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Your Next Player's Name

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Names are hard. Everyone wants their player's name to sit among the league's greats like Raoul Thundercat and Srraxxarakex, but it takes a certain kind of name to achieve such greatness. Not all of us can be Eggly Bagelface. Or can we? 
Look no further, because I have come up with the definitive list of the next great VHL names, each ripe for the plucking. But wait too long and they'll all be gone. Behold, the future of the VHL:
Chuggalugga "ThaBrothaHugga" Thugganugga
Dirk Firkley
Crest Tooinone
Turd Burgler
Mastercraft Cheesecake
Cuntly Buntly
Vladimiryvich Sadoqueeryvitch
Tasty Sandwiches
Uncle Joe
Intuitive Rattlesnake
Fuckwad Jones
The Bootysnatcher
Brometheus Fedora
Trim Slimley
Thirteen Ninjas
Toblerone Fartell
Steve Zedzerman
Dimples St. Johnson
Ultimate Frisbee
Fart-Two Dee-Two
Grandmaster Funkenstein
So there you have it. A list of names for you to use in the future when you need names. Now you all stay frosty.
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