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  1. 1. I didn't make a prediction so I'm not wrong. 2. Getting excited to use the 50+ TPE I have capped 3. Sunshine and rainbows (we hope) 4. Team Asia because I'm on the team 5. I highly highly doubt it 6. All of the birds that want to help out.
  2. 1. How long have you been involved with the VHL 2. No I dont think Yukon will win 3. Great. Sounds like I'll be playing with a good group of guys 4. I've been playing in the VHLM so I haven't really been following the VHL 5. I haven't followed it. Because I haven't been in it. 6. The feeling of winning a VHL tournament (VHL or VHLM)
  3. 1) I thought we could but it didn't happen 2) getting a career ending Injury 3) being better every season. Scoring more each season. 4) yes but I think I'm really gonna miss our Gm and Agm 5) i hope i can. I'm in the process of moving so hopefully i can stay up to date on all this stuff. 6) I kind of felt like we were already gonna lose and we could only delay it by winning 1 or 2 7) I played baseball one year and we sucked but my coach made me pitch and I ended up doing pretty good and winning a few games.
  4. 1) Brad Marchand probably 2) casual for every sport except hockey. I'm a hardcore hockey fan. 3) mac and cheese 4) I would probably wait until more like a minute left. And hope we could get one before the goalie has to come out. 5) 6-2-1 I don't know 6) spread out. Otherwise the team morale going into the playoffs would be terrible 7) we can catch Vegas not sure about the bulls
  5. 1) I don't spend to much time dwelling on my nightmares so I don't really know 2) I like basketball but the NBA is kinda messed up so probably MLB 3) a bit of both but I guess more roleplaying 4) a lot better starting to get back in the rhythm of a point per game 5) I like winter cause of winter sports but you can do so much in summer so a tie? 6) mountain home not much of a beach guy. And maybe I could play pound hockey in the mountains. 7) my brother put his milk before his cereal a few days ago.
  6. 1) I think we can be good enough to make the playoffs 2) I don't know but hopefully if they're bad odds we'll beat them. Despite all odds! 3) Realizing I might be able to get my 100th point as a member of the storm this season! 4) I don't and at the present time I don't really have the time for one. 5) it would be fun to try just doubt it will ever work out. 6) I don't know that's hard. I will say chick-fil-a sandwiches always taste good but don't know if they're the best. 7) to be honest I have no idea the names or anything about power rangers.
  7. 1) I'm trying really hard to find something bad about it. 2) quiet. No traffic. Really good community 3) no I haven't. 4) I enjoy playing them a lot but I'm not obsessed. (Which is good) 5) golf or tennis 6) I don't own a car and am probably not considered a car person 7) nope. I'm 16 and don't need one unless they force me to need one.
  8. 1. I was hoping for a bit of quicker start but we still have plenty of time to add up the wins. 2. Yes they are. I think they'll be like Houston was last year. A team you want to beat. 3. That is a deep question... if it was about survival I think I'd be a baked potato because it seems like less people would eat me. I feel like people don't really liked baked potatoes. 4. I guess sweet potatoe? 5. 2 assists. I like playmaking style of play. 6. I don't have one soo... yeah. 7. If your asking about the pick em's I did VHLM but not VHL
  9. 1 I got drafted last year 2 I don't know but right now we have only 4 players above 200 and its 2 on defense and 2 on offense so it's a tie. 3 I don't know but if we are the same as last year its definitely us getting to many penalties 4 Vanilla and put anything I want in it. 5. A lot of something pretty good. 6. A time passer but not time waster 7 I'm not sure. I didn't really follow this years draft because I wasn't In it.
  10. 1. I guess a little 2. Yes! I was thinking if not us Houston. But that didn't happen. 3. Not sure. 4. Not sure. 5. Not that I'm aware of. (Maybe I secretly made a roster with out my knowledge) 6. Putting in the work 7. I've never really thought about it so I don't really know 8. I'll go with panda (shout out to Lehner)
  11. 1. Penalties 2. Well the year before we sucked so I was hoping for a good season and we got that. 3. I try to do better then the season before and I didn't get there this year. But I had less minutes so it was still a decent season given my ice time. 4. I get the privilege of staying in Minnesota for a while longer. 5. Nope. I was 4th line most of the year. 6. Telker was great 7. Get my TPE up more and get ready to have a great season next season!
  12. 1. I don't want to sound to confident so 4-2 or 4-1 2. I've got my Defense up pretty high and we've got some good defensemen and goalies 3. I don't look at other rosters that often so I don't really know. 4. Hey if there isn't a rivalry already maybe we'll make one 5. We played them pretty late in the season and won 6-5 in OT so if all the games are close like that it should be a good series. 6. Home ice still matters because you want to protect your house! 7. Other than Houston I think were in the clear. (Again don't want to get to cocky)
  13. My team The Minnesota storm are playoff bound let's celebrate with a graphic.