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Nathan Perry’s Rookie season! 


The transition from a leader and top point producer in Miami of the VHLM to rookie in London of the VHL was not an easy one, but over the course of the season Perry really came into his own. 


Perry knew he would have to adjust his style of play to be an everyday player in London; he wasn’t going to be the top guy but he was determined to be the hardest worker on the team. After a strong training camp Perry was given top line spot to start the season to help bring new energy to the top six. 


“I need you to go out there and hit everything and skate their defence into the ground.... every shift” London coach stressed to Perry before game 1 of the season. Despite his lack of production throughout the first quarter of the season; Perry did just that, he was the energizer bunny out there, always relentless on the puck. Averaging almost twenty three minutes a game Perry had the chances but was learning fast how much more difficult it is to produce in the VHL. 


With London’s season spiralling out of control, General Manager ( @McWolf ) made a big splash acquiring star center Kevin King. With this addition and London’s coaching staff desperately needing a new look; Perry would start to see less ice time but would still maintain a good amount of time on the powerplay. “I am a rookie, of course I want to play as much as I can and help the team win! But winning is the most important thing and there are other players that can help more with that right now” Said the rookie Perry. He went on to talk about his new team-mate. “Kev is a really good hockey player, he has proved that year in and year out; I need to be a sponge when I am around him because he can really help me as a player and a person”. 


While Perry’s ice time went down his play elevated, he would continue to get better and with each passing game get more comfortable with the speed of the game. Unfortunately London fell out of playoff contention with a few games left in the season; but with a strong group of up and comers London’s future was still very bright! 


Perry would have a terrific finish to his rookie season and ended the season with 17 goals and 37 points in 72 games. Among these stats he also delivered 135 hits which ranked fourth on the team leaders. 


Perry is excited about his future in London and truly believes the best is yet to come! It’s London Baby. 


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