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Thoughts after Draft Day


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Jackson Miller certainly fell further on draft day then he was expecting but the prospect coming out of Moscow landed exactly where he wanted to.


Going into the draft Miller had stated that Helsinki and Cologne were his top two destinations on draft day. With Cologne trading away their 1st round picks on the draft floor it was down to Helsinki if he was to get one of those choices. The first three picks (2 of which were Helsinki) flew by without his name being called and Miller started to wonder if he would be NY bound. Surprisingly though the Americans passed him over, choosing instead to focus on defense. Helsinki leapt at the opportunity and grabbed the winger up at #5.


“It really was surprising to see my name fall that far. I know my stock wasn’t as high as I would have liked but I was expecting to go 4th at the latest."


Miller wasn’t the only one surprised on draft day. James Faraday and Tyson Stokes, his new teammates in Helsinki drafted at 1 and 3, were also surprised to hear that they’d be on a future line with the former Fred Wolves star. When discussing his new teammates Miller went on to say,


“I had been talking with Helsinki before the draft about an amazing opportunity to grab Faraday, Stokes and I all on draft day. We had all been placed at 1st overall in mocks at one time or another and it was a pipe dream at the time. I really can’t believe we wound up pulling it off. Being a Titan, especially with this group of guys, is an amazing feeling. If dropping down to 5th is what that takes, I’m glad that it happened. I’m just excited for the season to start, I want to go out there and show NY and Calgary what they passed up. Nothing against the guys they took, both great players, but I think they made a big mistake and made one hell of a competitor out of Helsinki."


Miller is currently adjusting to life in Finland and is enjoying playing in the Super Cup while getting accustomed to his new teammates and looking forward to the season.

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Because people think being "inactive" for 1.5 players out of 6 apparently means I can't be counted on. At least for the VHLM. I feel like positional needs were more of the issue for the VHL.

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