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  1. Was very happy to have you in Chicago last season! You truly were a Hope to see your recreate around the league soon!
  2. Inactive. I guess I tag @Josh?
  3. Oh damn thanks everyone! Great to get some recognition for the build going on here in Chicago, hope we can keep it going.
  4. Pain.

    1. rory


      Okay google, play Wolves by Kanye West.

  5. What a showing by the Phoenix. Cannot believe we have reached game seven of the conference finals. Let's get one more to take it home!
  6. I tried to edit to see if I could change the colour on my vote
  7. Using an investigate on me would be a waste, can’t really say why right now, and it probably sounds evil of me, but it just wouldn’t be great. Also can’t change colour on my phone for some reason. VOTE JHATTY
  8. I am around just so everyone knows. I have nothing to add to the game as of now but don’t want to just get called out for being solid.
  9. @jared @Kylrad @Grant @gorlab @Spade18 @Eso @Kloxified @Aye my name jeff