's target cannot be changed by a Transporter, but they can bring protective roles or even an Ambusher to the Pirate's target. I dont think I have any defense tho no. Couldn't find anything on it tho.
  9. Nah I stuck with town on this one. I get my win either way. I might as well stick out my commitment here.
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