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  1. 1. Noot noot noot, noot noot? 2. Would you rather win 3 scoring titles or 1 MVP title in the VHL? 3. Favourite VHL player? 4. Biggest challenge for you so far in your career? 5. What is your favourite part of Halifax? 6. If you had to choose, would you play in the CHL or the NCAA?
  2. Calgary is doing well. We've been playing well this season and I can't wait to see how far we go. People would say Tyler Barabash Jr but I'd argue JB Rift. Rift has played well for us and is an amazing goaltender. I'd rebrand them to Quebec City. They need a major hockey team.
  3. CALGARY - Young netminder Jacques Lafontaine was definitely not impressed with his performance in his last game. That last game was a 5-4 overtime loss to the Toronto Legion where he had made 36 out of 41 saves for a save percentage of 0.878. “Yeah, I didn’t play well. Granted, Toronto is a good team but I still should’ve stood my ground.” This marks his first loss in the Victory Hockey League. Again, the first of many to come. On the bright side, he hasn’t lost in regulation yet. “Still, if only I could’ve made that one save, we could’ve gotten those 2 points.” The backup goalie is still young and played relatively well but feels like he could have been better. Lafontaine is hoping he will do better in the next game. “I’ll continue to practice and work hard to improve. It’s time for me to work harder than ever before.”
  4. CALGARY - Ryuu Crimson has been called up to the National Hockey League’s Calgary Flames. He has been doing well in the American Hockey League, getting 17 goals and 15 assists in 35 games. The former Riga Reign and HC Davos Dynamo winger had shown his scoring prowess in the AHL and we’ll be able to see what he can do in the big league now. “Yeah. I’m pretty excited to have another shot at staying on an NHL roster. I hope I can play just as well as I have been in the American Hockey League. I’ve proven that I haven’t lost my scoring touch and I just hope I don’t lose it now.” Ryuu Crimson hasn’t really had to fight for a roster spot so this has been a new experience for him. He thinks he is doing well and hopes that he can convince the coaches and the staff to allow him to stay. “This whole fighting for a roster spot has been a new experience for me. In the VHLM and in the VHL, my roster spot has usually been guaranteed. And usually, I’m on the first or second line. But I hope I can continue to fight hard and maybe get myself that roster spot.” The winger had a good career in the VHL, winning a Continental Cup in his first season as well as becoming the first rookie to win the Daisuke Kanou Trophy as the Playoff MVP. He amassed 175 goals and 244 assists for 419 points in his 432 games (6 seasons) in the Victory Hockey League. His career plus/minus is 107 and he has only had one season with a negative plus/minus. That season he had a plus/minus of -9. It was also the season where he had his lowest point total, 54. His best point total in a season is 89 points. Ryuu then retired, saying he probably wouldn’t play professional hockey anymore. “Well, I guess I’m not the best promise keeper,” he sheepishly said. I’m afraid I’m inclined to agree. Literally a few months into his retirement in the Victory Hockey League, he decided to try to get a shot at the National Hockey League. “Hey. Every kid has dreamt at one point of making the Victory Hockey League or the National Hockey League. I did. I’ll see what I can do here in the National Hockey League. Besides, I get to play in my hometown. Sure, I’ve played against my hometown when I played against the Calgary Wranglers but this is a whole new experience.” However, there are rumours that he might also be traded at the trade deadline. The Flames have been looking for a top six forward and if Ryuu is not the answer, he’ll probably be shipped off to another team. As the rumours and whispers continue to grow louder and are continued to spread around, Ryuu Crimson only has one thought. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to prove to them that I am the answer.”
  5. Rest in peace, Elmebeck. You were a great person and I had a fun time with you on the Wild. You were such a great leader for us and I hope you rest in peace. No words can describe how shocked and sad I am. This was so sudden. Elmebeck will always be part of the VHL.
  6. This is Jacques Lafontaine. Normally, I don’t write articles or anything, to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever had to write about my hockey career before, so this is a new experience. Speaking of new experiences, my rookie season has been a pleasant new experience so far. I’ll be honest, I was kind of nervous about beginning my Victory Hockey League career. I’ve worked so hard for it and now that I had made it here, I was nervous but excited to play in one of the biggest leagues in the world. There were a lot of expectations for me, especially considering the fact I was the fourth overall pick in the Season 70 Victory Hockey League draft. Looking back on my rookie season so far, however, it has been pretty good. I’m not a starter yet but I have been able to learn a lot. Sure, I’ve only played two games but it has been a great experience. Expectations: I’m not expecting to play a lot this season. We have a great starter in JB Rift. The team knows that we can count on him to make saves when we need him to make saves. He’s a great guy and has a lot of good advice for young goaltenders like me. It makes sense that we’re starting him, after all, he’s an excellent goaltender who’s been in the league for almost 6 seasons now and I’m a rookie who has yet to prove himself. I think I’ll play the league minimum games or maybe a bit over that. Not that I mind, JB is a great goaltender and I know he’ll play well for us. When it comes to the games I play this season, I actually think I’ll do very well. I’ve won my first two starts and I played well during those two games. My goals-against average is respectable and so is my save percentage. Again, I’ve only played two games, so I’m not counting my chickens just yet but I’ll fare well this season. It’s actually nice being the backup instead of the starter for my rookie season. I can develop peacefully without worrying too much. Reservations: My biggest reservation this season is if I can be able to stand my own. Last season, I felt like I was sort of carried by my amazing Saskatoon Wild teammates. This year, I am again on a pretty damn good team. I’m worried that I won’t be able to stand my own if I ever needed to. Last season, I was on an overpowered team and sometimes I still let a goal in. There were many times that the other team had like 4 or 5 shots and I ended up still letting one in. That’s not good. If I can’t make saves in those low scoring games, imagine what would happen if I had a less decent team and the other team had 20 shots on me. That would be a disaster. However, I’m trying not to let this bother me too much. I think the 2 games I played this season have helped me prove to myself that I’m not that useless.
  7. 2. I'd think so. Special teams are always crucial in games and they can make or break the game. Our special teams have been great and I think our successful (for the most part) season so far reflects that. 3. No doubt about it. Rice is a great player! 6. As long as 5th place gets us in the playoffs, I'd be content. 8. Yes. Imagine if there was an Edmonton team. We would be dead in there. 9. Well, it used to be me but I recently went through a gear change. I guess Rift? He's pretty old, I think. His gear seems like it. 10. Probably my ability to control the rebound. It has gotten better over the years.
  8. CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine might not be playing as many games as he did in the Minors, only playing 2 games this season in the Victory Hockey League (both of them wins) but he says that he is enjoying the experience. “Yeah, it’s nice to watch from the sidelines. I mean, I hope to be a starter one day but it’s a great opportunity to just watch and observe all of the more experienced goaltenders in the league and try to learn from them. JB Rift has been teaching me well and has helped me a lot with improving my game. I’ve been learning a lot here and I hope to continue my progress.” Lafontaine is the backup to JB Rift who has been great for the Calgary Wranglers as a starter. Rift has been backstopping the first place Wranglers with a record of 17 wins, 8 losses, and 2 overtime losses. He has played 27 games of 29 for the Wranglers.
  9. We all know that the Victory Hockey League is a pretty big league. While it might not be big in terms of the number of teams, only having 12 teams compared to the National Hockey League's 31 (soon to be 32), it is big in the sense that it is an international league. From Vancouver on Canada's west coast to New York in America to cities in Europe like Riga, Prague, and Davos, the Victory Hockey League covers a lot of land. Again, however, they only have 12 teams which is surprising considering their internationality. So it's time to talk about three cities that we think deserve a VHL team. This list won't be in any order. Edmonton The Alberta capital is already known as a great hockey city as they have their National Hockey League team, the Edmonton Oilers. Why should we give the city another hockey team to cheer for? A big reason this city was chosen was the existence of the Calgary Wrangler. Recently, the Battle Of Alberta between the aforementioned Oilers and their southern neighbours, the Calgary Flames. The rivalry between the two has been rekindled and has made highlights in the NHL world. It's has had bat flips, a goalie fight, insane goals and saves so why not have the same in the Victory Hockey League? The Battle of Alberta is crazy enough but adding an Edmonton team to go against the Calgary Wranglers in the Victory Hockey League could fuel the fire between the two cities. Maybe they could even have a rivalry that is as heated, if not more, as the Flames and the Oilers. Berlin The Victory Hockey League has had experience with a German team. The now defunct Cologne Express had their time in the Victory Hockey League but was ultimately ended. Not even a relocation. Their shutting down wasn't due to low ticket sales or loss of fans however. It was simply because at the time, there wasn't enough players for all of the teams to have reasonably sized rosters. Now, it would be great to have another hockey team for Germany. Even though they aren't known as a big hockey city, they still have hockey fans. Germany has had experience with a Victory Hockey League team and it would be great for the German fans to have their own team to cheer for in their country. While I put Berlin here, it could be any German country that gets a team. Berlin is just one of the biggest cities in Germany. Quebec City Oh Quebec City, when will you get a hockey team that will stay? Quebec City has definitely had experience with hockey teams. They have had two great teams in major leagues, the Quebec Nordiques in the National Hockey League and the Quebec City Meute in the Victory Hockey League. However, their problem is that they can't seem to keep their teams as the Nordiques ended up moving to Colorado to become the Colorado Avalanche and the Meute recently moved to Vancouver to become the Vancouver Wolves. It would be great for the people of Quebec City to get a hockey team as they are definitely a hockey city, filled with fans. The VHL doesn't have any Quebec cities for Quebecois fans to cheer for anymore, not even in the Minors. So it would be great for them to have a team to cheer for once more. If they do end up getting a team however, let's hope they don't lose it again.
  10. 4. I don't really know but if on ice naps count as afternoon naps, I win. 12. Our captain, of course. The bromance lives on! 10. Well, I don't know the other players well, so Mikko Lahtinen. 13. Bet it was Rice. I dunno, seems like he'd be that type of guy. No offense buddy. 1. Heck yeah! Especially since it's my rookie season. I hope I can play well this season. 8. Helsinki. Pepper has always been a hero of mine.
  11. I'm not sure if you can but maybe we could add the option to delete our own posts?