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Claimed:Off-Season Interview w/ Travis Boychuk

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Boychuk Interview


The Calgary Wranglers have a newly appointed captain for Season 39, and with that they hope to work their way to achieve great things. Travis Boychuk, last season's winner of the Rookie of the Year Trophy will look to lead the team going forward. A tough task indeed, but he is definitely ready for the challenge. In Season 38, Boychuk was firing on all cylinders for the Wranglers on the score sheet and he wants to repeat the same as a follow up. If Calgary wants to make the playoffs and maybe do more than that, they will need Travis and company to work to their strengths.




Without further ado, I bring to you an exclusive interview with the captain of the Wranglers: Travis Boychuk.


VHL.com: You achieved many successes last season as your first in the VHL, is this what you expected?

TB: Heading into the VHL all I wanted to do was make my mark, and show that I was ready. I never dreamed of winning the rookie trophy or even being a top player. It is obviously great to win any individual award, but my goals are for the team and not just myself.


VHL.com: The Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy is a great thing to be proud of, Travis. What are your thoughts on being the Rookie of the Year and the meaning behind it?

TB: It is a great honour to win such an award. There were many other rookies that I thought would have a better year than I did, and I cannot say enough about some of their performances. One year of success is a good thing to have, but I think my career performance is more important.


VHL.com: For this season, you also had an appearance in your first All-Star Game in your first ever VHL season. That will get you recognition around the league for sure.

TB: Yes, that is something I have been working towards. I do not want to be just another player out there. The All-Star Game is an amazing milestone and experience to have. That game will forever be set in my mind. Although, my performance in the game itself was not what I wanted.


VHL.com: You were a superstar back in your days before here, but in the VHLM you seemed to be out-performed by your teammates. How does it feel to be back to stardom?

TB: I do not want to get ahead of myself, as this was just one season. In the VHLM, I had a bit of a learning curve in Ottawa and with Turku it was a very deep roster. It is nice to be back to putting up the points I want to, but it is not my main goal.




VHL.com: This past week was the Super Cup, and you were one of the many chosen but your team fell short in the semi finals. How was that experience?

TB: It was astonishing to be surrounded by so many great players and to be picked was an honour in itself. I was reunited with a couple of old teammates there as well, which was nice to see. The Super Cup is on a whole other level and winning that trophy is another accomplishment I want under my belt. It was upsetting to go out how we did.


VHL.com: This off-season you were awarded with the team's captaincy heading forward. Was this something you expected?

TB: It is definitely a great honour to captain this team into the future. I have amazing teammates and a good core in the locker room. If I am the leader on and off the ice, so be it. I will not shy away from speaking to the team since we all do regardless. Everybody in that room is allowed to speak up.


VHL.com: What do you expect for Calgary in this upcoming season? How far off are you?

TB: I expect the playoffs. I want it every year, but that is not something you can get all of the time. Next season I can see us maybe cracking into a final playoff spot and who knows after that. The GM has brought in some key pieces and we had a great draft so if we do not go far soon, we will in the future.


This concludes are interview with star centerman of the Calgary Wranglers, Travis Boychuk.

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Content: 3/3 - Really enjoyable article. Travis has a great career ahead of him for sure. Great rookie year!

Grammar: 2/2 - Works for me!

Appearance: 11 /- Looking good!

Overall: 6/6


Final: 6

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