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  1. Sup Landy! Welcome to the VHL! now where my recruitment tpe
  2. Nice to see we might be on the same team, just like the good ol' days.
  3. 1. What would you say was the highlight of your season this season? 2. What number do you wear and why? 3. How are the fans at Saskatoon? Still fiery and energetic as ever? 4. What are your thoughts on the Wild logo? 5. Would you rather play with wet gear or no cup?
  4. 3. Well, we don't. ­čśů 4. So I walk out of the locker room, and I saw Brad Marchand. He saw my fight with Luc-Pierre, so he licked my face and said, "When you come to the NHL, fight me." 5. Well, I'm not much of a mentor. But I'm willing to teach them a few things and be a friend.
  5. Right´╗┐ Winger: Jorgon Weyed´╗┐ Jorgon´╗┐´╗┐ has been the best skater in this group of young guns, leading all Wolves Young Guns with 22 goals and 25 assists, for an okay total of 47 points. He hasn't been a star or a must-watch player but he is solid and has potential. I feel like he will be one of those players who become stars later in their career. Goaltender: Joe Nixon This rookie goaltender has only played 22 games but damn has he been impressive for a rookie. Sure, 22 games isn't really enough to determine much about his future, but with a record of 11-4-2 and a good goals-against-average of 2.67, I think it's safe to say he will have a good future in this league. Defensemen: Jagger Philliefan The guy who is the reason I now have "Moves Like a Jagger" stuck in my head, Jagger has been a good defenseman for Vancouver. The ´╗┐Rookie defenseman has 2 goals and 40 assists for a total of 42 points. Sure, he hasn't been superstar-like but he's been good considering he's a rookie. Jagger has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see his future and how he grows as a player. Center: Gritty Gritty, the former mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers, is a young center. He may only have 11 goals and 12 assists (making 23 points) but he is solid. He can shoot, he can score. But he needs to shoot more. He only has 128 shots. Let's look at Orroya, the league's leader in goals. 483 shots. But he's young too, which means this can change and in time he could be a superstar. But, as of now, he's an okay player.
  6. 1. If you could rename the Legion, what would you call it? 2. You have suited up for both Calgary and Toronto, so tell me, which logo do you prefer? 3. Would you rather have to play with wet gear or no cup? 4. What do you think of the nickname, "The Palindrome Paladin"? 5. What gear brand do you use and why?
  7. 4) Shawnomir Jagr. He is a great Right-Winger. 5) Moscow as they have only had 7 wins and need to find a way to change that. 6) I love it. It's a great design and you can feel the energy. It also looks super cool.
  8. How did a 6'2 Luc-Pierre get beat up by a 5'8 Ryuu Crimson?
  9. Left Winger: Elias Dahlberg Elias has been a superstar for this team, and you could argue that he's their best player. The sophomore has potted 42 goals and has assisted on 60 goals to get a grand total of 102 points. 4th place in the league for points, the young winger has proven himself as a dangerous and potent player, a future superstar, and maybe face of the franchise. Center: Rylan Peace T´╗┐he´╗┐ former´╗┐ Riga forward has been lights out and makes a s´╗┐trong case for the best player for the Dynamo. Just like his linemate Elias Dahlberg, he has been o´╗┐n fire and is no stranger to lighting the lamp. Leading the Dynamo in goal scoring with 49 goals, as well as getting 49 assists for a grand total of 98 points, Rylan is also proving himself to be a weapon for Davos. Him and Elias have been on fire together and are considered the Gaudreau-Monahan pair for Davos. Right Winger: Pat Svoboda While Pat hasn't been as great as his two linemates points-wise, he´╗┐ has still been a solid first line winger. With 31 goals and 34 assists (for 65 points), he has been a good player for the Dynamo and is a great match with Dahlberg and Peace. If Dahlberg and Peace are the Gaudreau and Monahan of Davos, then he's the Lindholm of that line. Defenseman: Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen One the most hardest, if not, the hardest, name to pronounce in hockey history. Smitty know the rest, has been a good solid defenseman for the Dynamo. Offensively good as well, with 2 goals and 42 assists for a total of 44 points. He may not be a superstar, but he is solid, which is all the Dynamo want right now. Center: Connor McDavid The former NHL superstar seems to be struggling to find success here in the VHL, having only 13 goals and 22 assists (for a total of 35 points) in his first season here. Despite this, he is still a good young player with a lot of potential. He may not be showing great numbers, but I think Connor is on track to become a solid player in the VHL´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐.´╗┐ Right Winger: John Madden This young player is playing his first ACTUAL season in the VHL and has put up 24 goals and 17 assists (making 41 points). He may not be putting up numbers offensively, but damn is he a great defensive forward. Sure, he may have a brutal plus-minus, but he leads all forwards in Davos in Shots Blocked, can hit, proving his defensive capability. John Madden can also be a solid player, if not, a great player but we'll have to wait and see what the future holds. Right Winger: Katie Warren The only active female forward in the VHL, Katie hasn't done half bad. Sure, her point total might be 30 with only 10 goals and 20 assists, but she has been good. In a league dominated by strong and big men, she has been very physical and can hit hard. She is a great hitter and a fast player. If she becomes an enforcer, beating the shit out of grown men twice her size, that would be cool. But I digress, I can see Katie becoming a solid player in the future.´╗┐ Goaltender: Finn Davison Sure, he may have a 29-29-5 record in his second season but he has been okay for the Dynamo. He's a solid goaltender, and I don't really think the bad record and his stats are necessarily his fault. Davison has been good for the Dynamo, and has really shined through some tough times. Considering how young he is, he isn't doing half bad. Davison is a good goaltender and will have a good future here in the VHL.
  10. Let's look on the positive side, I scored a hat trick! Haha, forget that because we lost! What do we do from here?
  11. I just came back from a week long vacation in Florida