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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wI8cQCF0tOZgAKIfq7khHor2H_OvbHZ9/view?usp=sharing
  2. MISSISSAUGA - It had been a very exciting off-season for Sigard Petrenko. Having been drafted seventh overall in the Victory Hockey League Entry Draft, Sigard is now a prospect for the Seattle Bears. He is excited to hopefully get the chance to play in the VHL for Seattle. But this season, he returned to the VHLM to develop a little bit more before he has a go in the major leagues, should the coaching staff determine he is ready. In the VHLM, he was drafted by the Mississauga Hounds. That meant he sadly had to leave the Houston Bulls. However, it seems like Sigard is fitting in nic
  3. Prospect Scouting Report - Sigard Petrenko Sigard Petrenko may have been late joining the VHLM but he has already shown scouts what he is about. There are a few things that the Hounds and even the Bears should know as he starts his second season. Last season, he joined the Houston Bulls just over the halfway mark of the season, playing 30 games. He scored 19 goals and had 18 assists for a point total of 37. His plus/minus was 4, which is a bit concerning. Defensive play should definitely be the next step for Sigard. This season should be a breakout season for the young winger offen
  4. Review: One of the things that was really well done here is that it's not flashy. Especially considering this is like a draft card you'd see posted to the league's instagram page. It gets the job done and it just looks really nice. I am a really big fan of how you used the marker-like font. It just really suits the card and gives it that extra energy. The colour scheme is fitting, considering it's the Hounds. I also really like the stylistic choice of putting the text sideways on the round and pick number. It's a small detail but just makes the graphic all the more special. My only real compla
  5. Review: Solid graphic! It doesn't try to be too flashy and it uses interesting designs while still staying relatively tame. By the way, I don't mean that being tame is a bad thing. One of my favourite parts is the use of a very unconventional font for typical sports graphics. I don't know why, it feels uncommon but fits in so well. The colours are great and everything is balanced well! I love the background, the use of less colours as an overall theme, and just how well it fits together. Heck, the red shape in the background does not stick out at all. This graphic is very well done. My only re
  6. 1. Well, my first player, Ryuu Crimson, was drafted in S62 but he ended up staying in the VHLM for development. He first played in the VHL in Season 63 and went on to win the playoff MVP as a rookie. He is the first and the only VHL player to do such. 2. S63 for sure. While I have had better seasons statistically as both Ryuu Crimson and Jacques Lafontaine, it's the only championship team I've been a part of. Plus, I was a fairly big part of that championship winning team in Riga, so I definitely treasure that season. 3. I'm pretty sure in the VHLM, Jacques Lafontaine had a crap ton
  7. MISSISSAUGA - It was a double draft day. Sigard Petrenko was eligible for both the Victory Hockey League Entry Draft and the Victory Hockey League Minors Dispersal Draft. Was he nervous? For the VHL draft, he definitely was. The VHLM draft? Not so much. “I mean, I’ve stuck around in this league for a little bit now so I think I’d be safe to assume a team will eventually take me. And while I love playing in the VHLM and am excited to play for whatever team takes me, I’m more concerned about reaching the big leagues, y’know? I still wanna win in the VHLM though.” He was r
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fdvza5rG5YXiqxx3qXKIg1Av0rMaLGMC/view?usp=sharing (outdated due to draft happening today)
  9. SlapshotDragon


    Review: I love the casual take on a Media Spot. Very laid back and just talking about how you feel. I feel like it would have benefited from a quick statement at the start saying whether this was from the perspective of the player or the actual member but you make that pretty clear as it goes on. Good to hear Calgary is doing okay. STHS is a bitch sometimes, sometimes you have amazing seasons, sometimes you dip. Heck, it can even be like that from game to game! Anyways, this was a pretty fun read, probably could have been structured better but hey, it works for what it sets out to do. Get you
  10. Review: Very nice! I really like the smooth, suave energy that it resonates. The font is nice and graceful yet it's not too wild. I like the use of Roberto Luongo as the GM render. I also think that including the paint splats was very creative and interesting. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb and it all looks neat. The background is tame but it matches the business feel of the graphic. One piece of feedback I'd suggest is maybe avoid using the paint blots over the bottom text as it looks messy and just irks me the wrong way. Other than that, solid graphic and congrats on winning the David
  11. HOUSTON - The season 79 draft. For Sigard Petrenko, the nerves and the tension of a draft is not anything new. This is not his first time as a prospect in a major hockey league. He was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. While his NHL career didn’t go the way he wanted it to, he still remembers that draft fondly. The young winger was asked how he felt about the upcoming draft. “Getting drafted is always a huge honour. I remember just hoping I got drafted by any team in the first place. Doesn’t matter where I go as long as a team takes me. I have the same mindset