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  1. This is my biggest thing about it. No one is going to post in game threads not involving their team, it is how it will likely always work.
  2. What is the equivalent of getting 86 points dropped on you in the VHL @Kelsier?
  3. I think we are good where we are to be honest. Just gotta keep grinding. Checking. I like to lay the body every once in a while. There is always going to be room for improvement no matter how well you are playing. Gotta learn to network and get to know people. It definitely helps make the experience a better one. It will definitely be interesting. It will be my final offseason before I head into my retirement season. It would definitely be cool to expand like that but travel may be a b
  4. Gotta be Garsh. Big time stink. Probably also Garsh. Man has a sense of direction about as bad as his sense of smell. Is this the Garsh string of questions? Garsh? Beav will probably run for the green party or something. The Boys has been my latest one, almost done that though. A couple of brews with the team and an early bed time.
  5. Yup I was AGM back in those days. Was an awesome season for sure! Glad my time there had an impact. Keep on grinding!
  6. Overall defense. I used to pride myself on it but recently have been jumping up into the play far too often. Playoff success is really all I care about. Tough question but at the end of the day all I really want is cups. I grew up playing baseball as well and absolutely love the sport. I'm not sure if I really have any but if I had to name someone it would probably be Joseph McWolf, it was an honour to play against him. Oh jeez I can't answer something like that.
  7. 1. Our team defense is really strong. 2. I think Micah Adrienne is going to take a huge step this year. 3. That is a tough one to peg. Matty Socks from Chicago is looking great so far. 4. Absolutely. No doubt we are going to make it this year. 5. Adrienne has already stepped up and had a huge impact on the locker room. 6. I believe that would probably be Emi Rune.
  8. He asked for one but I still didn't feel safe about it. Night one crusader visits more often go poorly than well.
  9. No one. Had no info and random visiting night one as a crusader has potential for disaster.
  10. Ah shit boys I went away for the whole evening. Too late to counter this I suppose, so I guess omg or hatty is evil. I'm crusader.