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Claimed:Americans Season 39 Draft Full of Twists


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 New York Americans add Three Players in Draft


On the eve of the 39th draft in VHL history, Americans GM Chris Miller had some tricks up his sleeve, but he was playing his hand close to him. Mere hours before the draft, rumors began spreading that the Americans were about to pull a deal with Cologne to grab the Americans more draft picks. The deal was made and the Americans added Riley Stevens (Season 33), Cologne's first choice (4th overall) as well as Riga's first choice (7th overall) and a Cologne second in Season 40. New York gave up Logan Laich (Season 37) and Jakob Linholm (Seaosn 37) as well as two draft choices in later drafts. In the trade, New York made a move to not only get younger, but to shed salary cap and to move two players who would soon be looking for raises in the very near future. 



The Americans drafted three times in Round 1 and took Boomgaarden (left), Keeler (middle) and Denis (right).


Now with three draft picks in the first round, Miller went to work and drafted Mikkel Boomgaarden 4th overall, Milos Denis at 7th overall and finally, Sam Keeler at 8th overall. It was said heading in to camp that any of the three players had a good chance at making the team, but it seems only Milos Denis, the middle of the picks, will begin his season in New York.


The report on Boomgaarden is the same as always. He is a big body presence who has a powerful shot from the blueline and is usually competent in his own zone. He is however, still very raw and not really ready for the kind of pace the VHL would offer him, especially not for a contending team like the Americans. He is seen as a year away, although he could be a late season depth call up for New York if the cap situation is right. He will begin the year in Bern baring a surprise addition to New York.



Boomgaarden has VHL ready size, but his mechanics lack the level needed to succeed at the VHL level just yet.


The final pick is Sam Keeler who struggled heavily in his first VHLM campaign, but never the less he was picked in the first round. The Wisconsin native is another big body player who is a typical power forward who has a solid finish and is one of the strongest forwards at his age in recent memory. Keeler is not going to start in the VHL and is something of a project for the Americans, and he too is likely to play for Bern this year. Keeler has little to no hands and his skating is pedestrian, and those are two areas he will have to improve before he reaches the VHL level, in a year or two. 


The other pick was of course, Milos Denis. The 18 year old Slovakian winger had a good, but not great, year in the VHLM for Turku and is by far the most VHL ready of the picks. Some were surprised to see him fall to the 7th pick, though many cited his size (or lack thereof) as a major reason for concern, although Miller did not buy in to this issue. He is likely to make the big club unless something happens that delays that such as a trade. If he were to return to the minor leagues, he would suit up once again for the Outlaws of Turku, although with his performance at training camp, it is looking seriously unlikely. Denis is an offensive winger who is solid in all facets of the offensive zone game and will make a good addition to any of the top six winger positions. 



It looks very likely the Americans will have a number 89 this year as Denis is looking to stick with the big club.


The New York Americans made three selections in the first round of the Season 39 Draft, and all have varying levels of pay off and risk. Boomgaarden, Denis and Keeler all have likely VHL careers ahead of them, with some of them kicking off as soon as this year. With the Slovakian all but certain to start the year in the VHL, it will be interesting to see the kind of impact the 39th VHL Draft can have immediately in the Big Apple. 

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The other pick was of course, Milos Denis. The 18 year old Slovakian winger had a good, but not great, year in the VHLM for Turku and is by far the most VHL ready of the picks.


Odin's replacement as soon as S40......

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Content: 3/3 - Some pretty good additions for New York in the draft. I'm sure I'll be sick of all three of those guys in a couple of years :P

Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing of note.

Appearance: 1/1 - Good job

Overall: 6/6


Final: 6

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