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  1. 1. If your player had to switch positions, which position would they switch to? 2. Are you planning on playing in the E or are you looking to go straight to the big leagues? 3. Would you rather score a hat trick in an away game or a home game?
  2. 1. Very important. I mean, being a first round pick and being given big expectations, I am trying my best to stay in the VHL. 2. Definitely. Both as a player and as a member, I have had close ties with Seattle. Especially with the Seattle-Calgary rivalry as a Calgary goaltender. 3. I hope to be a top player but I see myself being a roleplayer. A two-way checking power forward.
  3. Review: Very clean hockey card! Definitely looks like a real hockey card design and it looks very clean and professional. Love the choice to include the logo in the framing and I thought you did a good job of switching the logos. Good player picture choice, the gear the goalie is wearing matches the San Diego Marlins branding perfectly and I love it. My only real wish is that you would have done a bit more with the player or with the card in general but overall, it's a very solid player card. 7.1/10
  4. Review: This was a pretty solid VHL.com graphic! I love the use of a fun font. It definitely stands out from the nitty-gritty, tough fonts. I thought you did a pretty good job at making a jersey swap. The logo looks clean and the white and black jersey looks absolutely sick. Makes me wish an actual team used that kind of jersey design with those colours. If there was anything I'd have to comment on, I'm not a big fan of the blue border and I thought the background was too bright and colourful. Since your player is fairly small, I thought it distracted from the player and I'm not usually a fan of that. Other than that, solid graphic. 6.8/10
  5. SEATTLE - The Seattle Kraken just debuted in their home arena for the first time. Seattle hockey fans were ecstatic about the event, showing up to cheer on their new National Hockey League franchise. While the idea of a Seattle Bears vs Seattle Kraken match has yet to come true, it will definitely be interesting to have two hockey teams in the city. However, there does not seem to be much animosity between the two teams. In fact, Sigard Petrenko was spotted at a Seattle Kraken game watching as they went against the Vancouver Canucks in the newly built Climate Pledge arena. He was sporting a Jordan Eberle Kraken jersey he had recently bought from the team store and watched as the Seattle Kraken took the ice. Despite the loss, Sigard said that the fans were excited. “The atmosphere was electric. I mean, this was huge for Seattle hockey. The Bears have always been great in Seattle but they also now have an NHL team. It was fun being there and cheering on the team. Made me proud to be in Seattle, you know? We have the most passionate fans in all of sports and I truly believe that.” Sigard said in an interview.
  6. SEATTLE - Sigard Petrenko has been training more as of late. The forward has been attempting to get better and better at putting pucks in the net. He has always had a tendency to focus on scoring and also has been successful in that aspect. In Houston, he demonstrated his ability to score. In Mississauga, he demonstrated his ability to hit and score. Now he is determined to work on both at the VHL level. He has been given a big responsibility in Seattle and wants to show the Bears organization and fans that he can handle that responsibility. Petrenko is supposed to be a big part of their future going forward and he hopes to show the world he is VHL ready. To help him out, he enlisted the help of a Seattle goalie. However, it wasn’t Aksu Maronen. Instead, he got former Calgary Wrangler Jacques Lafontaine, who currently plays for the Kraken, to help him out during his personal training. It was a learning experience for him as he got to go against a fairly prolific VHL alum. “Yeah, he definitely was a challenge. I was able to improve a lot. Even scored a couple beauties in the process.” Sigard Petrenko said with a wink. “Knowing he was one of the VHL’s bests, I’m feeling a lot more confident. Because that was some easy bantam level goaltending.” He jokingly said. “I wish I was still playing in the VHL so I could stuff him both hockey wise and physicality wise.” Jacques Lafontaine responded when hearing Sigard’s comments. Thankfully, both men were smiling and obviously took no offense to the other’s comment.
  7. 19. Thanksgiving was pretty relaxed for us. We got some Jolibee, watched some movies, and chatted with some nearby family members. Jolibee is great by the way, it's Filipino KFC but you can also get burgers, peach mango pies, and spaghetti. 20. Pretty meh. I mean, I have to expect it considering it's my rookie season but I thought I was quite lackluster considering all of the playing time and roles I got. I'm scoring goals and playing more physical as of late though, so things are looking up. 21. We're setting ourselves for success in the future which is all we really need right now. I believe this team can win now but I know in the future that we'll be back on top in no time. We have tons of young talent and a great culture so I'm looking forward to the future. 22. Toronto Legion. I'm guessing they are rebuilding like us but their team record is quite rough. 24. Get all of my school assignments done, watch hockey, cry and/or make memes about the Flames every two days, and play some street hockey or volleyball with some friends. 25. I'm thankful for my family, my friends, and the VHL community. All three have made my life and especially life during COVID so much more fun.
  8. Review: You did quite a lot right! I love having Kyosti take the place of the sun, it makes the sun's rays in the background look like they are radiating from his head. You cut both the Rush logo and the player render really well, it looks clean behind the mountains and I really admire that accuracy. Even with the lasso tool, I find it hard to do that sometimes. Great choice of scenery and good font choice! Strangely serene, in a good way. I also love how you made Kyosti have his reflection in the water. Very fun graphic concept and I thought it was cool having such a peaceful graphic. My only real problems are that I think you could have cropped it having half of the water displayed as you do now because the action of the font and logo as well as the player are less focused on because they are more on the top. The bottom half compromising of mostly empty space is a bit wonky in my eyes. Also, I would have rather you used a blurring tool to creating the reflection rather than a pixelation one. Other than that, I thought this was neat. 7/10.
  9. Review: Aksu Maronen is looking good! I love the gradient idea and how you kept it simple yet distinct enough for a VHL.com graphic. I love the Upper Deck parody "Cards By Boot" logo. Very fun touch for a fun graphic. The choice to make it black and white really made the coloured font work as well. Great pose, love the layout you used as if it was a real hockey card and I think this is a good concept. Love the font choices, especially the one for the name, it's so fun! My only real problems are that I would prefer there to be an attempt to change the logo or at least include the Bears logo, that way it's a bit more obvious what team he plays for. I know jersey swaps are hard but I think it would be better to at least have the logo visible somewhere if you're not doing the swap. It's a bit more effective than simply putting text under the name. 6.9/10, great start!
  10. KYOTO, JAPAN - Ryuu Crimson will be coming out of retirement. His last stint in the NHL was with the Calgary Flames where he had a respectable 27 goals, 46 assists, and a plus minus of +10 in his final season, shortly before he chose to retire. This was supposed to be the last time we saw him in a hockey jersey. Sure, now he’s a coach, who initially started off with the Dinamo Riga but now coaches a Japanese high school hockey team down in Kyoto but we never expected Ryuu to show up on the hockey scene ever again. Until now. Ryuu Crimson will be coming out of retirement to play for Team Canada at the 2021 Spengler Cup. He will be making his return to Davos, Switzerland, where he spent half of his VHL career and will be playing in front of some familiar faces. “Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun time. Not only will I be in front of the Davos faithful again but I get to represent my country. I’ll be completely honest, I never expected to play competitive hockey again as a player but when I got the offer to join the team, I just couldn’t refuse.”
  11. (I found this Theme Week kind of funny because I used to do articles like this all the time on VSN.) SEATTLE - “Sort of ironic that I ended up here out of all places, eh?” Jacques Lafontaine was wearing a Seattle Kraken jersey, a smile on his face as we interviewed him. Recently picked up in free agency after finishing his last season in Vegas, where he had a breakout year, Lafontaine found it ironic that his latest stop in his NHL journey would be the city he used to dread playing the most. Seattle fans were certainly shocked to see Jacques Lafontaine, who they were used to seeing on the other side of the ice with the Wranglers, now skate with the newest NHL franchise. “I remember cursing his name every time we went against him,” a Seattle Bears fan commented online on Twitter. “Still can’t believe I’m going to have the chance to cheer FOR him. If he’s anything like he was in the VHL, us Seattle fans are going to have a really good time.” That’s right, the young VHLer who first showed up as a small, skinny 16 year old is still going strong in the professional hockey world. Jacques has had an interesting NHL career. Shortly after leaving the VHL at age 23 (due to the league’s max season rule), the young goaltender transitioned into the NHL by joining the Vegas Golden Knights as a third-string goaltender. Over time however, he climbed up the ranks and had a stand out year as the B goalie in Vegas’ goalie tandem. Jacques finished with a regular season record of 28-9-2, with a good save percentage of 0.922 as well as a GAA of 2.66. He has proven himself to be a solid option in the NHL so when Seattle offered the now 27 year old Lafontaine a four year contract, he accepted. “Yeah, it’s a great opportunity. This is the type of break I’ve been working towards; now it’s just up to me to make sure I use this chance to the best of my ability. You don’t get a chance like this every season. I’m glad the Kraken organization chose to trust in me.” Jacques Lafontaine said in a press conference. “Calgary has been a home away from home but I’m excited to play in Seattle. From what I remember, the fans were great for the Bears and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like being a Seattle goaltender. I’m not sure if the Flames and Kraken will have as strong a rivalry as the Wranglers and Bears did but I am expecting the biggest reaction coming from Calgary fans when I show up. It’ll be weird playing on the other side of the Saddle dome ice but it is what it is. It’s gonna be fun, for both me and the fans of both sides.” Lafontaine has been looking strong and the team is confident that he is NHL starting material. After all, for both Seattle and Calgary fans (“It’s gonna be weird hearing Cow Town fans cheer against me for sure,” Lafontaine remarked.), they know what Lafontaine can do. The question is, will he do what they know he can do?
  12. Graphic: Very cool! Can I just start off with appreciating the caption? I thought that was pretty fun. Great use of black and white and good job with incorporating the logo well with the jersey. Making it actually mesh with the jersey is an excellent touch. I love the colours used in the text and by making it black and white, you opened up a lot more possibility for text font colours because you don't have to worry with it contrasting with the player as much. Font styles were pretty neat and good use of shadow to differentiate the two. My only real problems are that I think "The Red Menace" text should have a shadow to give it more of a separation from the player photo. That way it adds a bit of depth, so it doesn't look plastered on there. I'd also say try not to blur the logo as much as it kind of looks too glowy. Don't know if that was intended or not but I'd recommend turning it down. Other than maybe working more with the player render and adding to it, that's about all I have to say. Great work! 7/10
  13. Review: Love this Graphic! You did a lot well! I love the idea of making it black and white yet only highlighting the blue on the player. It was a really good artistic choice and it made the blue stand out that much more. I love the swirl lines going on in the background, they fit well with the entire graphic. Font choice was great too and I am actually curious as to where you found that font and what it's called because I'm thinking of using it myself. My only real complaints would be probably making it a bit more hi-res; I get that sometimes graphics are better small on this site but it just looks a bit too small for me. Could just be a preference though. This second one isn't even really a problem, just something I think would be cool. See if you could play around with the opacity or blending of the swirls a bit. I don't know what it'd look like but I just think it would be cool to experiment with that. 8.1/10, looks great!
  14. Don't worry, this is the last outdated graphic, we're going to Bears players soon and yes, this is pretty rough https://imgur.com/a/ohcjbdW
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