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  1. btw I think you mixed up JHC's name. JH's last name is Carison. Crimson is a not as successful player who's first name is Ryuu lol
  2. 1. Tough two regulation losses but I'm happy that we're winning. 2. Charlie Paddywagon. Lahtinen has been having an amazing season but Paddy is a D-man which helps his case. But both players are playing well and I know they are going to have amazing careers and seasons. 3. Hahahahahahaha. No. 4. I have loved the name Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen for a while. 5. I don't know but at least it's not us. 6. A box of pizza, mini sticks, and some Pepsi.
  3. CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine got his first shutout of the season against the New York Americans. He stopped all 28 shots as the Calgary Wranglers ended up scoring 3 goals to win 3-0. It was an impressive game by the goalie, who is now in his 3rd season in the Victory Hockey League. “Yeah, it was a good game. Everyone was pumped up, I made the saves I needed to, and we got the two points. Felt good to stop them in their tracks. All of the guys have been working hard at improving and they have been playing great. We have a good group of guys here and I know we can continue to play well.” In other news, Jacques Lafontaine has also seemed to be back at it with the white turned black helmet. He has had it on for the past couple of games and has been playing well. It’s safe to say he might keep it on for a while. “I’ll probably keep this for a while. Looks pretty good with my gear. I’m surprised I still have it from my days in Saskatoon.”
  4. Made this for @DMaximus! Thanks for letting me use you as an excuse to make this lol I need TPE
  5. fuck, it was a battle between the goaltenders and i blew it. gg @ROOKIE745 but prepare yourself 🔥 can't wait for more clashes
  6. Review: Great article! I love the joke about the Mississauga Hounds at the beginning. Also, I appreciate the creative use of the bigger sized letter at the beginning of the article. When it comes to advice I have, my advice is about paragraph separation. While the first and last paragraphs are reasonable lengths, I feel like the middle paragraph is a bit too long. Maybe next time, you could try splitting a long paragraph like that in half or at least in a way that both makes sense and separates the paragraph evenly. To be honest, I can't complain about long paragraphs but it is definitely something to work on and keep in mind. But other than the occasional grammar mistakes, this was a good article. 7/10
  7. Review: Other than a few missing commas and some grammar mistakes (don't worry, we all make some), this was a good article! I liked the formatting and how you separated this Media Spot into separate paragraphs so it wasn't just a big block of text that is hard to read. My feedback for you is sentence starting variety. It is a hard thing to do but make sure that your sentence starters are not all the same. Change it up once and a while. You did a fairly good job but I noticed that you used the word "While" a lot to start your sentences. If you aren't able to come up with a lot of sentence starters, that's fine, just be careful not to use the same sentence starters in sentences that are close to each other or directly after one another. That just makes it repetitive. Repeating sentence starters don't really affect the content but I just find it's more interesting and makes it seem less "boring". Good Media Spot, can't wait to see more of them. 8.5/10
  8. CALGARY - It looks like you’ll see more of Jacques Lafontaine on the roof of the Saddledome. He has signed a contract extension with the Calgary Wranglers. This has him locked up in Calgary for potentially the rest of his career. “Yeah, I’ve made great memories here in Calgary and I’ve also made a lot of good friends here. My teammates are awesome and I like the city. It’s a cool place to live so I decided to stay. Besides, the fans here are intense and passionate. They are second to none. The atmosphere is always energetic in games. There is nowhere else I’d rather play.” As the offseason is going on, Jacques and the rest of the Wranglers are preparing to make a name for themselves next season and are aiming for a strong playoff push. After last season’s disappointing ending against the Vancouver Wolves, they want to be stronger. “This year, we’ll go all the way.”
  9. 1. I'll welcome them by inviting them to a dinner on the Saddledome. Oh, and I'll make sure to stop shots but I know they'll help me out in the defensive zone. 2. I mean, I'm not exactly sure I'm worth that much but I'll make sure not to let you down. 3. 46-15-11 4. 254 goals for and 156 goals against. 5. HELL NO. 6. I'm in Canada.
  11. what if I name my next player Rin Kagamine lol 🤔

    1. GustavMattias


      @Sonnet would either slap you or kiss you, and I'm not sure which it would be.

    2. Sonnet


      Probably both, I'm thinking about using it as a future name myself...

  12. 1. Just as much or even more wins. My individual stats don't matter as long as we are winnng as a team. 3. I hate to say this, but Seattle. Good team and they've been doing it a lot lately. 4. Sigard Gunnar or RJ Jubis. Those guys are energetic. Besides, if I hosted the party, it'd be on top of the Saddledome. 5. Slowing has scored down and every single goalie is really good. So I'm predicted no, if it's not a Wrangler. 6. Finn Davison is going to get 100 pts first next season...which is my way of saying nobody has a good chance. But the best chance is probably Tyler Barabash Jr. 7. The Calgary Flames