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Ansgar Snijider Inducted Into Hall of Fame


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Snijider Finally Inducted into VHL Hall of Fame


It was worth the wait. Finally I've been inducted into the VHL Hall of Fame with Snijider and I have to say, it feels pretty damn good. After consistently producing average players besides Snijider (save Volkov), it feels awesome that I finally have the honor of having a player in the Hall of Fame. I've been in this league for a long time, I made my first player in Season 8. But I had not become fully commited to the VHL until around Season 19 where I would put my full effort into a 3rd round pick in the VHL Draft in Vadim Volkov. Following the steam of Volkov's success I finally made my first real successful player in Snijider and I was fully invested into the league at that point, and it was very exciting. I lost the buzz I had with Snijider when I created Valiq, but with Keeler it feels like that spark is back again. Many people may doubt me when I say this (I don't blame them) but I truly would like to get back to the level of activity that allowed me to have Snijider be one of the superstars in the VHL. This Hall of Fame introduction only makes my desire to become at that level even stronger, nothing motivates me more than wanting 2 players in the Hall of Fame at the moment. Although Keeler's build may be poor, I believe I can mold him into the exact type of player Snijider was. Hard nosed, two-way, and an ability to play all over the ice. There's a long way to go in Keeler's career before we even consider crossing that bridge, however. I would just like to thank everyone who voted in Snijider with a unanimous vote, I really appreciate it. Also, I am looking forward to reading Muffin's Hall of Fame article for Snijider, I wouldn't have another guy do it other than the man who represented my rival at the time (Tuuka Reikinnen, one of the best players of all-time). Again, thank you everyone who voted me in and I'm looking forward to see where Keeler goes from here, hopefully I will be saying the same things about Keeler 8 seasons from now.

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