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Bana Blab #19


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Hello, hello. First day off here and it felt very good. It was definitely needed and towards the end of that stretch of work I was feeling pretty burnt out. Didn't help that the off-season also landed during this last week and some of work. The Bears were very busy in the off-season and had a lot of hopping around to do. The way I explained it to most was "spider webbing" and it truly did feel that way. It all looked like one big web with each end moving to another. It was pretty exhausting and lots of time put into it. Always a great feeling when the off-season ends, lol. I won't go into it too heavily here as I need something to blab about in the Birthday bash media spot to earn that bonus uncapped TPE. LETS GO!


  • Bears said goodbye to a lot of great people this off-season and it wasn't easy to do but being in the role for this long does help at least make you understand that sometimes you got to make the hard moves. Frosty, Blade, Greg, Hex etc all went out and I think we got some pretty decent returns overall. 
  • Seattle added quite a few good pieces too. It was my goal to add youth pieces to kind of reset what we've been doing the last 11 seasons but to also remain competitive by replacing the talent we have with some form of similar talent. Older was cheaper. I didn't want to ship out $1 for $1. If I could grab $1 back, I only wanted to spend $.75 in value coming and going so we could stock the cupboards. We went from 2 1sts in the next 3 drafts to owning 6 while also maintaining a pretty lethal roster.
  • BIG draft! I was very, very happy to get involved in the draft. Adding @oilmandan and @SlapshotDragon was massive. Both were my #1 targets and somehow I managed to get both. OMD I thought we likely would but SSD was an amazing surprise. Both are huge for the present and future of the team.


That is all. 

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