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S39 - New Goalie Era


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For the last several seasons the goalie race in the VHL has been dominated by a plethora of well known, worn names. Tukio, Bagelface, LeBeau, Labatte, Rift. One of those players have already found their way into the Hall of Fame. Two more could be on the way by seasons end. And while Eggly Bagelface still finds himself in the VHL, thus far into the early Season 39 he has been stunned by the rising of the new crop of VHL star netminders. 


Lennox Moher has been a steady hand for the Davos Dynamo, leading them twice to a Continental Cup. But a lack of practice hours and some inconsistencies has always prevented Moher from truly becoming elite. Thus far in Season 39, he is having another typically solid season. 


Blaine Olynick has the potential to be one of the top starters in the league. He currently finds himself in a bit of an inconsistent slump backstopping for a Cologne team that is in the transitional period between rebuilding and competing. But Olynick isn't far from being one of the top five goalies in the league this season, and he still has plenty of time to turn it around.


Martin Brookside is currently one of the worst goalies in the league. After Calgary traded their first round pick last season and also lost budding superstar defender Godavari Yumalatopinto, Brookside was giving the nod by management to be the teams best player. And to lead them to the playoffs. Currently Brookside is far from doing that. While the season is young, after such an awful start Brookside may be looking to Season 40 to prove that he's elite.


Kimmo Salo finds himself currently among the top five netminders in the league. Helping to lead some surprising upsets with the Helsinki Titans, he has provided consistency and even some stellar game stealing saves for young team. His future shines brighter by each game. 


Brick Wahl took a season off last year. Early on in the season he showed some stages of rust, but he has since rebounded and found his game, thus righting the ship for the heavy favored New York Americans. Wahl has a shot to contend for the top goalie spot this season, but he'll have to avoid any more signs of game rust the rest of the way. 


Mike Szatkowski Jr is right up their battling with Brick Wahl for the second top spot among goalies in the league. Szatkowski himself has struggled to transform into the elite goalie that Riga has needed in the past few seasons, and that has cost the Reign a shot at the Continental Cup finals. However Mike has showed up with a chip on his shoulder this season, as the Reign look to take the top spot in the European Conference. 


The surprising leader among goalies this season is none other than Brock Waldron. The rookie goalie has played the least amount of games, but boasts a league best .930 save percentage. It is unlikely he will continue to remain at that pace the rest of the season. More impressive is his goals against average of 2.63. While hardly leading the league, on one of the worst teams in Quebec Waldron faces a lot of shots, which accounts for his great save percentage. But he is also letting in just over 2 and a half goalies for game. For a rookie, averaging 38 shots a game, that is certainly stellar play. He is one of the shining lights of the Quebec rebuild.


So there you have it, a league filled with talent and potential but still a lot of question marks. The perceived top goalie in Bagelface has struggled mightily out of the gate which leaves tons of room for the future elite netminders to take the crown. Thus far early into the season though it appears to be a battle that could go to the end of the season. We shall see how the race herds out as the season goes along. 

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