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  1. SlapshotDragon

    Finals GM 6: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

    Dylan! We did it bud! @Dtayl
  2. SlapshotDragon

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  3. SlapshotDragon

    Finals GM 6: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

  4. SlapshotDragon

    Viktor Kozlov Introductory Press Conference

    1. Welcome to the VHL! What are your goals here? 2. Any pre-game rituals you have? 3. What kind of player do you wanna be? 4. Favourite NHL Player? 5. If you were an animal, what would you be? 6. Name your top 3 favourite countries.
  5. SlapshotDragon

    Ryuu Crimson Press Conference

    5. I would invent ice that can't melt but still has the properties of ice so that I don't have to wait until a fucking blizzard happens till I can skate outside. (Plus, outdoor rinks are typically free.) 4. Would have been but they did. 5. Gotta go with my boys at True North!
  6. SlapshotDragon

    The Hat Trick

    It was an unforgettable game. Nobody expected it. Not even the magic man himself. Ryuu Crimson scored his first ever Victory Hockey League playoff goal. Then he followed it with 2 more to win the game 3-2. Ryuu has never pulled off a Hat Trick in any other league. Not in the Minors, not with Swift Current, not even in the World Junior Championship. But he was swimming in the hats that night. Kastelic was good also, claiming second star of the game, but Ryuu stole the show, scoring that hat trick, becoming first in Rookie Scoring, and being the first star of the game, with that one hat trick. "I can't give too much credit to myself. This would have never been possible without my teammates. Incredible passes to assist the goal. Amazing rushes into the offensive zone. Kallis closing the door. Without them, this would have been impossible for me." It's too early to tell what Ryuu's future will be like. But.... We got a pretty damn good look.
  7. SlapshotDragon

    Another Chance

    RIGA — The Dragon, or Ryuu Crimson, impresses yet again with his first ever Playoff Goal in the Victory Hockey League. In Game 4 of the Quebec City Meute vs Riga Reign series, he scored his first ever Playoff Goal in this league, as well as two more. That's right, he didn't just score his first Playoff Goal that game, he scored his first hat trick in the Victory Hockey League! He had nothing less of an amazing performance that game, helping the Reign win 3-2 in Overtime. Wait, the Reign only had 3 goals, which means, that's right, he scored all three! Those three goals were enough to help him get First Star of the Game, as well as Riga's Ryan Kastelic being the Second. "Yeah, that was a fun game. Of course, people congratulated me, but I really think it was a team effort. Without my teammates making amazing offensive plays, I would have never gotten even one goal." Ryuu is 1st in Rookie Scoring these playoffs with 9 points and has drastically improved since the start of the season. Those 3 goals were enough to beat his last season's goal count in the Minors of 2 goals. That year, they made it to the Finals but got swept by the Ottawa Lynx. Now, Ryuu has another chance to win a championship with the Reign, this time in the Big Leagues. "That season with the 21st was a good season but this time, I wanna win the championship. I need to work twice as hard and help my team. That hat trick was really awesome and it showed me what I am capable of." Ryuu isn't the only player from Halifax's rookie run to the Final. Also looking for their first championships, defensemen Dylan Nguyen, Ryan Kastelic, and Shawn Glade. Someone else from Riga was in the very same Final, Kallis is that person. He was the netminder for the Founders Cup Winning Team, the Ottawa Lynx. The Reign and the Wranglers are in the Finals, and Riga has already won a game. We asked him about his thoughts about it. "Yeah, it's great. I'm glad we got here but now I want to win this one. I hope to score more goals and to be an even better player than I am right now." As of writing this, I just realized that there was another occasion that the young Left Winger was so close yet so far. During the S62 World Junior Championships, Ryuu and a loaded Team Asia flew in and surprised everyone by actually making the Gold Medal round against the Canadian team. Canada ended up winning by one goal. One goal. It was a very exhilarating match between the two teams. As usual, Dylan Nguyen was by his side during this, as well as the Titan Goalie Alexander Pepper. Alexander, Dylan, and Ryuu have some history together. "I met him in Vegas. Dylan introduced me to him before the......controversy. He was the one who bailed us out so we owe him big time." Anyways, this time you'll win it Ryuu, we can feel it!
  8. SlapshotDragon

    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

    Half of them are deleted oof, done btw
  9. SlapshotDragon

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 4: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute

    Lol wtf, I think they got the wrong guy
  10. SlapshotDragon

    Greg Santos Press Conference

    1. Are you a left handed shooter or right handed shooter? 2. Favourite NHL Team? 3. Does Greg Santos have any pregame rituals? 4. Favourite Food? 5. Why did you name yourself Barracuda? 6. Favourite NHL Player?
  11. SlapshotDragon

    Practice Facility (December 3rd - December 9th)

    +1 for Ryuu
  12. SlapshotDragon

    Ryuu Crimson Press Conference

    1. Trump uses Mexicans and Trudeau uses his father, the almighty Pierre Trudeau. Trump as he deports the Mexicans sends them running Trudeau's direction as they go back to Mexico, trampling the Canadian leader to death. Pierre then uses his mighty powers to push one brick out of the wall Trump built between Mexico and America. The brick, despite it being in the middle causing it's removal to still let the wall remain stable and symmetrical, somehow falls over on Trump, severely injuring him. Sadly, Pierre used all of his life force to remove that one brick, and he dies. Trump claims victory, but little does he know Kim Jong-Un uses his most powerful weapon, the red button, and nukes Trump killing Trump. Kim Jong-Un wins. Because Asians always win in the end. 2. I've actually heard this one before, it's bacon. 3. Hockey - Calgary Flames
  13. SlapshotDragon

    Ryuu's First VHL Playoffs

    RIGA — As of writing this we are moments away from the first playoff game for the Riga Reign. This is a first Victory Hockey League playoff game for many rookies, including Riga's Ryuu Crimson, Dylan Nguyen, Ryan Kastelic, and Shawn Glade. "Yeah, I'm pumped up. Hopefully I can help with the scoring and we can win this one. I've been thinking about this day for weeks now, and I hope I can be helpful. I know I'm saying hope a lot, and I hope I am not saying too much but I'm just so nervous. I just hope I can calm down and play well." Ryuu has done well in the Minors when it comes to the playoffs, scoring 2 goals in Season 61 and then, during the Halifax 21st's campaign to the final, scored 2 goals and had 8 assists. Now that I have finally passed the 150 word mark, we're gonna end it here. Good luck Ryuu Crimson and may the odds ever be in your favor.
  14. SlapshotDragon

    Ryuu's First Regular

    RIGA — The Regular Season has ended and the playoffs are underway. Ryuu is one of the rookies who just finished their first Victory Hockey League regular season, so we decided to talk about it. Ryuu Crimson ended the Regular Season reaching the 20 goal plateau. We would mention all his other stats but for some reason we can't access them, we can only access his playoff information which has nothing written as of me writing this. We asked Ryuu how he thought his season went and he said, "Well, it was good and I'm glad I was top 10 on Rookie Point Scorers but I don't think I did as well as I wanted to. The beginning was great, and so was the end, but in between I wasn't as good. I hope to be more consistent in the future." We also noticed he improved defensively compared to last season, when the young Left Wing was still in the Victory Hockey League Minors. Despite the lower numbers, we think that Ryuu's defensive growth has really helped him offensively. "You know, again, I gotta thank Eddie (Edwin Preencarnacion) and Dill Pickle (Dylan Nguyen) for helping me on my defensive play. I am really thankful." Now, when it comes to him and the playoffs, let's recap his tournament and playoff experience. His first playoff experience was back in Season 61, back in the Victory Hockey League Minors, when he and the Saskatoon Wild were in the first round. He scored 2 goals but that was it. Then, in his second and final season in the Minors, he and the Halifax 21st made it to the finals, where he got 2 goals and 8 assists, but they fell short, getting swept by the Ottawa Lynx. We can also go back to the Season 62 World Junior Championships, where he and a loaded Team Asia made it to the Gold Medal Round, but fell short to none other than Canada, good enough to give them a Silver Medal. To put more salt in the wound, Team Asia lost by one goal. The Reign, who were first in the Regular Season, have been great and we think they have a good chance of making it to the Finals. Ryuu has come up short every championship opportunity he has come across, and boy does he want to win this one. "Sure, it isn't the finals but we're pretty close and have a good chance. But damn do I want to win this badly. I've been so close so many times but never won. I need to work twice as hard." Ryuu isn't the only one who has come short of a championship in all of those experiences. Dylan was right by his side during all of those opportunities. "Yeah, I guess I can say the same for Dylan. I hope that we finally get to celebrate a championship. He knows just as much as I do the pain of coming so close but not winning." Best of luck Ryuu, and good luck these playoffs.