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Time to get paid
Contract year for Davey Jones is upon him. He is ready to play for a new contract and he has to show up. He knows that he will be due for a big payday and he is ready for it. He is trying to finish up with the HC Davos Dynamo as the last year on that deal. He wants to win one last cup with them before he moves on. This season will mean the most to Davey and he wants to play his heart out. He wants to give the fans one last great season before he says goodbye to them. Of course he wants to win a total of three more cups in his last three years. The chances of that happening are very slim. But the fact that he is ready to move to a new team and help them out, is a great start. He does not know where he is headed just yet because he has to wait til the off-season before he can field offers. Prior talks about a contract while with the team is considered tampering.
So far this season, through 15 games played, Davey has accounted for 13 goals and 9 assists totaling 22 points. He is on pace to top 100 points again this season so far. Of those 106 points, 62 will come as goals and 44 will come as assists. Of course those are just calculated stats based off how many he has played and how many games he has left. Now he is just hoping he can surpass the 100 point mark again and he has been doing everything he can out on the ice. Dropping the puck off in the net to get points or dishing it to his teammates so they can grab a point as well. He has been playing the ultimate playmaker that he wanted to be. Of course now he has more goals than assists this year which he has wanted all throughout his career. The leadership hasn't been as apparent as he thought it would be but he is hoping that he can continue his dominance all season for the Dynamo. He owes it to them to give them 110% all season long.
Once the off-season hits, the offer will come in for Davey and then he will take some time to decide where he wants to sign. He has told himself not to get discouraged if teams don't offer for him but he will sign with the team that he wants to play his last two years with. He still has a case for trying to make the hall of fame and he wants to continue his chances at getting there. A couple of bad seasons might hurt his case if he chooses the wrong team to sign with. All I can tell you for now is that he is ready to play some Dynamo hockey and he isn't worried about what the off-season will bring him. Until then, "March onward Davos"
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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

506 words. As long as you are producing point tasks, you should be on people's radars, but I'm pretty confident that you will remain in Davos. I think you've done a good job in recent months with your activity and this Media Spot was a result of your hard work. Great work.

Grammar: 2/2

til = until

100 point = 100-point

offer = offers

hall of fame = Hall of Fame

march of Davos" = march on Davos."

Appearance: 1/1

Nicely done.

Overall: 6/6

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