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  1. CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine has been known to have the weirdest gear setups ever. From his weird leg pads where he wore one green pad and one red pad to his white turned black helmet, he hasn’t really gotten a conventional setup until he joined the Calgary Wranglers. While he has kept his plain black helmet, he got proper leg pads as soon as he joined the Calgary Wranglers. However, since the Wranglers have had a bit of a bumpy season, so Jacques Lafontaine has decided to switch back to his weird leg pads. “I know it will be very weird to see one red pad and then one green pad but hey, they’ve worked before. You know that all of us are very superstitious. Besides, it still fits so I might as well use it while I can. Maybe it will feel better. We aren’t on a losing streak but I feel like I need to play better and I’ll take every advantage I can get.”
  2. 1. I dunno. I think it's easier to play at home because the crowd is on your side. No matter how much we tell ourselves to ignore the crowd, we can't help but notice them. I don't know about my teammates but I definitely feel the pressure of the crowd. 2. Typically you would say shoot more but I feel like that isn't the big problem. I think what happens is when we go on a good run, the other teams figure us out quickly. Versatility might be key. 3. HC Davos has definitely been a surprise for me. Didn't expect for them to be so good now. 4. Who says I changed it from our last one? 5. You do know you're talking to Jacques Lafontaine, right? The guy who literally eats on top of iconic Calgary buildings as a superstition. 6. Maybe Riga again? Greg Eagles is a damn good goalie. Anyways, all I know is that we're beating them.
  3. CALGARY - Ryuu Crimson is done with his NHL/AHL tenure and has decided to officially hang the skates. After a good career in the VHL and a decent run in the AHL as well as a few call up games to the NHL, he has decided to call it a career. “Yeah, couldn’t seem to find my stride in the National Hockey League but that’s fine, I’m thankful for my career. The guys in the AHL were great and I definitely had a great time. For now though, I’m gonna end my AHL/NHL career here. Back to Riga to relax. That doesn’t mean I’m completely done with hockey. I might get a coaching role somewhere, whether it be in a big league or for a team of kids just looking to have fun. Heck, I could even play on a team again by joining the Canadian or Japanese Olympic team, or some team in any other European league.”
  4. 1. I wanted to slash him or fight him. I dunno. 2. Kosmo Kramerev, rookies always know the trendiest clothes to wear and I want in. 3. Ryuu Crimson. He's like the only one I really know. 4. I like my steak edible. I'd just spin a spinner to decide how rare I want it. Also, salad, it's way too hot in Calgary right now for soup. 5. I tend to hum along as well. Also, yes, it's normal. 6. Nothing because right now we are on a roll.
  5. CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine has been wearing the number 82 for the Saskatoon Wild and for the Calgary Wranglers for quite a while now. While most goalies go with the number 1, or something in the 30s, he has chosen to wear 82 in his Victory Hockey League and in the Minors. In the LMAA, he decided to use the number 0. “I wore the number 0 in Midget because I thought it was cool. No other leagues I played in allowed it and you can’t even wear it in the National Hockey League anymore. Just wanted to see what it was like. I knew that it wouldn’t be the number I would wear in the Victory Hockey League. To be honest, I only did it for the memes and for the laughs. Sure, I got picked on for wearing it by fans like ‘0? That must represent the amount of saves you make’ but it was a fun ride.” So how did Jacques Lafontaine go from the number 0 to 82? You’d expect him to take something in the 30s or even the 40s, right? The only other goaltender that wears the number 82 in the professional hockey world is Tyler Parsons and no offense to him, he isn’t exactly a star goaltender. “Yeah, no, Parsons is a great goaltender and definitely is doing great in his respective leagues but I didn’t choose 82 because of him. It’s actually a fairly simple story. When I was in the LMAA, one of my teammates said that he’d pay me 5 bucks if I used a random number generator to decide my number. I mean, that’s an easy 5 bucks. So I decided to wear it in the VHLM and then change back. But then in Saskatoon, we had our historic season so I decided to keep it. 82 has been on my back since.” We were also able to find Ryuu Crimson, who happened to be in Calgary after the cancellation of the American Hockey League season. He had a decent season, potting 23 goals and 15 assists in 47 games for the Stockton Heat. Ryuu ended up having to wear 81 in the AHL but is most known for wearing 18 for Riga and Davos. However, there could’ve have been a possibility that we would know him as number 12. “Well, back when I was young, I actually used to wear the number 12. My favourite player growing up was Jarome Iginla. He was a star in the NHL and was probably the best player of his era. This guy was the definition of a power forward and I wanted to be just like him. Well, by just like him, I meant play-style wise because I ended up playing left wing for a while. However, I ended up switching in honour of a good friend and teammate, Robert King. We lost him in an accident back when I was in Junior A. So when I ended up going to Swift Current to play with the Broncos, I wore his number 18.”
  6. That's awesome! Thank you so much! @solas
  7. 1. Me. No question about it. 2. I mean, as a goalie, it wouldn’t really change much. 3. Kramerev. Makes sense since he is the rookie. Though I can’t swim either so I don’t blame him. 4. Definitely. I’m tired of getting so close yet failing. This season is our season. 5. Probably “Blackguard - Farewell” but only the instrumental because the vocals hurt my ears. 6. Willie Dredge. This dude is amazing.
  8. CALGARY - Jacques Lafontaine has been training hard this offseason. He had a good year last year and was able to get an individual award but he is not happy with his performance. The Calgary Wranglers came so close to winning the cup but lost in the finals to Riga. Lafontaine has been using the sting of the defeat as motivation to bounce back and train harder than ever. “That was a tough series loss to Riga. They just outplayed me. Last season was a horrible performance by me. Sure, in the regular season, I was stellar. But if I can’t hold my own in the playoffs, then I can’t exactly say it was a great season no matter how many regular season awards I get. We came close, we had the cup in our grasp, but now it’s time for us to go all the way. And for that to happen, I need to be strong and solid.”
  9. @Dtayl has always had a knack for making great defensemen
  10. Here you go @Blazzer! Hope you like it!
  11. What’s your player’s jersey number? Update: Never mind, I already made the Graphic. Sorry if you wanted me to change the Jersey Number.
  12. When I was 13 years old, I ended up winning an audition to play the organ for the Flames for one period. It was fun but I didn't realize it was one period only so I ended up saving my best songs for...nothing. Still fun, got a free jersey and got to watch my first live hockey game.