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Season 40 Entry Draft Rankings The Intro


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Apologize in advance I was watching Vikings TV show on History channel and listening to Live award cast and this is just an intro.


The Season 38 Draft was really strong and many can rightfully argue that the Season 39 class was even stronger.  It appears both draft classes may be weak compared to the sheer talent and depth of the Season 40 class.  What can we say about the Season 40 Draft heading into the season?  Well based on the early declarations for the draft Season 40 might be even better than the previous two.  We already have more than 3 full rounds of draftees before the season has even started.  That means Season 40 might bring back the 4th round draft something we haven’t seen lately since expanding to a ten team league.


After not having any real goalie prospects in the last draft with the disappearance of Conseco we have two potential franchise goalies already.  Ikier Manushez and Gunnar Skovsgard are far from being Tukio and Lebeau at this point but you never know.  The last few seasons have seen a huge influx of defensive talent and already we have six first round potential defenders.  The most notable there is Mason Richardson repped by player agent Kendrick.  The offense is by no means lacking in this draft either in fact the current draft frontrunner Thomas O’Malley is a center.  O’Malley is being backed by Green one of the most sought after player agents in the VHL right now.


Over the coming weeks and months we will begin to learn a lot about this young group of more than 30 VHL hopefuls.  All we know so far is that this group has been more dedicated and has practiced more than any other draft class this early in recent memory.  Sitting days before the start of pre-season we have two full rounds of draftees who have already taken part of off-season workout programs.  It normally takes us most of the season if at all to have more than 20 prospects attend minor league camps and training.  To put this into perspective the Season 38 Draft had players with over 300 practice hours which we may see again here.  The Season 39 Draft had 10 prospects with more than 100 practice hours and the Season 40 looks like it will break that as well.


In the last handful of seasons we have seen Riga, New York, Cologne, and Helsinki amass as much as five first round picks in a single draft.  By the look of things so far we won’t have as much stacked first round picks this season.  Nearly every team still possesses a first whether it is their own or from someone else.  Calgary and Helsinki are the exemptions as Helsinki has Calgary’s first.  With more trades expected this season by the trade deadline this landscape will surely change.  The value of these draftees will surely increase the value of all draft picks even in the second round.

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These should be updated tbh

As you can see from last season, they will be. Mike usually updates every couple of weeks.

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These should be updated tbh


I usually do this weekly but I used to write for the Mag as well and with edition 200 I wrote a 2100 article ranking all 10 VHL franchises this will be updated next sunday/monday coming up.

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