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9 Point Pace for Denis Laughable



Denis has yet to score a single point in even strength hockey, and is looking more and more frustrated on the ice.


What motivates a player to be good? Is it money? Is it security? Is it winning? These three things are things that historically have motivated players to play better. For Milos Denis, motivation is hard to come by these days. Despite playing significant minutes on the Americans top line, Milos has struggled to put up any offense, with just 2 points in 16 games; a pace of 9 points for anyone keeping track at home. These 9 points would be laughable and would put him among the most disappointing rookie seasons in VHL history, especially being on such a star filled team. New York is having the success everyone expected out of them this year, and currently sit in first across the entire league. 

Denis is no doubt dreaming of Turku, his old VHLM playground, at this point where he would no doubt be a star. With a one way contract, the VHLM dream is all but dead for the Slovak winger, and it looks like he will have to find the motivation to compete in the VHL some other way. "I don't know what I have to do," said Milos in a recent interview, "I feel as if I'm trying hard... I'm playing hard I just am not getting anything." 



Milos has one goal so far in his VHL career.


Despite his lack of offense, Denis has a plus 11 rating, among the best on the team. That does little to comfort the skilled little winger, who himself put stock in his position as one of the most skilled players in the entire draft, and even went so far as to tell teams they would regret not picking him. Being stuck with the Americans for at least the rest of the season, Denis is looking for positives in what can only be seen as a negative filled start to his career. "I think the environment around the team is great, I really like New York, I just wish there was more scoring here." One American player who understands Denis' struggles is Xin Xie Xiao. The Chinese born player understands what it's like to not score in bunches at the tip level, and has had some strong words for the youngster. "All you can really do is stick with it. Keep working your tail off, in practice and off the ice working out. You can have a lot of skill, but if you can't keep the work ethic up for practice and off the ice, it's all useless," said one of the Americans veteran players who has done his best to make Milos feel welcomed. 


Although he is still early in his career and his development, a 9 point pace is worrying for any general manager. Christopher Miller is a big believer in Denis, but he would be foolish to not entertain offers on the Slovak if he does not turn the ship around sooner rather than later. In the quick paced VHL, players come and go in eight seasons, and if Denis does not figure out his offensive issues soon, he may become a casualty of that and be on the move, similar to the story of Logan Laich, who Miller moved due to his own struggles. The two have similar stories, with both players being talented and with supreme potential, but both had early issues adjusting to the VHL, and with Laich, he seems to still have many of those issues three seasons later.



Goals like this one are a thing of the past for the skilled Slovakian winger.


Although Denis would never go so far as to ask for or even pretend a trade is desirable, it is clear to him now that the VHLM would have been the proper place for his development this year. With the Outlaws in the middle of a playoff race, the talents of Denis would be sorely needed at this stage and could have put them over the edge in their playoff push. That being said, Denis is an American and will continue to work hard for New York and hopes that soon enough, those bounces will start going his way. 

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

718 words. I didn't have the struggles Denis is having, but I too wanted to go back to the VHLM. Eight seasons is just too short to have seasons like you're having, but as some have mentioned to you, keep working and soon enough the results will come. Great Media Spot by the way. You could have ventured into some real negative writing, but you were cool about it.

Grammar: 2/2

Your best grammatically structured MS ever possibly. Great job!


one way = one-way

9 point = 9-point

general manager = General Manager

Appearance: 1/1

A nice font combination, center alignment and images.

Overall: 6/6

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